Thursday, July 31, 2014

We Survived

While the little ones napped today, Ty and I baked cookies for the girls' after school snack. It was a pleasant way to pass some time as I was constantly watching the clock. School is going to be an adjustment for most of us.

However, Kate returned home this afternoon as happy as she was when she left this morning. Her fan club was eager to greet her.

New Beginnings

She was hoping a snow day would be called today and is convinced she will be eaten alive as a freshman at Floyd Central. Her anxiety level has been mach 10 for days and her haircut has her in tears. Fourteen is fun. Or not. Makenna kicked off her high school career today lamenting the fact that she will be in school every single month this year. Sadly, she is right. School let out in June and started back up again in July. She has great teachers and is more than capable of academic success. I have full confidence she will have a great year despite her fears.

Miss Kate couldn't be more excited about school and eagerly prepped her back to school outfits, made impressive lunch idea lists and has questioned every other Georgetown Elementary student she knows extensively about all she needs going into this grand adventure. For Kate, it's an opportunity to make a lot of friends. New experiences to do not frighten her and she's ready to tackle third grade public school style.

Poor Ty has had the longest face since Kate's Open House. He is not ready to lose his best buddy to school every day. This season will be quite an adjustment for him.

I was trying to figure out why I was fighting the urge to wake Greg so I could clean out and organize our bedroom closet this week. Everyday I wanted to get in there and sort through everything. It is the final remaining area of the house I have not attacked in the last month. I asked myself what this is all about and realized I am in a period of nesting. Is it normal to nest when you are sending kids to school? I assume it is nervous energy as I simply don't know what I am going to do without full-time homeschooling on my daily agenda. I am going to miss Kate. She is a constant smile and happy side kick.

In other news, Erin is wrapping up her first semester at ATA with straight A's. Her lowest grade of the four classes is a 95% so she is grounded until further notice. Just kidding. We are pretty proud of her. She is working full time, attending school full time and keeping up with a boyfriend too. In all honesty, we've encouraged her to relax so now she's also taking Yoga classes. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The End?

We woke to temps in the upper 40's today because God was gently trying to convince me we have to wrap up our lazy summer days. Tonight we attended Kate's open house and spent some time getting to know her new teacher. She was so cheerful and happy that even Ty commented later that Kate's teacher likes to smile a lot. We couldn't be more pleased. Three polite young ladies introduced themselves to Kate and one parent handed me contact information so we could get the kids together prior to Thursday if needed to help Kate be comfortable in her new school. We were touched by how welcoming and friendly everyone was. School starts Thursday and our summer is over. I have accepted this truth with as much grace as I can muster but can't help but think it is just too soon.

We had a bonfire with smores followed by the movie, The Little Rascals tonight as tomorrow kicks off our school night routine. Some of us are handling the news better than others..........
I also have to say goodbye to our little friend, Karston as he will also return to school. We all just adore this little man. He is such a sweet boy.
So long little buddy. We will miss you.

Celebration Weekend

Makenna's birthday weekend wrapped up with a trip to The Cheesecake Factory with her friend Hannah on Sunday. The upside for me beyond bonding with Kenna was the inclusion of Hannah's mom, Candy who just happens to be my friend too. Cheesecake with friends. Life is sweet.

We visited a local farmer's market for a few staples and encountered a tiny petting zoo. Kate and Ty appreciated the pig, bunny and ducklings.

Kenna had two friends over for pizza on Spiderman plates Friday. It was a rich weekend full of family, fun and friends.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy 14th Birthday Makenna Grace!

Favorite Show: Pretty Little Liars

Favorite Book: Looking for Alaska 

Best Friend: "I have too many to name just one"

Favorite Drink: "Mountain Dew and I wish Mom bought it!"

Favorite Past Time: Eating or sleeping

What do you want to be when you grow up? Spiderman 
Why? Because he is attractive, can capture people in a web and is anonymously a hero. 

Favorite Time of Day: naptime

What makes you feel happy? Food

What makes you feel sad? Food

Favorite Music? Fall Out Boy

Favorite Movie? Breakfast Club

 Happy birthday to a one of a kind original. We love you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lazy Summer Days

The evolution of a nap Ty swears he didn't need.
From infancy he has hidden his face when he's about to fall asleep.

So for five years now, I have uncovered his face once he is asleep

But for the record, he was not tired.
Ty has been frustrated with Kate and I for indulging in whimsical chapter books each night at bedtime. So we went to the library in search of Ty's idea of a good bedtime story.

 I kid you not. The boy lacks imagination sometimes.

I was able to capture a few shots this week between navigating a houseful of extra little ones, registering for school, cleaning out closets and mentally preparing myself for school to start again next week. Summer is flying by and I am not quite ready to accept it.