Saturday, September 30, 2017

September In Review

After six weeks in a brace or cast, my right arm is free. It is weak, sore and some swelling remains but it is so nice to hold tea cups in that hand again. It's the simple things in life they say that redeem the hard moments.

When I entered this latest season of life, I was tired. Really tired. The year has been full of challenges and changes and I haven't weathered the storms as well as I should have. Lauren's move, Makenna's surgery and recovery, the sudden loss of the kid's friend and the brutal and painful way I lost Jen left me depleted. Those were just the big stories, with lots of little themes woven throughout. Life with five kids is always full of additional stressors. I no longer found joy in the things I used to and felt I was simply surviving. It was time for me to rest and I resisted.

Rest doesn't come naturally for me but as I navigated these past weeks with more quiet time than I can recall ever having in my life, Greg and I started dreaming of our empty nest. I am not in any hurry to grow my last babies out of our home but there is something sweet to anticipate in those days. In addition, I found I appreciated the peace and embraced time alone with my own thoughts.

I picked up my camera again today. I missed it. The sprinkle coated caramel apples bribed the most reluctant eight year old into cooperation and of course, my Kate Bug was an eager participant. Very recent changes to Greg's work schedule eliminated my handsome husband as my date to a friend's wedding so I have a stand-in. Ty says he isn't dancing with me and isn't old enough to get me a glass of wine but he is pretty cute. And then he also has a bedtime so we won't be having too much fun while his Daddy works.

Once again, we are learning to roll with the punches and making the most of the moments we have together.

Friday, September 22, 2017

It's a BOY!

Lauren and Taylor are thrilled to announce they are having a baby boy! We can't wait to meet our grandson! 

Monday, September 18, 2017


I got the all clear from my surgeon last week. I will not need surgery! I am supposed to be wearing the brace for another two weeks and will have one final xray in four weeks to make sure everything continued to heal as anticipated. I won't even require physical therapy which is wonderful news because I have taken more than enough time off with my babies and therefore couldn't easily make time for regular appointments anyway.

Benjamin returned for the entire weekend after going back home two weeks ago. He was missed around here. I am happy we get to remain a part of his life. Because we had Lauren, Taylor, the dogs and Benjamin sleeping arrangements were at a premium. Ty created his own accommodations. Layla loved it.
Ty's guidance counselor at school sends home information every year about creating an emotional safe place with cozy blankets, stuffed animals and favorite items to help children calm down when they are upset. Every year, Greg and I roll our eyes because we consider our entire home a safe place. So I sent her this photo. I hope she too is fluent in sarcasm. All mommas everywhere need a safe place more than the children determined to make us crazy.
My favorite time of year has arrived if you believe my front door and the candy corn basket I cannot keep filled. Please pay no attention to the 80+ degree weather. I'm not.

Makenna's Senior year headshot for the theatre department came in. This from the kid who refers to herself as the ugly Baughman. Seriously.