Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today I had a picnic with my favorite seven year old in the school parking lot. She wrote me a note in her journal last week and her teacher made sure I was aware it said, "Dear Mom, I miss you. I wish I was in your class. I wish I could give you a hug every day. Please eat lunch with me. Love, Kate". It took some maneuvering of schedules but it went on the calendar for today and sister was beaming.

I needed it too. I went into this position with idealistic goals of more time with my kids and the ability to connect with them throughout the day. I am far more isolated than I ever would have envisioned. It's lonely and the days are long. It's almost torturous to be so close and yet, not be able to see my kiddos. Today, even more than usual, I needed my family close.

I started my day at 4 am with a call from my mom letting me know my beautiful grandmother was hours away from meeting Jesus. Whereas there is rejoicing in heaven and a reunion with my grandpa, I am incredibly sad I didn't get one last hug and kiss. Rest in peace, Grandma. I love you. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little Man of Mine

This little guy is making me wish I'd waited to work outside the home. I know he's in good hands but they aren't mine. He misses me and tells me every day. I miss him too.

He's running a fairly high fever this weekend but you wouldn't know it. He's thrilled to have us home together. Me too.

He scored the electric skillet cord after Makenna treated the six teens we hosted last night to a pancake breakfast. It was the toy of choice once we wrapped up with the Lincoln Logs that always remind me of my childhood days building with my dad.
I met with his teachers last evening to discuss his upcoming school year. He will be learning a lot and they adore him already even though they admit they wish he liked them better! The tears have continued to flow but they believe he will relax more once another child stops crying all day. Ty apparently approached the other crier on Wednesday and let him know his mommy would be back at the end of the day. His afternoons are pleasant but he struggles in the mornings. One teacher gets a hug at the end of the day and he's contemplated hugging the other twice. I pray he's completely comfortable by the end of the week. His ability to enjoy school will make all the adjustments I am experiencing easier to manage. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Review

Greg and I slipped away for a little date last evening. We are getting rowdy in our old age as the local farmer's market and Meijer were the destinations. Errands were run and complete sentences were spoken. It was beautiful with clear skies and temperatures just below 80 degrees. Simply perfect.
A friend of Lauren's visited and when his mom arrived to pick him up, we discovered we already knew her. She took care of Ty's daily blood work when he was born. We saw a lot of her his first three months. We laughed that he'd cry if he heard her voice since she was always sticking him! Small world. 
We ended our evening relaxed by the fire pit when I thought to ask Greg if the burn ban was still in effect. Oops.
 We are preparing for another school/work week and honestly, I'm not too excited about it. As I was standing outside Ty's studio on Friday, his teacher asked me how I was doing and I truthfully answered that I was questioning if I took on too much too soon. She wisely recommended I table that question until Labor Day weekend so my answer isn't based on emotions.  I appreciate her wisdom. Today I walked with a friend whom I've home schooled alongside for the last five years. She will always ask me the tough questions and hold me accountable. I adore her. It was good for my soul to take that walk today.

 I cleared the camera card and discovered Makenna's first day of seventh grade photo. As it turns out, she was the only cooperative child on Monday and therefore the only one captured. She is having a blast planning her theater seminars and updating her Facebook status to "in a relationship". Have mercy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inquiring minds....

  • "Mom, did you know your hair is like a boy style? I mean, boys can have long hair but they also have hair like yours. Also, did you ever see a girl with a mustache? I have." -Kate
  • "Mommy, I have a secret". Little man has never actually said any words in his previous secrets, just made a whispering noise but on day 2 of preschool, he whispered, "poop" and doubled over laughing at himself.
  • So Mom, do you think it would be okay for me to have a boyfriend at school? Umm.....Makenna, you are 12. I know but he's only 14 and he asked me. (I told her to ask her dad) Seriously??? It's the 4th day of school!
  • "I really like this school. The teachers are so cool. You know, I was afraid to ask a question today because the teacher at the other school yelled if you ask questions but here, they were totally chill about showing me how to work on my assignment". Makenna on day four in new school. (Other school was an 8 day adventure with our local middle school in January)
  • Little man screamed through his entire first full day of school. ALL.DAY.LONG. Did I mention his studio is across the hall from mine so I can hear him crying? He wasn't the only tearful one on Wednesday. It was really tough. I found myself questioning if this was the right fit for our family after all. I wanted to grab my baby and run for the hills. I stayed and loved on other people's babies instead. Today was better. I'm praying he settles by next week.
  • Our hot breakfasts continued this week. My husband rocks. 
  • Kate and I just wrapped up reading Wonder by  R.J. Palacio and it is my humble opinion every parent should read it to their children. Simply beautiful. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bragging Rights

This week was long and a blur at the same time. Having a week under my belt before supporting the kids through their first week was a blessing; a challenge but a blessing. Monday was great until I put little man in bed at 7 after getting home from work at 5. I left his room in tears and fought them all day Tuesday. Once we are all in a routine after this next week, I have faith we will thrive. It's just going to take some time. Welcome to the pep talk I've been having in my head.

I started a few dinners in the crock pot this week before heading to work. Greg wrapped them up or started the others before I got home each day. As result of his efforts, Erin and I also had a hot breakfast each morning. That man of mine is pretty awesome.

All four of our other kids start school tomorrow. Their nerves are running high and tears have started flowing. Back to the pep talk in my head. Ty will have two days of orientation from 11-1 before full days start on Wednesday. This presented a few logistical challenges for us but we've worked through them as well. Greg and I realized his time waiting on Ty will correspond with my lunch break so we are planning a tailgate date for lunch together on Monday and Tuesday! We'll have a picnic in the back of the truck in the school parking lot....why not? We've already realized how purposeful we will need to be to connect in this new season.

I came home Friday to a clean even the windows were cleaned! Shocked, surprised and grateful only begin to describe my reaction! We slipped away for an hour after dinner on Friday so he could enjoy a much deserved ice cream treat and I could exhale. We spent Saturday relaxing together and accomplishing the weekly shopping. I will miss having a weekday to work through that chore but with his company, perhaps it won't be a chore after all.

On a totally adorable note...Thursday night was Open House at the school so Greg brought the kids to see my work space and each of their studios. Ty was pretty taken by the fish tank, the sink at his level and was most impressed by the little potty in his area. He came out of the bathroom and announced to the entire room that he didn't have to stand on his tip toes while demonstrating that movement, complete with his hips swung forward. There wasn't a straight face in the crowd despite all efforts to do so.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Daddy's Little Helpers


Both sets of grandparents contributed to a new swing-set for the little one's birthdays this year. It has been so hot, we've waited for slightly cooler temperatures to build it. It was clearly a "family project" but a good time despite the efforts of Daddy's little helpers!
Greg texted me a photo of my smiling little guy playing on his new swing-set when it was complete and it made my day. The same daddy got up early this morning to send me and Erin out the door on our first day with an omelet breakfast. That guy is a keeper.
We have one more piece coming from this week and we'll stain it next year when we also stain the deck but it is ready for playtime! Thank you Grandmas and Grandpas. We love it!

And then we blinked.....

My baby started her Senior year today. I told her it would be really helpful if she could start rebelling and causing trouble so I could more easily send her out into the world in nine months. She giggled, hugged me and left with a smile on her face. Time flies. Wasn't it just yesterday she was the little kindergartener in that photo? I believe it was.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Colby James

We are going to miss you like crazy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ty and Brutus

Before I get to the hilarious shots of Ty shooting Brutus, I want to share a little story I like to call, I am the Mother of the Year.
Ty had his three year check up today. It was the first time Ty's been to the doctor since his two year check up last July. Yeah! That will likely not be the story a year from now since he is starting school in two weeks. Anyway...during the routine physical we learned he has gained four pounds and grown two inches this year. He is 29.2 lbs (20%) and 39 inches (40%). He also has walking pneumonia. The doctor kept questioning me about his congestion. I repeatedly told her he was a little congested but it wasn't bad, he wasn't too run down and he wasn't running a fever. I wouldn't bring him in for that but mentioned he had a virus last week that kicked off the cold sores again. She laughed at me and let me know his right lung was full of fluid. Wonderful. He's wrapping up the anti viral meds today from his latest cold sore outbreak and starting antibiotics. I thought he was dealing with some allergies and didn't think they were significant enough to warrant medication, much less a trip to the doctor. Yep, I am the mother of the year.
When our little man isn't busy harassing Brutus, he is still exploring. Future scientist?
Don't worry, the harassment goes both ways. Did you want to play this game?
I have a lot of new material to learn before starting my new job so I asked Greg to occupy Ty for a few hours. Within a few minutes, Ty was back at my side requesting attention. When I asked him what Daddy was doing, he said, "he's playing trains". Sigh.