Wednesday, March 31, 2021

We Left Our Hearts in Georgia

Our grandson called regularly for weeks before our visit with requests. He created quite a bucket list for our four short days together. We not only tackled all but the zoo, we added a visit with the police to see a cruiser including how to turn on lights and an excursion to the park to our agenda. We are saving the zoo for his next visit to our house to avoid a long drive. So we ate sushi, had Cook Out, visited the new house lot, got ice cream, opened presents, went to the trampoline park, bought new shoes, had a picnic in the back yard, did yoga with his new mat, and took a trip to Target. It was a busy couple of days with our favorite three year old.

Checking out deer tracks with Pops

The pollen in Georgia is no joke. From the time we left the Atlanta area, the air was yellow. Allergies were suffered but we didn't let that slow us down.

Little man insisted he use the taller basketball goal.

Cook Out doesn't yet allow inside dining so we improvised. Ty loves Cook Out and requests corn dogs with a side of corn dogs every visit. We also love their iced tea. We are simple people.

Austin loves Carlos, the beta fish and is often requiring an audience while he cares for him.

Pops, Aunt Kate, Uncle Ty and Austin got new shoes. 

I simply couldn't narrow down my photos. I love this little family so much. Lauren and Taylor are great parents and building a beautiful life together. We treasure these visits and can't help but wish they were more frequent.