Monday, May 31, 2010

Puppy Post Update

Greg says my post about all the ways Ty is like a puppy lacked one thing....the way Ty is NOT like a puppy.
1. The dog is easier to train.

That's it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little Man.....infection's back?

Ty is as busy as ever. He's taking multiple steps at a time and balances standing for a few seconds too. He has a red mark on his face that resembles the way his infection started a few months ago. We hope not. It took three weeks to's not bothering him though! He is such a happy, sweet boy. He is wearing the outfit we gave our first nephew for his first birthday....I love overalls!

The Diva

Our little Kate put together her own outfit for church tonight. We were rather impressed by the number of accessories required to complete her look. She is also quite proud of herself for learning how to flip on the swing set bars. Notice the purse is still attached to her body!

Wacky Party Girl

Makenna was invited to a wacky birthday party. We hope she has as much fun attending as she did preparing her crazy hair and outfit.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All the ways Ty is like the dog....

If our son doesn't end up in therapy before he's 20, it will be a miracle! The kids were literally discussing all the ways Ty is like a dog yesterday. It was quite an impressive list by the time they finished.

1. Ty chases and growls at the vacuum
2. He sits under the table after dinner and fights the dog for crumbs
3. He drools
4. He licks everything
5. He chews everything
6. He crawls on all fours
7. He begs for food
8. He whines at the door to go outside
9. He eats dog food
10. Sometimes he smells bad
11. Like a puppy, he is rather cute and cuddly when he isn't destroying the house.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Counting Our Blessings

Erin Gabrielle Baughman was born Thursday, March 23, 1995 weighing 8 lbs 3 ounces and named our little "honeymoon surprise". God's plans not ours prevail. She was prevented and unexpected but Greg was smiling from ear to ear when we discovered she was coming. Her birth was quick and easy. I walked around dilated to 4 cm for a month and was beyond ready for her arrival when she finally made her entrance into the world only 6 days before her due date. She was our fussiest baby as I was convinced I was a negligent mother if she cried! I didn't know how to shower before Greg got home from work. As it turns out, he ended up laid off when she was 4 weeks old so I went back to work until she was nine months old and Greg found two jobs to support our little family. It was challenging for both of us to reverse roles but Greg bonded with his baby girl in a very big way. They are close to this day with a special relationship.

Lauren Ellis Baughman came just 19 months later on November 15, 1996!! It took us both a long time to accept the news this time. Again, we thought we had bases covered to prevent another little surprise but once again, God blessed us with one of the prettiest little babies we've ever seen. She had a full head of dark black hair. Also weighing in at 8 lbs 3 ounces, she had a unique look from birth. She needed her first haircut at 6 weeks to get hair out of her face. She was the most content of our babies as she never cried unless she was hungry. She was our chubbiest baby as she grew her first year. Those baby rolls were adorable. Her toddler years made up for her quiet baby days! She was a real spit fire to say the least! She has spunk to this day!

Makenna Grace Baughman entered the world three weeks early weighing 8 lbs 11 ounces on July 25, 2000. She followed a 17 week miscarriage and was the only baby we planned for. At her 20 week ultra sound, they saw water on her brain and predicted spina bifida. A week later, we discovered we were being blessed with a "perfectly healthy baby girl". Greg, in typical fashion started planning how the girls would all be married on the same day, wearing the same dress, etc.....keep dreaming sweet heart! Just 8 days before her birth, Greg fell 25 feet from a billboard and started a long and painful journey that God has carried us all through in ways we can't even begin to describe. She was always a sweet, although dramatic child. I was so grateful for a laid back, easy baby with all Greg's medical needs along with Erin 5 and Lauren 3.

Kate Ryan Baughman had me in the hospital for preterm labor at 26 weeks and restricted activity for the remainder of the pregnancy. We were so grateful to have made it to just 9 days before her due date and had our smallest baby whom we discovered was a girl in the delivery room. She was born on May 17, 2005 weighing 7 lbs 15 ounces and so sweet. She made a noise that sounded like singing in her first hours. Since she followed the loss of our precious adopted baby boy, Ryan we think God sent her as an extra special blessing. I was being monitored by a high risk specialist throughout the pregnancy and was strongly discouraged from having her but in the end, she was the easiest pregnancy and a miracle I am honored to have been a part of.

Ty David Baughman made an appearance at a time in my life when I thought my plate was sufficiently full and we were complete. Hmmm....sounds like the perfect time for God to shake things up a bit! He also landed me in the hospital at 30 weeks for preterm labor and limited my activity for a few weeks while they monitored if real labor was in fact pending. Nope, just months of regular contractions. It was not fun and at times, neither was I! He made his arrival after finally moving from a posterior position on July 13, 2009 weighing in at impressive 8 lbs 7 ounces. His start was rough. He was in the hospital for 6 days under light therapy for extremely high bilirubin. As those levels tapered off, we discovered he had the blood disorder they monitored me for in my pregnancy with Kate. He needed three blood transfusions and a lot of medical intervention but is perfect today. He makes us smile every day as his personality is developing. He is loud and busy but a lot of fun.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Princess Party Highlights

Kate's finally wrapped up her birthday celebrations! She had two special friends and our family attend her special day. When Joshua's mom asked if he needed to be dressed up like a princess she told Natalie that a prince would be okay. Joshua replied, "no way Jose"! My sister's family was unable to attend because Mason is quite sick with hand, foot and mouth which has to be one of the nastiest viruses out there. We hope he feels better soon and can come to the zoo with us too. After the crowd departed, Kate said opening presents was her favorite part and that she could do that for "like a year"! We're glad everyone appeared to have had a good time. Grandma allowed the little princess to wear  makeup for her special day and when the big shot had it applied, she informed Erin she should also put some on so Erin could look as pretty as she did! Erin asked if she looks bad and Kate said "kind of".

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lauren's Crazy Bird

That bird Lauren fed during the day and spent time teaching to fly is behaving rather obnoxiously. It is flying at people and trying to land on their heads. It has scared multiple pedestrians including Erin's boyfriend. It is relentless in its attempts to be with people. The construction workers next door are feeding it  from their lunches. They asked about it today because they assumed it was rather comfortable up here for a reason. I am just thrilled it is outside. I do wonder though about it's overall health now that fast food has become the main source of its diet!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have a few confessions to make today....

1. I am beyond thrilled to see the end of this school year. I typically love being home with the kids and enjoy seeing the light come on as they "get it" after finding new and creative ways to teach them, but this has been a long year....a long and stressful year. We started with Greg's surgery last spring that rounded into another surgery at the start of our summer. I spent time in the hospital before Ty was born and then when he was, life was chaotic for months. His health kept me hopping while I started our school year. I never got a needed break.
2. I haven't spring cleaned. I don't think I will! I spot things here and there that need attention and I address them, but in all honesty, if you want my furniture moved so it is cleaned under or behind, do it yourself. I'm tired.
3. I don't relax. I don't know how. It is ridiculous. 
4. Someday I want to be casted as Cruella DeVille or Miss Hannigan in a play. Those evil women amuse me. I love to sing "Little Girls" in a crazy voice like Carol Burnett in Annie. Please know that I have one of those voices that pleases only the it seems rather unlikely that I would ever try this one, but it would be fun.
5. I love seeing my kids growing up.
6. I don't want to see my kids grow up.
7. I no longer feel compelled to please people or invest in relationships that drain me. I am so glad to have been freed from my "people pleasing" role.
8. I love my husband. He's the best.
9. I don't often take communion because I can't handle the grape juice. It's just yucky. I pray and spend time with the Lord but I just can't bring myself to choke that stuff down anymore.
10. I throw away everything non essential. My poor kids will have absolutely nothing to show for their preschool days. I can't keep papers for sentimental purposes. In fact, the kids get nervous when they hear that I've cleaned their rooms. They are pack rats and I am not. When the clutter bothers me, it all goes.
11. I am thrilled Lauren's bird finally flew away. That thing was nasty.
12. I probably shouldn't blog late at could lead to posts like this!

Our computer was pronounced "DEAD" today by our favorite computer guy.  We've had it crash so many times, it was only a matter of time before Chris was unable to resuscitate it. We had a good run but we are now reduced to using Lauren's 10 inch lap top. You should see the line for access. 

I took the kids to the art museum for our last school day today. The little ones loved the hands on area. Lauren is convinced she was tortured. You can't win them all!

Monday, May 17, 2010

She's 5!

It is so hard to believe our little Kate Bug is already 5. She is our quick witted, spunky, petite spit fire. All 32 pounds of her are in charge (in her mind anyway)! She has some strong ideas about what it means to be big kid number 5. She thinks she will stop whining (Oh please Lord!), give up her blankie and thumb and learn to read. She decided she was ready to get her ears pierced because she wouldn't cry when it hurt. There were a few tears but no crying. Let's be honest, it hurts! She's prepared for her vaccines in July when we have her check up. We have a milkshake deal at our house. Anyone who has to get shots, gets a milkshake afterward for being a big girl. We played with the camera this morning, because the little diva loves having her photo taken.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

He's not right

Ty tries to make Greg take his pacifier. And I don't even want to think about where those shoes have been!

Celebrating Kate's 5th Birthday Today

Kate will be 5 tomorrow. She wanted to have her ears pierced for her special day but wanted us all to go .So we went out on this very rainy day and had it done. Kate chose pretty pink daisies. She was very brave although I think she had some reservations at the very last second. She's thrilled with her choice.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun Friday

Jennifer took Kate and Shelby out to play again today. They had a blast, as usual. They went bowling and then to the Louisville Slugger Museum. I told Jennifer they could go to her house and clean because these two would have fun no matter what they did together.

Lauren's new hobby

Lauren's punching bag and weights found their place in our garage today. She is excited.

More flying lessons

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flying Lessons

Lauren's little project is starting to develop his feather wings. We hope "Lucky" takes off soon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

My sister's boys are hilarious. Brennen is 5 and spent Mother's Day asking Theresa when it was going to be Father's Day. He literally wanted a count down. Mason, the most rotten three year old ever, told her she could have one kiss for Mother's Day, but Daddy could have a billion! There is no mercy for the mommy  most days.They criticize her for wearing pink because "that's a girl color". She still needs to point out that she is a girl! When I was shopping for Brennen's first birthday, I called to ask for ideas. She laughed and said, "it doesn't matter, just get two of whatever it is because he'll just bang them together". Brennen was the first boy in our family so seeing him develop so differently from the girls was always fun (for me anyway).

I used to struggle with Mother's Day. Greg and I  really don't exchange gifts. We'd both rather have time spent together or something nice done for us. It's been years since we've had birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts. However, Greg doesn't plan anything for Mother's Day, Nothing. I used to get myself into quite a pity party over that. He is a wonderful man and I know he loves and appreciates me. Two years ago, I told everyone up front that I wasn't cooking, getting dressed or cleaning that day. They needed to plan accordingly. I was taking matters into my own hands. Well, Erin called that morning from her friend's house inviting me to a "formal tea" that her sisters were not invited to. Really? How nice to think of your sisters in such a loving way. Her friends had also invited their mothers so I didn't think I could refuse the offer. I got dressed up, went out in cold rain and arrived at the "formal tea" to be presented with a voice recorded card that let me know that I was old. (Got to love 13 year olds!) Nice. There was no tea, no food and no one else was dressed up. After 15 minutes, I went home to find all my other children were still hungry and Greg was waiting on me to see what they should eat. The day went like any other day and I went to bed sulking that night. Greg was perplexed. We don't "do gifts". It finally occurred to me, I am the planner. I am the one that makes sure I serve special meals to celebrate people and events. I am a mom. That is what I do. He is dad and he doesn't think or act like mom. God made us this way. In all honesty, my family is spoiled and I created that. Most of the time, I love spoiling them. Every once in awhile, I want to be spoiled back. But, I no longer expect anything more than a few scribbled cards the kids throw together when I have them sign or make cards for their grandmothers. This year, Erin, who is now a more considerate 15 year old, informed her dad on Saturday night that I would wake up to tea and omelets this year. It was wonderful. Kate made a card at church Saturday night that had blanks to fill in. She says I am 46 feet tall and weigh 10 pounds. The sweetest part was where she noted that she likes helping me cook lunch and dinner. I like that too. Erin colored a picture that thanked me for running this zoo. It was a beautiful day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ty's first haircut

After talking to Kristin and finding out Avry's already had two haircuts, I started looking at Ty's and wondered if I should be cutting his. He had some hairs sticking out over his ears and the top was taking on a "comb over" look. The back was getting a bit coarse with waves. So, Greg and I went to work with the clippers tonight while all the big kids were out. They all want him to have long hair.....not happening! Anyway, he was quite content playing with a rubber duck on the bathroom vanity while Greg ran the clippers over his head. I told Greg I am glad we did this now rather than wait on more of those sweet baby curls to arrive because I likely would have cried as those were removed. He was, at that moment also glad we did it tonight. I want to look into getting a longer guard for the clippers so it doesn't have to be quite so short the next time. It was pretty surprising to see how much hair we cut.

Lauren's Turn!

Hey I`m Lauren! I`m 13 years old, the 2nd child in the family. I love animals. I would like to have a farm when I`m older. I`m going to start weight lifting. I go to bible study every Tuesday night, and I go to church every Saturday night! I love hanging out with my friends, they're the best! We just walk around the neighborhood, hang out down by the creek. We kinda just do whatever. I`m in the 7th grade and I would have to say my favorite subject would be math. I`m just a wild, loud, go with the flow kind of person. I`m always outside. Summer is the best! This year I`m going to Dustin, Florida with me friend Kelsey and her grandparents. I am also going to Gulf Shores with Kelsey, her mom and her step dad. I can`t wait for a tan!  

This is me and my best friend Paige in the picture getting ready for the purity ball! 

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The sunshine is invigorating! I can't get enough of it.I take the kids out for multiple walks everyday since we are avoiding our yard a bit. We've had construction workers building two houses next to ours the last couple of weeks. I've tried to keep a low profile for safety reasons. I haven't had any of the picnics Kate has requested. I think I need to just get over it because we enjoyed dinner on the patio tonight and it was wonderful to relax and take in some fresh air together. Kate finally got the corn on the cob and watermelon she's been requesting since the first sign of warmer weather. It was rather yummy!

Ty explored Kate's sand/water table this afternoon. He loved it! He was covered in sand and had wet hair by the time I could see he was ready for his afternoon nap. He slept so well after we removed all the sand covered clothes! I was able to accomplish some things in the kitchen while he was occupied. On that front, "Baby Jail" was introduced today. A neighbor's son was here when I made the decision for sanity purposes to put up the pack n play. Collin called it baby jail and it stuck. Ty is just so busy I can't get anything done quickly because I am constantly interrupted to get him out of something. It bought me a few minutes.

Zoo Pals!

We joined our playgroup at the zoo yesterday. Kate's special friend, Joshua was able to go with us while his mommy was at home with his new baby sister. Both Kate and Joshua asked permission before we went to hold hands at the zoo. They are so cute together. During our picnic lunch, they shared Joshua's apple slices and he put his hat on her head. She proudly wore it. He calls her "Katers" and she doesn't mind a bit!

Ty seemed to really enjoy the zoo as well. He was content in his stroller the entire 3 and a half hours! The only animal he appeared to notice was the hippo. It stopped right in front of him and Ty just looked from it to me as if to ask, "are you seeing what I'm seeing?"!

When we were in the gorilla viewing area, the zookeeper handed the kids a bag of laminated photos to hold up to the window. As soon as the photos came out of the bag, the largest male gorilla ran up to the glass and sat there watching intently. It was really cool until I overheard the zookeeper explain to someone else that the photos were female gorillas....I'm just not sure how I feel about my kids contributing to whatever one would call that!

This face is so ugly, only Lauren can love it

Lauren has taken on another animal loving project. This baby robin has to be one of God's ugliest creatures, but it needs care and Lauren is of course, the one to do it.  She's keeping it during the day and feeding it every time it chirps. Paige and her family are caring for it at night (praise the Lord because I have enough little people trying to keep me up at night). It was hatched along with 4 siblings in Paige's grill and the other four died after being abandoned by their mother. Lauren noted today that it likes to hide its head. Makenna quickly responded, "if I were that ugly, I'd hide my face too".

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too tired....

Kate has been in quite a mood lately.....she was sent to her room to get dressed. Several complaints about her wardrobe and "needing help" later, I turned on the vacuum to better ignore the poor behavior and get something done while I waited on her to comply. 45 minutes later, she came down stairs wearing a dress up costume that didn't fit. I had a decision to make, another battle (which is what she was looking for) or let her go out in public like that. I told her to get in the van because we needed to go to the library. A look of pure shock came across her face. She very quietly got into the van. Lauren and Makenna were rather stunned too. We went to the library and nothing was said. When I later recounted the story to my sister, she said she was proud of me for being a cool mom because she is too uptight to let her kids wear things that don't match when they leave the house. I assured her that I am not cool, I'm exhausted! I want my sweet Kate back! This little stinker isn't much fun right now!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kate's Opinion

Me to Kate after endless complaints and whining, "Kate, did you know the bible tells us that God wants us to be kind, loving and not to complain?". Kate responds, "my bible doesn't say that." I assured her that it does and will be happy to show it to her when we get home. She says, "well, you don't obey the bible". I am a little dumbfounded and asked her why she thinks that. She said, "God says in the bible that we feed people then they are hungry and you don't feed hungry people". "I don't? Why on earth am I in the kitchen for hours everyday?" She said, "you don't feed people again right after you feed them the first time"! So, she equates my rule about snacking after dinner to me disobeying God. And, if I don't obey God, then why should she? After a brief discussion about respect, she got a time out. We're in trouble.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Love that Face!!!

Someone at church said we need to capture those cheeks tonight....they are pretty kissable!
This is Ty's exaggerated version of a raspberry! I have wanted to capture this expression for several days and am thrilled Erin was finally able to get it on camera. He cracks me up! Unfortunately, the first time he made this face, he spit oatmeal across the room too....Lauren ducked out of the path just in time and that amused Ty tremendously. Discipline will not be an easy task with this one!