Friday, June 26, 2020

Summer Break Week 5

Our weekend with Benjamin flooded my mind with "what if" questions. I carry him in my heart constantly, praying for a positive outcome in his life. That being said, things in his world are as stable as they can be.
Aftermath of a fort sleepover. They were warned of collapsing books and blankets ahead of time. Obviously they were not concerned.
But the boys had a great weekend and enjoyed our friend's pool for a few moments again on Saturday.

Before we took him home, Greg initiated an epic Nerf war and both boys came prepared to win. We were a bit delayed getting out the door but it was so worth it for squeals, bragging rights and trash talk.

Sunday, Erin and Tim joined us for brunch. We quietly celebrated Greg with Black Rifle Coffee and Double Oaked Woodford. Gone are the days of hand drawn ties and macaroni necklaces. He appreciated that season as much though.

Someone thinks the air track is an awesome dog bed and no one has been able to convince her otherwise. 

This knucklehead started feeling better over the weekend but still wasn't fully her ornery self for a few more days. It was; however, good to see a lot of her spirit shining through the sleepiness.

Our grandson is so much like his mother, we are amused most every phone call. He was recently caught rolling his eyes and calling out his parents for insisting he pick up his shoes. This is a family blog so I won't mention his word choice specifically but it started with bull. And when his exasperated mother expressed concern, "he is enrolled in a Christian preschool in the fall!", I rolled. "Not for long."

Monday the boy who was suddenly campaigning for a pet spider (we are going with a firm no on this) got a needed haircut. The quarantine hair was out of control.

He has always napped on car rides. He has always pulled a blanket over his head to nap. I still find both endearing. 

This "tree" had the giggles.....

 Because this "tree" claimed to be a zombie tree, rarely located in the wild.
Tuesday, Ty and I went to Dayton so I could visit and photograph Avry for Kristin. As usual, we talked through the world's problems, ate really well and relaxed while the boys constructed Legos and consumed smores. Ty was a great travel buddy with his insightful questions about where I would teleport if given the opportunity. He chose people he wants to visit whereas I selected places I would like to see.
Someone was confused as to why people were jumping on her new bed until she joined the fun. Oh Layla.

Wednesday we were all reunited at home, with Kate's return from her camping trip and our lengthy drive from Dayton in time to get her back to the orthodontist for another bracket and chain repair. I am so glad we tackled these braces before the new school year given how many issues she's had. Layla discovered her bed was for jumping and Ty was invited fishing with Makenna and the kids she babysits this summer.
Timehop made me swoon this week. Look at our little Kate Bug!

Ugh! And baby Ty too! 

Every student enrolled in Ty's school was given two boxes of food Thursday. We were pretty blown away by the produce and the chicken that we already had in the freezer before unpacking the rest. I'm impressed with the attention his corporation pays to the needs of their community. 

Thursday we ran several errands and spent some time with Erin who wanted accompaniment to her post op appointment. She is in the clear for three months until her next screening and overjoyed at the freedom to resume swimming, as she has lake plans in the near future. As I presented our case for involving additional physicians in her care, her amazing doctor quickly agreed and let me know I had not in the least offended her by my request because "Erin is (my) whole world". Before I could process the statement,  Erin quipped, "actually, I'm 20% of her whole world". We agreed that percentage is based on a sliding scale because we like to keep it real around here.

Ty landed this flip several times before I thought to record it for him. And then of course he didn't. But he is pretty excited none the less.

Tonight friends joined us for dinner. They provided the entertainment with a Disney sing along we all loved.....
Well, most of us loved it anyway. Smile.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Sumner Break Week Four

We spent the weekend caring for Erin. She rested well and ate well too. Friends stopped by to check on her and cluttered our counter with sweet treats. People know her love language.

Monday morning Layla went in for her annual checkup. We delayed it a few months so I could accompany her inside the office rather than use curbside service. Under normal circumstances, curbside would be a dream but Layla has had enough issues in recent months, I wanted a face to face conversation. Layla was stressed about the masks and was not her usual perky self during the appointment. But other than an ear infection, she looked good. We have started allergy medications to prevent the hive breakouts and were delighted to learn we could use an over the counter medication we already had on hand.

Monday afternoon, my parents arrived to see Erin and we all held down deck chairs while she napped and then despite my best efforts to sway her, she elected to return to her house that night. Tim came to get her settled and returned Tuesday to sit with her. She wasn't alone in her still sleepy, crampy state but I was not ready to let her go. I was accused of overreacting when I hid her keys and questioned Tim's qualifications. Whereas he is an ICU nurse, he still isn't her mom. I stand by my actions.

Tuesday, Ty spent the day with his best friend since first grade. They had twelve hours together and still begged for more when I insisted we had to leave. Her mom sent photos when she could get them to stop moving long enough to take some. I love their friendship and have high hope they continue to remain close throughout their lives.

While Ty was occupied, Kate and I had chiropractic appointments and a day out together. It was our first visit to TJ Maxx and Home Goods since February. We found very little we wanted to purchase but it was lovely getting out and seeing a bit of the world beyond our house and the grocery store. We joined Greg on a patio for lunch and made the most of errands Ty would have loathed.

Wednesday my friend Lana joined me at Erin's for lunch and then I escorted Erin to Costco. It made for a long day and wiped her out but she commented it was good to get out and about. Her biopsy results were mostly good news. The lesions had increased in both location and severity; however, the cells in the margins beyond the lesions and deeper within the cervix were all clear. We follow-up with her doctor again next week for ongoing treatment options.

Thursday Kate left for a five day camping trip with her best friend and Ty and I were invited to have lunch with friends. That night I picked up our buddy Benjamin for the weekend. Goodness we have missed him. We had planned on picking him up for his birthday in March but the world shut down and erased that plan along with so many others.
Friday morning, the kid's combined birthday gift arrived after two failed deliveries over the last three months. Ty was beyond excited but waited to open it until he could record the event, "my fans were waiting for this." His fans are us, his family plus two friends.

The air track is a hit and Kate will be delighted when she returns. Rumor has it the air track may also serve as the base to a fort tonight for a rowdy sleepover for a couple of stinky boys.

The saying is that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. That isn't biblically accurate. What the bible actually states is that God gives you whatever it takes for you to fully rely upon him. This is a strong testament to just exactly how stubborn I am. In my world, it is literally always something.

Layla had been acting strangely since her appointment in Monday. We chalked a lot of her unusual behavior up to anxiety over masks worn in the vet, Erin and Ada leaving again, Makenna being away all weekend and any number of other things. However, as the week progressed, it became clear something was quite wrong. And so Layla and I visited the vet for the second time this week on Friday afternoon. And of course they found nothing wrong. I was conflicted, wanting answers but not wanting it to be anything significant. She was perky and ate her weight in treats in the office. After I paid the bill though, Layla and I were not in a good place. This bothers her exactly zero percent. There is a reason she is pretty.