Thursday, March 29, 2018

Meeting Austin

I don't know if you've heard, but we have a new family member 😉

Ty got his hair cut today and the beautician was the first person I have heard Ty talking to outside the family or his friends and he talked her ear off about being an Uncle to the cutest baby ever. He called me over to show her photos and had specific images in mind when he did so. That poor lady was so patient with him but I was laughing inside thinking it must run in the family because I have offered to show strangers photos of him too. You know, because he is so cute 😏

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Georgia Peach

The entire family gathered in Georgia to visit Lauren and meet Austin. It was one of Greg's sweetest birthdays holding his first grandson; a strong comparison to meeting Erin 23 years ago.

We are so proud of Lauren and Taylor and their growth as a couple. They make a good team. Austin is one blessed little boy. Having them out on their own navigating life together has been so good for them despite my selfish desire to hold them closer. The drive away from Georgia contained leaky eyes; my feelings are still big. And promises to see them again in June aren't settling my heart at all. It's been 36 hours and I am ready to hold him again.

Austin is a very laid back baby. He reminds me a lot of his momma as a newborn. He gives a lot of signals prior to fussing or complaining. And once his need is met, he is content again. And his needs are obviously being met. He has gained another ten ounces in six days! Little man has no intention of staying so little.

His awake periods don't last long yet at this two week mark, but he spends that time studying voices and the world around him. I could stare into those eyes forever.

He is perfect.

Kate and Ty were more than reluctant to leave and concocted a plan to remain in their active role of aunt and uncle. They wanted Greg and I to run home (9 hours each way), pack their belongings and bring them back. They were moving in with Lauren. Ty even suggested this was good for me because I wouldn't have to buy as many eggs. As if leaving my daughter and grandson wasn't big enough, Ty also thought Kenna could move in with Erin and I could keep my house cleaner. He is full of helpful ideas.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Spring Break Week One

Day one of spring break looked a lot more like winter break. We entered the first day of spring with a winter weather advisory. The little ones were not disappointed. The snow didn't start until early evening after a sleet mixture all afternoon. So at bedtime, they made their way outside. Chili remained on the stove and I sat back with hot tea while they enthusiastically embraced weather the rest of us bemoaned.

Some of us were more content to relax than others and while we were at it, Facetime with Lauren revealed a cuter than ever Austin sleeping off a milk hangover. I cannot wait to get back down to see him again. Oh! And he has gained a whopping 14 ounces in 9 days. I think he and his momma have gotten the hang of this feeding routine!
Day two was a continuation of day one. We ended up with just shy of 8 inches of snow and it was really great packing snow so the kids went out approximately 4, 962 times. My dryer ran non-stop and my floors may never be the same but they made a lot of memories and had a blast.

Our neighbor lady is always a good sport. The kids knocked on her door at least three times asking if she was finished working yet so she could come out to play. Ty kept throwing snowballs at her until she finally got even. He loved every second of it. And the fort was Kate's goal all along. Leah is awesome.

 Of course you cannot have snow days without hot cocoa. It's a rule. As far as spring break goes, snow was not on the agenda but when the kids are having this much fun, you embrace it.

Day three was spent playing in what remained of the snow and coloring Easter eggs a bit prematurely. I was heavily in the throws of preparing for a quick trip to see Lauren this weekend. I am so ready to hold Austin again!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Big Feelings and Normal Days

Greg mowed the yard Sunday. Our neighbors shared a few choice words with him about it. Once one starts, they all have to start. It is March and no one else was ready. The yard looks great though.

I took Ty and his buddy bowling Saturday. They loved it. We followed up with ice cream and I relished in their chatter despite it being full of body function humor and silly jokes. Before I am ready, they will be graduating like their older sisters who sounded a lot like them just a few short years ago.

I then took Kate and her friend out shopping. The mall on Saturday evening is no longer comfortable for me. The girls weren't out of my sight as result.  I then took them out for Greek food. They were good sports about trying something new but neither was impressed. They didn't even like baklava! I am a little disappointed.

Greg and I met with the school on Friday to discuss our son's needs. We entered it with a lot of strong emotions and feeling defensive but left reassured he is in good hands despite Ty informing everyone he has made the decision to join his sister at the smaller school because second and third grade gets two recesses instead of one. As valid as those reasons are, his academic and emotional needs are being met where he is. We were a little stunned to discover he had in fact started saying goodbyes and believed he would start his new school after spring break.

Kate has begged for her own laundry basket for several months. I kept declining, assuring her I will not go seeking laundry and once the basket is purchased, she will be doing her own laundry. She found one she couldn't resist Sunday and Monday  I wrapped up all her laundry for the last time. I suspect the novelty will last approximately eighteen seconds. But like her sisters before her, she will learn the art of finding time in her schedule to insure she has clean, or mostly clean clothes as the case may be.

The dog is on anxiety meds and frankly the process of making adjustments to that is colorful enough I too may need medicated. Sometimes I look around and marvel at my life. Blessings often resemble chaos.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Labels and Oreos

Ty has been through a lot of extensive testing and evaluations the last few months; the results tough to swallow. I remind myself he is the same great kid today as he was before we had labels attached to him. But I am not going to lie, labels are hard. I waiver between the need to fight for him and denial.
It is unfortunate he is so reluctant to be in front of the camera with lashes like his. But a stack of Oreos happen to be his price point. I am not above bribery.
We are navigating school meetings and evaluating educational options. He has strong opinions; none based on anything of real importance unless you are Ty. After all, the amount of recess and access to electronic devices are the key factors in choosing the best learning environment. Sigh.
As I said, he is the same today as he was when we began this journey last fall; labels or not. He is awesome (a label I am comfortable with) and I am his biggest fan.