Wednesday, January 28, 2009

View out back today

This was the view out back today. We've gotten quite a bit of snow and ice and are currently under a "state of emergency". It is beautiful if you don't have to go anywhere!
Everything is closed except UPS because the world stops turning if packages are not loaded onto least that's what we've been told. Greg is ready to serve the world! What a guy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kate is "tying" my shoe


It finally arrived! 3" of snow fell overnight with more expected throughout the day and tonight....the kids love it! Erin and Lauren took off for real hills to sled down but Kate and Makenna stuck close to home and hot chocolate! They came in wet, cold and grinning from ear to ear.....good times.

Lauren attached the dog's leash to her sled and had him pull her around the neighborhood! He loves the snow and apparently had some energy to burn!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kate's preparing for the baby

I overheard Kate telling Brutus this evening that when mommy is in the hospital having the baby she will make sure he has food and water. I think it is so sweet that she is planning ways she can help.

She prayed for God to help get the baby out of my belly because it is sick in there! I guess the "all-day morning sickness" is making an impression!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Poor Dog!

This is what the girls do to the dog, what on earth would they do to a little brother?

"The Kitchen is Closed"

Kate found a bag of rubber bands this evening and used them to "close the kitchen"! All our cupboards and drawers were banded together to keep us out of them. Why didn't I think of that?

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's News

On our way into Dayton for New Year's, we stopped by the sign Greg fell off in July 2000. (He's the spot at the bottom of the sign.) We came to town for an appointment with the surgeon who put him back together after that 25 foot fall. We got some unwelcomed news at that appointment. Greg has to have his ankle fused. He will be in the rings and halos again for three months. The commute to and from Dayton every two weeks for appointments will not be much fun. Happy New Year?

Santa Came! (Grandma and Grandpa too)

Lauren, Makenna and Kate were up at 3am to see what Santa brought them! At 5, we discovered them awake and sent them back to bed until 7 when they couldn't stand it anymore! Kate got her requested "kid iron" and the grandparents provided Visa gift cards to the big kids to shop for their own clothes....they are so excied to hit the after Christmas clearance racks in January. Santa brought the family a popcorn machine for our family fun nights. All the grown-ups napped Christmas day in the afternoon!

Christmas Eve traditions

Cocoa and cookies for Santa, birthday cake for Jesus, Twas the Night Before Christmas by the tree at bedtime and dreaming of Christmas surprises....

Christmas with the Baughmans

We made a round trip visit to Dayton to celebrate Christmas with the Baughman's on the 21st. It makes for a long day but everyone had a good time. We love any chance we get to see Lizzie. Makenna got the American Girl doll she really wanted from Grandma and Grandpa and Lauren loved getting lots of fun toe socks.

New Year's in Dayton

On New Year's Eve we celebrated Christmas with Theresa and her family, went to see the Harlem Globetrotters and had "party" to welcome in 2009.