Friday, September 25, 2020

Fall is in the Air

After announcing she was doing algebra and has lost the will to live, she screamed into our perfectly quiet evening, "slide seven just up and walked away! I hate projects." It was otherwise a happy Saturday night around here.

Greg doesn't care for smores so he spreads peanut butter on chocolate bar pieces instead. Layla was pretty interested in checking it out. 

I took Makenna and Noah out for two year dating anniversary photos. They laughed and played around so much, I was at one point, sitting on the ground laughing too hard to capture the hilarity. We were fighting for the last of the day's light and couldn't pull it together but the results are beautiful and the candids remain my favorite. 

Every boy I have ever shot at some point during the session requests action shots. It never fails and always amuses me. Of course capturing this particular candid may always be my favorite shot of them....

My Sunday afternoon session canceled at the last minute (with a good reason) so I found myself available to hang out with three of my girls exploring a craft store and a few other shops. Their banter back and forth entertains me as much as it exhausts me after awhile. They are a mess together. I found myself missing Lauren's contribution. There is just something about their bond and they way they feed off each other that keeps me laughing and often shocked.

Wednesday I made the first apple crisp of the season and had no regrets. 

Makenna spent the week house sitting for friends. It was a tiny glimpse into our near future as she plans to move out soon. However, she swung by daily to check out the dinner menu. In a nutshell, not much will change once she moves out as we only see her occasionally anyway.

Erin stopped by for dinner and washed a load of laundry Thursday night. I asked her to tackle a quick project for me while she was here. 

2020 planner:

2021 planner:

Ty has reinstated his plea for a pet tarantula.  We are going with a firm no on this. 

Tonight, Greg and I dined on the patio together. It was the perfect ending to another long week. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

Gourds, Chili, Flowers and Joy

"I just love this show. I feel like every time I am over here it's like a new episode". Kendra.....about our family. 
She's not wrong. 

Saturday we walked around the neighborhood yard sale and the kids spent the day playing together. We wrapped the evening on a friend's porch with chili. We are craving fall and if a blogger in Florida can fake it until she feels fall in her tropical air, so can I. The evening was full of the coziness of the season despite the warm, sticky air. 

Sunday morning was peaceful before a service on positive perspective and finding joy in all seasons. It hit home after a recent chat about some friends who are struggling and where their hurtful reactions may be originating. We then went to the caverns so Ty and Anna could show their families what they got to do a few weeks ago for the video and upcoming brochure. Free passes for the tour which included a boat ride in the cave sweetened the deal.

After the cave we made the decision to finally invest in both a new fridge and dishwasher. We have been losing food lately to inconsistent cooling and the rack in the dishwasher is collapsing almost daily. This is just the latest update on longterm ridiculousness. We cut off water to the fridge years ago due to a leak inside it and the dishwasher has required tape to close it and the breaker to be flipped to start it for years as well. I don't love spending money on appliances but we worried we were on borrowed time at this point. This was not a fun Home Depot date.

Wednesday a friend took Kate to a local orchard to film a science video about Apple trees for her students. Kate was delighted to have an outing and Lana sent me photos with captions about her being a true Baughman. Apparently she announced "oh my gourd" as she explored pumpkins and laughed fully like her mother. 

As she told me about her day, she said she thinks one of her teachers assumes she is a mess because she ate four snacks while on his google meet. I reminded her snacking is against the rules while logged into classes. "What?!? That's crazy! I can multi task! Shoot, I even eat while working out!" Oh my gourd.

Our school secretary tracked me down Wednesday to let me know I had flowers. I didn't believe her and asked her to verify they weren't for someone else because my husband has never sent flowers. Ever. Only a few times in our twenty-six year marriage has the man purchased flowers from the grocery for me. It's well known that if I want flowers, I get them myself. So I was quite surprised and delighted by the gorgeous bouquet full of my favorite fall like colors. I text Kate and told her. She laughed and declared there was no way that was real. Later Makenna stopped by the school to pick up the kids she babysits and also told the secretary she had to be playing a joke on her because her dad doesn't buy flowers. By the time I left work, I was worried he'd purchased a new truck or something! He was just being sweet and was met with such skepticism. In truth, he was atrending the calling hours for a friend's wife and that loss hit a little too close to home. He also knew I had been stressing several decisions lately and could use the cheer. He's a good guy.

Thursday afternoon, Ty jumped into the car excited to tell me his reading teacher questioned how he improved so much over the summer. "Mom, she thought I read a lot but I told her I watched YouTube videos about how to be a better youtuber and learned about emphasis. Mrs. S was impressed and says I am a lot better. See? Youtube is good for me." Thanks Mrs. S. 

Fun Friday started when I arrived for carpool drop off this morning. My sweet friends always greet me as Ty gathers his will to live and go to school. Today, Anna was dressed up for school photos and Ava was excited about her haircut. On the other hand, Ty chose his own school photo outfit and not one piece matched another. I'm hoping the photographer crops at the waist but it will be what it will be. I choose my battles and his appearance in his own yearbook is his prerogative. 

We survived the week and celebrated accordingly. The weekend weather looks amazing, I spent the evening in a cozy sweater, smoked pulled pork is on the menu and we have smores ingredients for a bonfire. Life is good.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Labor Day Week

Saturday I ran some errands with a friend after a larger meal on the patio as a family. The friend suggested Meijer as our final stop and I decided we must have become official because that is a date location for each of us with our husbands. She howled, thinking the same thing. Adulting is glamorous. 

Miss Kate was a super cooperative model as the kids created a colorful coat. They learned a lot about Joseph and God has a plan for their lives. I'm grateful I had a willing assistant in the class with me as the initial instructions suggested we wrap a child in the streamers. Kate was a much more patient option.

Kate and I started decorating the house for fall but still needed some pumpkins. Our grocery stores hadn't yet carried them so we decided to take a family drive to the local orchard to select a few and get ice cream together. We were stunned to be met with traffic control to aide in parking. Looking at the masses of people gathered, we turned around and made our way back to the local ice cream shoppe instead. 

Monday I held down a deck chair with a cheesy book lacking depth. Oddly, it was precisely what I needed to rest. Greg smoked a brisket and a quiet dinner followed. Alarms were set for Tuesday's wakeup and the reinstatement of routine; the three day break was good.

Ty challenges me nightly to a game of H.O.R.S.E. Despite his ridiculous shots, I hold my own and beat him more often than not. For him, winning doesn't appear to be the goal when there is a chance he can laugh at me running from inside the garage, and spinning in a circle before finally tossing the basketball backward over my head. Fortunately most of his "trick shots" fail to score so I am not often mimicking his antics.  The evening games are a chance to connect and I've grown to look forward to them.

Wednesday evening Erin and I talked on the phone for the first time all week. She shared she told the boyfriend he was in her life because she wanted him there, not because she needed him and she would be just fine without him. This is the same boy she told she had to consider the impact on her life before agreeing to dating him. Whereas we wanted her strong and independent, we also wanted her to be kind. I am not sure where we went wrong on that last part. Dating our daughter isn't for the weak. Then Kate informed us she had a boyfriend. He is a sweet boy from a good family so we were pretty good with it overall. Honestly though, how does one date when they are virtual students? And as I tucked Ty into bed he campaigned once again for a pet spider; a tarantula to be exact. I told him to research how to train it to not bite and get back to me. I wonder why I'm exhausted. 

I had an appointment with my beautician after work today. After she cut off two inches of growth, she braided my hair to convince me I am not too old for cute styles. I think I like it and none of the young adult daughters objected which is a real win. I assure you, they are brutal critics.
Their favorite nephew called to talk about planets this evening. The boy has a large fan club.

Thursday evening Greg mentioned I was quiet. 

"I used all my words in kindergarten today." 

He questioned, "all of them?" 

"Well, all the nice ones anyway."

Greg remained at a safe distance the rest of the evening. He is a smart man.

During the morning drive today, Ty shared his lofty yard sale goals for Saturday. "I want to buy the motorized scooter from Lane for $25. That will leave me $40 to spend on Kendra in case she doesn't have any money." I mentioned saving some for another day. He considered my words for a moment and responded, "this is why people wish they were rich. They want to buy whatever they want at yard sales." By the way, Kendra's mother and I are totally comfortable arranging their marriage. We adore the friendship they have formed and already love the future in-laws.