Monday, May 31, 2021

San Antonio Trip

Ty and I spent Memorial Day weekend together in San Antonio. Our last Mom and Ty weekend took place in 2014, so we were due for a special trip. He came home animated about the Battle of the Alamo and David Crockett in early March. I had just finished a phone call with a girlfriend there who was asking for a visit in the near future. After checking into flights, I realized how reasonable a weekend would be if we had a gracious hostess. Kristil and her family went out of their way to accommodate Ty and I am grateful for them. 

Ty's first flights to San Antonio were turbulent, much to his delight. I, on the other hand was not thrilled. But we made it after significant delays and a nightmare pick up in San Antonio that took an hour and a half. We finally made it to bed at 1:30 in the morning but slept hard and was ready for an incredible Saturday downtown. Ty couldn't relax until we were in front of the Alamo, his only request for the trip.

Whataburger for dinner. He made requests for it again on days two and three. Fortunately, his culinary expertise was not called upon in meal planning.

Ty has been requesting a cactus for months and was really impressed with this one in the Alamo garden.

Alamo souvenir penny and David Crockett racoon hat. Of course we did.

Riverwalk boat tour

On Sunday, we toured Sea World. Ty does not appreciate rides so we simply took in shows and snacked our way through the park. The killer whales were impressive and the sea lions were entertaining.  Kristil's son, Tristan and his friend, Haley joined us but were pretty stealth avoiding the camera. We had a delightful day.

Kristil caught us playing at bedtime. He starts tickle wars he thinks he can win. If the way he snacked this weekend is any indication, he will be overpowering me in no time. 

On Monday, we went up into the Tower of America. Ty desperately wanted just one more glimpse of the Alamo. He loved his trip. I did too.

Tower of America souvenir penny. We never located an option at Sea World, which was disappointing. 

We said goodbye at the airport, Kristil and I, and it was tough. We had a beautiful weekend spent catching up, laughing together, getting to know each other's family and over all having a great time. I can't wait to host her in the coming months when she drives her son back to school. I just wish she could bring her entire group. 

Friday, May 28, 2021

That's A Wrap

Shew! What a whirlwind week! I ran non-stop, said so many sweet goodbyes and attended multiple appointments. Some strange lab results were reported and I am laughing at the lunacy because the alternative is to cry in frustration. "It will be what it will be" remains my motto because I honestly have little choice in the matter. 

Kate got her Ryan tattoo this week and chose at the last moment to use her own handwriting rather than the artist's. I love how fully all of the girls have chosen to honor his memory. Our balloons prompt questions so Ryan's name is still spoken, these seventeen years later.

When I was first assigned reading groups in fourth grade, I was uncertain how I would feel about the older students. I quickly fell in love with them and that hour of my day was always a favorite. I am going to miss those rowdy kids. This note? She knows me.

I cried as I left my job this week. Leaving a strong team in search of simplicity broke me. I love those kiddos and had developed friendships with my co-workers. But on Wednesday, health care workers lined the hall to cheer for those of us who have served the smallest in our community during the pandemic and as honored as we were, it was not without a healthy amount of embarrassment. I assume they were getting revenge for the school staff cheering outside the hospital Monday evening. Well played, healthcare heros, well played. 

Our grandson called to show us a rock and I craved time with him and my camera in the evening light. My son-in-law snapped a quick shot for me while we talked. I miss them so much.

Nothing was wrong. He was showing off his sad face. He has skills.

Ty spent his first week of summer vacation doing summer school stem lab, archery camp and basketball camp. He had the best week but was absolutely exhausted. He loved all of it and now wants to join the archery club and basketball team in middle school. We hope he will make deeper connections as result. 

Kate is officially a sophomore! She navigated the challenging year well. 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Celebrate Good Times


The birthday was so much fun, even Layla was smiling

This appears much sweeter than it was. I asked my dad to step into a picture with Makenna. This is what he chose to do. Smart Allec.

We spent the weekend with my parents celebrating Kate's birthday, Ty's graduation and Mother's Day. We ate well and laughed a lot. It was good. 

"Look Mom! Now I have proof I am taller than you!"

Her best friend decorated the yard on the eve of her birthday and then joined us for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. That dessert menu made sixteen pretty sweet.

But before we headed out, there was an outfit debate and sister wasn't thrilled with her mother. If this isn't the face of a disgruntled teen, I don't know what is.

We are in the final days of school, Makenna, Kate and I and none of us are sad to see this year end. Ty's last day was Thursday and for the first time ever, said he will miss his teacher and her assistants. 

In his final week, his class made solar ovens and he used his to roast a marshmallow. He has signed up for summer school because it is heavily focused on science. Disgusting science, robotics and engineering weeks were a huge selling point. I'm excited to see what four weeks of stem lab experiences do for his creative mind this summer.

He started the year declaring he would be dropping out if he was seated next to girls and lamenting girls has been an ongoing theme this year. There was an "inappropriate love note" incident and shockingly also a trip to the principal's office as well. He is delighted these girls will have new boys from the other elementary school to love next year. We are down playing the role of new girls from the other school perhaps noticing him in hope of also minimizing his dramatic reaction. Lord help us.

We took in another five year old soccer game because a gorgeous evening presented itself. We laughed and cheered for both teams because they were all so fun to watch. It's nice to enjoy kids I'm not responsible for on occasion. 

Greg's friend, Liz lost her only child to brain cancer this morning. We are grieving for David Jr's family; the loss of a nine year old boy is simply too intense to express. I keep processing how it is she will rise tomorrow. She is a mother who no longer gets to mother. But David Jr. lived each and every day of his 37 month illness with the motto; make every day the best day ever. I aspire to be as optimistic as David Jr. although he left some pretty large shoes to fill. I pray he is able to rest in the arms of Jesus and his momma can feel his hugs forever.