Sunday, July 28, 2019

Final Summer Vacation Week

How we have already wrapped up our summer is beyond me. We made a lot of memories and are sending everyone into new chapters next week; new school years for two, new jobs for one and a new home for another one. This life we've created is ever changing and full.

Ty's final bucket list item was to sleep outside. A buddy was up for the adventure, even packing a survival guide to insure success and two hours later? They were in my living room because it's scary outside once it's dark.

Kate was invited to King's Island with a friend on Tuesday because she loves roller coasters and this friend needed a ride companion.  I took Ty and Lane out for a day of rowdy play and video creating. Ty has his own youtube channel now and believes despite his lack of advertising, he has fans very interested in his life. It's hilarious to watch. I took these two to the local trampoline park and discovered them interviewing kids they didn't know for their channel. I was dying as kids followed them around like they were celebrities. Ty keeps saying his dreams have come true because he is a famous youtuber. He has six followers. They are all family.

A trip to the local amusement park has been on the calendar for about a month because Kate added it to our bucket list and wanted her best friend to join us. We hadn't counted on a last minute invitation to King's Island the day before so I was hesitant. But after a lengthy doctor's appointment that morning for me and peeling Ty off the floor with pleas he will find something he likes at the park, we created a new plan. Ty ended up with a babysitter and I took a book and two teens Wednesday afternoon. The gorgeous weather and the book were going to make my bench riding tolerable while the girls rode death traps. In line for the very first ride, Kate started feeling ill. Grace rode that ride alone and we got Kate a Pepsi in hopes it would settle her stomach. We then attempted a second ride and once again, Kate didn't make it through the line. So we sat for 40 minutes deciding whether or not she was going to improve and in the end, we left. I spent over $100 for a single ride and a Pepsi. As disappointing as it was, I am grateful it happened on our day rather than at King's Island with her other friend.

Still trying to read my book, my people or their animals are constantly interrupting. I shouldn't complain. I read two books last weekend. I suspect everyone is tired of being ignored.

We celebrated Makenna's 19th birthday on Thursday with her requested breakfast for dinner and I was finally able to give her the gift I've held onto for months. She loved it as much as I thought she would and the Mary Poppins soundtrack from Goodwill was an awesome addition. 

We also visited the botanical garden against my son's strongest objections before his open house where he received several hugs from school staff. Despite how he feels about school, he is well loved there. But that botanical garden? Kate and I will return. We could have easily wandered the gorgeous trails for hours.

Friday we saw the doctor for this. He swore he was itching at the botanical garden and I didn't believe him. He also swears he is allergic to school and we went there Thursday too. But he wore his night vision glasses to the doctor and amused the entire staff. He has a fan club there but is blissfully unaware. Anyway, he has contact dermatitis and the rash will likely be sticking around for awhile. I am somewhat suspicious he actually had a serious bought of nerves and his body reacted. He doesn't love school and is pretty anxious about returning. 
We were no sooner home than he was invited to swim with a friend and also joined another for Lego play. Nothing slows this boy down. 
Greg spent Saturday smoking a brisket while I volunteered to make meal packs for the homeless in our community with some friends at church. And then I accompanied Erin to the Home Depot where she purchased the flooring for her condo. I no longer have access to my garage as the girls accumulate furniture for their new spaces. August is going to be a bit of a mess with renovations and two separate moves but once the dust settles, our home should be a lot lighter.

Sunday we hosted our small group and their families for dinner after church. Greg's brisket was of course the highlight. The timing wasn't perfect to have an extra 20 people in the house while preparing for back to school tomorrow but we had a good time.  And now we start the school year bedtime routine for a Monday start date. Why the scheduling gods selected to begin on a Monday is beyond me but here we are none the less. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Summer Break, Week 7

On the morning of his birthday, Ty declared it must be a popular birthday because the local donut shop was sold out of all but glazed when Lauren went to surprise him with birthday donuts. My kid has no idea people eat donuts on days that aren't their birthday and it makes me laugh. Someday he will be ticked at me for this one.

Our son needed two vaccines on Monday and while we waited for them, he declared he is moving out. Ironically Makenna text at that moment saying she was looking at an apartment that evening. She may have a sibling roommate sooner than expected.

Ty is processing the loss of a child in our community to cancer. Everyone is. It's gut wrenching and so difficult to comprehend. Ty, who has always understood Ryan lives in heaven as an abstract concept recognizes the reality kids can get sick and die now. It's heartbreaking to watch him process this truth. As quiet tears stream down his face, he asks the same questions we all do. Why?
We are knocking all the wellness visits off our to do lists this summer with routine cleanings, eye exams and annual physicals. As result, we have been in at least one doctor's office every week this break. 

An ornery little brother informed the girls they don't ever want to ask Siri what 0÷0 is. Erin immediately fell for it and as Siri insulted her, Ty was doubled over laughing. His laugh was so contagious, we were all laughing with him well beyond what the joke warranted.

Lauren and I wanted to capture some quick portraits before she took Austin home this week. At 16 months, he is so busy I knew our only hope was to allow him to play. The clouds parted a little too much for the five minute session so I had harsh light to contend with and Mr. Austin was none too happy about the session either. Despite all odds, we managed to photograph his personality quickly.

Thursday morning I dropped Erin off at the airport so she could fly to Daytona for a mini vacation. And then we started the task of packing Lauren and Austin for their drive back to Texas Thursday night.  We are never ready to let them go but sending them off for an overnight drive with a fussy baby who is still tugging at his ears was tough. We don't have a plan to see them again this year because they have an upcoming move and are choosing to make their own holiday traditions as a family of three rather than fight to celebrate with all the extended families. I respect their decision, just selfishly want them close whenever possible.
Greg got home from El Paso this evening and immediately fired up the charcoal grill for a good steak. It's good to have him home and I hope our weekend is full of rest and recharging. We need it.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Celebration Weekend

Saturday we hosted a party to celebrate Ty's 10th birthday, our 25th anniversary and Makenna's 19th birthday. Greg took two days off work to help prepare the food and is quite proud of his "3 B's: belly (bacon), butt and brisket". There were no complaints because the two vegetarians in the crowd are polite.

We think everyone had a good time and we are glad we decided to host a party. I failed to photograph the four little boys who joined us for a few hours to further party with Ty. But cake, a pinata and Legos were the highlights to his fortnite themed birthday.

Greg left early this morning to catch his 7am flight to El Paso for the week. Not only is he assessing new machines for safety policies but he is also on standby for a team in Italy working an different machines. Between the two timezones, which happens not be in sync with ours, he should have a very interesting and busy week. We are; however, disappointed his trip fell during Lauren's visit.

After church today, Noah took Ty fishing and I took the girls shopping and out to dinner while Lauren and Austin spent the day with her in-laws. We all decompressed from a good but full Saturday.