Friday, May 27, 2016

Final School Days

This is our last day of all three on the same schedule as they will be in three different buildings from now on with different bus schedules.
A very stressed Makenna melted down immediately after a test last week. Apparently she cried out something along the lines of, "That's it! I can't do this anymore! I'm quitting school, getting a G.E.D, becoming a stripper and changing my name to Velvet." Her bewildered teacher calmly responded, " received a 99% on your test". God bless him. She was beyond exhausted as she wrapped up multiple projects, writing assignments and finals. All indications are she is ready for summer.
Elementary school graduation pin
For the first time in the school's history, an entire class passed all the levels in music class and were asked to perform a song called Joy in honor of a classmate they lost to cancer last year. 

By contrast, Kate and Ty each celebrated multiple free days, lots of playtime and creative assignments. Kate participated in her 4th grade celebration where her teacher reminded the entire class they were special and could do anything they set their mind to. She made sure each child got a warm hug and personal words of encouragement. To say we have adored her the last two years would be an understatement. Kate shares stories here and there about the ways this teacher goes above and beyond in her quest to help each and every student. She is a blessing and just as she told Kate, we too have a special place in our hearts for her. We politely asked the principal if we could take her to middle school with us but we were denied.

Miss Heid presented his lanyard with a hug

Kindergarten celebration was beyond adorable. Ty was pumped when he was presented with his lanyard and declared a first grader officially by the principal. He and his sweet friend, Ashlyn enjoyed chatting throughout the ceremony. As it turns out, her mother and I did as well.

Both Kate and Ty were acknowledged with awards on the last day of school. Ironically, they both received math awards. I text the oldest three demanding an explanation and Erin swiftly responded, "I can count to 32 and that is all that is required for my job." Touche.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Family Photos

While listening to my three oldest in the car Friday night, I laughed so hard I literally couldn't catch my breath. They are wickedly funny, to say the least. Makenna suggested our family would make a hilarious reality show and I was overcome with a sudden and horrific feeling we could actually be living one.....and I am the only one without a script. 

The kids, for reasons even they don't understand have called me Sheryl Crow, or Sheryl for about a year now. They say it so often, I answer to it and their friends are understandably confused as to what they should be calling me. Makenna uses the hashtag, "typical Sheryl" on social media. Her friends say I am twitter famous. I have no idea what that means but apparently it is rather entertaining for the under 30 crowd.

Life in my world is anything but boring. These people who live with me exhaust me and amuse me. Family photos are a task only the strongest of souls should undertake and we are once again thrilled with Erika's talent and patience.The oldest three insisted on dressy family photos this time. I was happy to have their buy-in but added ice cream at the end of our session because I have to keep it less dignified in an effort to maintain truth in advertising.

#typical Sheryl

Sunday, May 22, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Weekend

Sunset tonight because sometimes God shows off

I may or may not have swiped his bag of peanut M&M's. He came begging with his walker for some.

Kate was my travel buddy to see her Grandparents this weekend. She introduced Grandpa to Stack the States.

Friday night sleep-overs make it increasingly more difficult for me to find a spot to sleep in my own bed.

For the briefest moment on Friday morning, the sun shone. It was stunning.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kate's Birthday Survey

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A police officer
What is the best part of your life? My family
What is the worst? Boys at school
Favorite food? Olive Garden salad
Favorite way to celebrate? Party
What is something you hope to achieve when you are eleven? Back handspring back tuck on the ground
What are you most proud of? Mastering all my math facts
Favorite music? Justin Bieber
Favorite book? Babysitter Club
Biggest fear? Someone breaking into our house
Biggest dream? Going to the Olympics
Best memory? Accomplishing my cherry drop by myself
Something you wish people knew about you? My last name is pronounced "Boffman"

Happy 11th Birthday Kate Ryan!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thespian Banquet

In anticipation of this year's thespian banquet, Makenna fell in love with a pretty powder blue semi-formal dress at our favorite consignment store shortly after Christmas. She sweet talked and begged me to get it for several weeks. I felt it was over-priced, especially for a second-hand store. I finally spoke to the shop owner about the dress and she knocked a significant amount off the price so I was able to surprise Makenna with the dress of her dreams (for this moment in time anyway). It was nice to check something off the shopping list without any tears in fitting rooms so it was almost too good to be true.

About two months ago, Makenna made a commitment to start eating better and exercising in an attempt to reign in her migraines and feel stronger overall. As it turns out, she lost a fair amount of weight. Imagine everyone's surprise when she went to try on her dress the night before the event and discovered the dress no longer fit. We investigated every possible angle for quickly altering the dress while Makenna cried and I thought about the budget.
Thank you to Ms. Lewis for this photo 

We found ourselves shopping the day of the banquet for a replacement. Of course we did. Did I mention Erin's best friend was getting married that same day? It is always something around here.

But Makenna had been nominated for three awards and ran for the thespian board. Her evening was beautiful and successful; just like her.
A mom who ran the event was able to snap a few shots for me since the banquet was at the same time as the wedding. It's not easy being in two places at one time.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

As Seen With My Phone

It is a ruff life around here.

Ava turned five months this week and has decided her swing is the enemy. I no longer have a contraption to entertain her when I can't hold her. It's awesome. Or not. There is a reason she is so cute.
Miss Anna. 

Layla has mastered sad puppy eyes. She really wanted up on my bed. 

At the end of a particularly long day, the cat got caught in a rain storm and the results had me literally doubled over laughing. Oliver was not as amused.

John Mellencamp went to Famous Hoosier Day at school.

A foggy sunrise this week left me a bit reflective on how I need to seek light and color when my life is chaotic.

Once my plate was empty, Levi worked his way across the table.
In her defense, "Get down" sounds a lot like "sit down".
Roger and a few of his adoring fans at the "I Do BBQ"

Horse or dog?

I asked for a photo when he elected to dress up for Carlyn's wedding rehearsal dinner.

Kate can't wait to get home from school to this sweet baby.
A few months ago AT&T determined the time had come for me to upgrade my six year old Blackberry and stopped servicing it. In their defense, they not only warned me repeatedly for over a year but they also reduced my monthly bill when I finally complied and selected a new phone. To say I was reluctant would be an understatement. But I really like my Samsung despite disappointing all teenagers everywhere who are only impressed if you own something with fruit on the back. Anyway, the camera is awesome and I love having it at my fingertips when something captures my attention. So thank you AT&T for pushing me out of my comfort zone. I don't hate this change after all.