Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The whole world is a science experiment

This has to be my son's approach to life right now....

What will happen if I hit my sister over the head with this toy? What about that sister? What about this other toy? Oh, time out in the pack n play....how hard can I shake this thing? How many times do I have to run into the street before Mom will let me? If I smack the dog with my book, what will he do? If I throw food, will I get to eat what I really want? If I throw my pacifier out of the crib, can I get out to get it? How can I make other people's shoes fit my feet? How fast can I unload the book cases? How many times can I throw coasters before they break? What about sippy cups? Can I make it to the top before they realize I'm on the stairs? How many pieces of dog food will fit in my mouth?

This is not a comprehensive list as his energy and curiosity are endless.

Ty went from two teeth for five and a half months to getting four more in one week! It was a bit rough this time around. He has been a little fussy and had a couple of restless nights. Overall, he's still rather happy and full of smiles.

I've done something to my back and have been limited in my mobility since Saturday. By Monday, Ty had figured that out and when I'd attempt to remove his latest toy weapon, he'd sit square on his bottom so I couldn't reach him! It's a good thing he is so cute!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know car stereos are not like Juke Boxes? Apparently slipping quarters into the CD player will prevent the radio from working.....we have no confessions, just a 25 cent tip for Greg who found the reason for the short in the van stereo.

Super fan!

Erin loves cheering for Floyd Central and specifically #63, Brad Sims. This shot was in our local paper after Friday night's game vs. Providence. The cheering section Erin is always hanging out with made up their own cheers....."free tuition" was being chanted at one point since they were in the lead the entire game. "God's on our side" was the favorite since they were playing a Catholic school and winning.

"The best birthday ever"!

We spent the day at Theresa's to celebrate Brennen's 6th birthday yesterday. Everyone had a great time and we were even able to sneak a few quick photos. Brennen loved all the attention, the amazing Monster Truck cake and declared this to be the "best birthday ever"!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dads are Great

I had Lauren write a paragraph about a grandparent or older friend today. She first wrote about me! She failed that assignment! After all the laughter subsided, she handed me her real paper and it was written as follows:

My Grandpa Dale is funny, strong and never stops moving! He can still walk on his hands around the pond and he's going to be 71 this year! November 10th is his birthday. I know that because that is the day Justin Beiber is in concert in Louisville (Mom, the tickets are on sale now). Anyway, he still rides his Harley around and takes us on tractor rides. I have fun spending time with my Grandpa Dale.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday about our childhood pets and specifically my guinea pig, Danielle. I remembered the day my sweet dad took Danielle to the vet because she was sick. As an adult, I love the fact that he'd do whatever  it took to assure me all had been done for her. She died within days and he made her a coffin....real wood that was even sealed with grout! What a guy!

"Hey Honey, (insert sweet voice here), is tomorrow your late Saturday shift?" Greg replies, "yes, I'll be off around 6". "Hmmm....don't donuts sound good? It's been awhile...." "Please Daddy!"
 Yep, we're getting donuts in the morning! Whoo-Hoo! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

When Kate has the camera.....

  • Well, it's official, Ty really did need the haircut and apparently his face washed
  • Ty's going to be escaping soon
  • Kate likes herself and Curious George 
  • And our neighbors are crazy! The last shot is Paige and her mom on their way up to borrow a glue stick. I would have walked, but Paige and Dana are able to add a little spice to most everything they do!

Smooth moves

Ty thinks he's dancing when he swings his arm like this. And...doesn't every house have a basket full of assorted balls in the living room?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

13 months

Ty turned 13 months on Friday. He needed shoes for the third time this summer and sadly, our supply of hand me gowns didn't include this latest size in wides so we went shoe shopping this afternoon. He ended up with 5 1/2 wides and thoroughly tested each pair of shoes he tried by running out of the shoe department. By the fourth pair, the clerk commented that I must have a built in work out program...ya think?
Greg and I tackled his second haircut this morning as well. He wasn't as easy to distract this time but ended up looking as handsome as ever! I'm glad we invested in longer clippers so it isn't as short as last time.
He's still working really hard to cut his top two teeth. It's been months of watching them swell and then recede. It's rather surprising to have a 5 + month gap in time between new teeth. It's also wild to watch him eat everything in sight with only two bottom teeth!
We've finally convinced him to drink out of a sippy cup! He loves carrying around water. I don't allow the milk yet since he also likes to play with it. It's like finger painting to him! He isn't staying hydrated enough with it just yet so we are still using bottles for milk. I hope to break that in the next few weeks.
Greg installed the cabinet locks this weekend. All it took was Ty dumping salt on the floor during HIS watch to make it happen. Just saying......
Ty's trash can obsession transferred outside yesterday morning. It was mild enough at 8am to be outside (please God send a cold front already!) so we headed out to explore for a bit. Ty drug his trash can with him and filled it with landscape rocks....He also had to test each and every bush by smacking the branches to see how they'd bounce. I suspect he'll be outside as much as possible by next summer. I had him all afternoon in the stroller or car seat but just minutes after we returned Greg headed out to take Erin and her group to church. Ty was quite determined to go too. We think he's trying to say "go".
Under the heading of new language, I am trying to teach him "all done" since his current form of communication has him throwing food when he's finished eating. Thursday evening was so bad that I literally turned his high chair to face the wall and therefore lose his audience. Within seconds, he giggled and threw the food over his head! He was dismissed...which was exactly what he wanted! This is why God made him so cute! We adore and enjoy him but he keeps us on our toes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Is it different?"

I'm asked this all the time and yes, it is different. Boys are different from girls. It starts immediately. Ty is content and happy, praise God because the idea of doing something because it will please me has not occurred to him. The very idea that I have feelings hasn't occurred to him either! The urge to get into the trash, dump cream of tarter and salt on the floor or smack his sister in the face is just too strong to ignore despite how happy mommy would be should he surrender to obedience. No matter how many times I redirect his activity, he finds his way right back into said "no-no" which left Greg asking one day, "do you think he's very smart?"! Yes, I think he's smart but I think he's just so darned determined that we are going to be hard pressed to convince him that some risks are not worth taking. Therefore, we've got baby gates, cabinet locks, closed doors and empty end tables. I had to eliminate the decorative table altogether because the urge to knock it over several times a day was just too much for him. In the check out lane at Meijer today, he broke the debit card machine! The only good thing was I had already used and it and could make a quick escape after embarrassed apologies! What goes on in that little head of his? I know we were able to reason with the girls. A simple "no-no" with redirection was enough for my mommy pleasing little girls until they were old enough to back talk. Is it premature to hope he won't back talk in exchange for this busy phase?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ty's latest fascination includes a lot of re organization. He has always had very different ideas of where things ought to be ....spices and seasonings on the floor, Tupperware lids in the laundry basket in my bedroom closet, dishes on the floor or in his room, etc....so, as his latest hobby has presented itself, I am left wondering, "is he normal?".  His current favorite game is pulling his trash can from his bedroom into the living room where he sorts his toys. Some stay in the bin, some go into his trash can and others are tossed to the floor. He is so serious about each decision as though he is really working out a system. I can't figure it out but it keeps him occupied. I just have to keep his trash can disinfected! Kate says he wants to grow up to be a trash man.

Speaking of organization, I am enjoying my new job. I am part of a team that sorts merchandise off the truck at 6am. We pull 1700-2200 pieces each morning and have them sorted onto skids for each department in about an hour. We then head to each department where another team has pulled full skids to the floor so that we can further sort each box into the proper areas. By 8am when the store opens, the floor is cleaned up and  we are ready to fill the racks. I am also responsible for making the clothing lines look appealing, scanning for back stock or reorders, customer service, cleaning out the shoe department (the first part of the job I've found that I don't appreciate much) and will be running the registers as soon as things slow down enough for me to be trained. There isn't any down time and we are all pulled multiple directions all the time. It's a lot like being a mom!

I called home during my break yesterday to have Kate tell me she doesn't want me to work because she misses me too much. Greg said Lauren was going to call me because she was upset with him for going to bed without waking her to take care of Ty. She didn't remember it was his day at home so that he was just waking up too. Roles and responsibilities have been assigned and she is taking hers very seriously after a shaky start last week. I called home on Friday to find chaos and in the end, everyone was grounded. By the time I got home I found a real spirit of cooperation among the kids. I suspect Daddy had a firm discussion with everyone about making this transition as easy as possible for one over-stretched momma! Speaking of stretching....school starts tomorrow!!! I am looking forward to the routine of school, but not the work load! Erin will catch the bus 6:40am again this year but she's thrilled the middle school kids have their own bus this year....it was too crowded and loud last year. I only work until 10am on Wednesdays so I will be here to start our day a little later than I'd like but we should be fine with some additional tweaking of the routine. Lauren will be an 8th grader, Makenna will be a 5th grader and our little Kate is starting Kindergarten! Adding her will make the hands-on portion of my day a little longer but she is anxious to start and spent most of her summer writing and drawing. She is eager to read and tell time.

I think that updates us! I am grateful for all that God has so graciously provided us. Here's another beautiful display of his awesomeness! This sunset was last Thursday.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cuddle Time

Ty and Kate were curled up together with Ty's big fleece blanket this morning as a thunderstorm blew through. This was the view just seconds before that storm. I love stormy skies, but couldn't help thinking about the windows I cleaned last week!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Entering Erin's World

After a longer and more physically demanding first day of work than anticipated and spending a bit of time waiting on the pediatrician to find and correctly update Erin's shot records, I fed the kids a quick homemade pizza (I have to highly recommend Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day for the recipe and many other favorites) and took Erin and Ty to high school registration. I was able to pass on this glorious tradition last year since Ty was too sick to go along and needed his mommy at all times. I'm glad Ty is better but boy oh boy can the schools learn a thing or two about simplicity! We were there for a couple of hours and didn't accomplish all that needed to be done. This momma is finished regardless. If it really matters, I'll hear from them. BUT, seeing Erin in action was a bit enlightening! The photographer took a second shot because she wasn't happy with her first one. He let her set up a second and choose her favorite. Keep in mind, we didn't order any. This is just for the yearbook and her student ID! Next we waited forever and a day on her counselor who moseyed in and out of his office several times but never called anyone back. So, the third time another counselor asked if there was anyone waiting to see him, I suggested he could make a quick schedule change for Erin if that was allowed. He gladly took us and found himself being worked over by Erin. She mentioned that she is friends with his daughter and would like to have classes with her. She then requested a study hall in lieu of Child Development, which she conveniently needed first period instead of the scheduled P.E. class in that time slot. In the end, she was able to dump two teachers she didn't want, got to have classes with friends and drop gym first period. She did all of this with a smile and "innocent" chatter. We toured the beautiful building long enough for her to find her locker and classes. She's excited to start her sophomore year next Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

During lunch today, Makenna said she doesn't know what she wants to do when she grows up but she's narrowed it down to two choices. It appears that she's either going to work at UPS or be an actress. Hmm?

I picked up an early reader "Dick and Jane" book for Kate at the library because it would help her learn to read. She looked through it at bedtime last night and informed me that the book didn't work because she still doesn't know how to read. Apparently this process will take a little longer than she anticipates.

Erin wants a lot of kids when she's grown, but no three year olds. She has failed to see the flaw in her plan. Teaching three year old gymnastics has made quite an impression! Her pre-k classes are her favorites. She has one four year old who makes her laugh every week. This week, Gigi had to know where Erin gets her toe nails painted because Gigi goes to "the Chinese place because Mommy has a coupon"! (Erin paints her own toes!)

Erin and I wrapped up our year with the pre-K class at church this weekend. I loved this group of kids when I taught them in the two year old room. I started back in the classroom in January after both Greg and Ty were ready for me to step out for a few hours without them! It has been a lot of fun to see the transformation in this group. They are all headed to kindergarten next weekend and we'll start over with a new group of 4 year olds. Our senior pastor stopped in and lead our class in prayer before we took them to large group. None of our kids knew him but we explained that George teaches Mommy and Daddy about Jesus while they are with us. Just seconds later, Jacob (one of my more spirited students) yelled out, "so you're George, I hear you tell funny jokes"! George mentioned email to Jacob should he hear of any good ones.