Friday, May 29, 2020

Summer Break Week One

On Tuesday, we joined friends at Deam Lake for a few hours of swimming in between rain showers. It was a perfect day of being together with carefree kids. We will be back soon.

Wednesday morning, Kate had all four wisdom teeth removed, a baby tooth pulled and an impacted adult tooth exposed and bonded in preparation for her braces in a few weeks. She was delighted with the gold chain stitched inside her gum line (attached to the bracket on the tooth in the roof of her mouth) until the numbing wore off. She claimed she looked like a rapper and repeatedly demonstrated her "rapper talent" with the Paw Patrol theme song. I begged her to calm down frequently and she always agreed but failed to follow directions as she was just so happy on medication, she couldn't control herself. Within two hours though, pain was setting in and she was no longer laughing. It was a long, hard day persuading her to drink fluids and take Motrin. By a very late bedtime, things were turning around and we finally settled in for the night about 11pm. She had intense hot flashes the entire day, almost passing out at one point and requiring ice packs on her neck and back to cool her down. Erin says this is a side effect of medication but not typically seen in kids her age. However, she has dealt with hot flashes since her concussion last fall so I suppose we shouldn't have been surprised.

Another kid's surgical recovery and another Friends marathon. It is wildly inappropriate but somehow a good distraction for the girls. I watched with Makenna during her knee ligament replacement in 2016 and we borrowed the series from a friend for Kate who already loved it and is ready to tackle as many episodes as she can.

Nine hours later, she was starting to feel more like herself and I was more than happy to have the snuggle time.

Thursday morning Kate woke happy, able to eat some applesauce and finally start her antibiotic. As the day progressed, she was tired and achy but hungry. We kept her fed with as many soft options as we could locate, including mashed potatoes. By the evening, she was up for a casual walk through the neighborhood and feeling a little more chatty again. She admits the surgery and recovery weren't as bad as she expected but still uncomfortable. Sister is tough.
Friday we needed more soft foods for my hungry kiddo so we ran an errand together. She found her mascot, like a real rapper.  What you see is a smile, for now; swelling and discomfort reducing it considerably.

My friend Anne left a gift on the porch and delighted Kate. Once we learned the sloth was a consolation balloon because Anne couldn't locate a Paw Patrol version, it was hilarious. Kate is not at all embarrassed by her medicated antics and has enjoyed hearing from the people she talked to during our very rowdy car ride home from the hospital. 

Friday evening included some porch swing sitting for those of us capable of sitting while others played in the yard. Greg and I slipped away to Home Depot for propane, water softener salt and grass seed. We are really good at dating.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend

Praying this isn't an indication of her college years....(goldfish crackers were in this red solo cup)

Starbucks and unicorn horns. Barbers are not yet open in Kentucky 

We went to London to see my family. It was the first time we have seen one another since meeting them halfway so the kids could celebrate New Year's Eve together. The visit was perfectly relaxed and full of laughter, food and a lot of porch sitting.

His job is to disturb the peace.

While we were away, Makenna called asking where we keep the air pump. I shared the information and then asked her why she needed it. She quickly claimed she was losing the connection and hung up. I passed the interrogation on to Greg who called and was met with Erin who insisted she had no knowledge of current events happening at our house, even though she answered Makenna's phone. And then we got these photos and texts.......

Some of the children are cute for a reason.
My dad is an amateur astronomer and his hobby has increased over the years. His latest investment is rather impressive. He designed his roll away roof "observatory" and worked on it until he was able to get exactly what he envisioned. In case anyone wondered where my son gets his DNA and persistence to an idea, look no further.

Monday, Greg smoked ribs around rainstorms and yard work. Some of us worked harder than others.....

Lauren sent these images in hope of luring us down soon. We have several appointments to attend before any travel arrangements can be made but her tactics are working. We miss him.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Celebrations and Orthodontists

Thanks to Makenna's sense of humor and photoshop, it appears Lauren made it up for the birthday too.

This weekend we celebrated Kate's birthday with friends Saturday and family on Sunday. Candles weren't lit Sunday because Erin had severe germ issues prior to Coronavirus. But it was good to get together with a few people and celebrate our mostly sweet Kate.

The girls have asked Greg about his hair for years and were beyond delighted when he finally located it. Between the wig and his shirt, no one could look at him without laughing. It was hilarious.

Makenna and Noah went somewhere other than fishing this week. They picked up carry-out sushi and parked on the edge of an alley to people watch downtown. She laughed about the unusual date but they had a great time together. They cleaned up pretty well too!

Anyone else hear the Little Mermaid's song about going where the people are? Maybe it's just me.

Monday Ty asked me to get him new socks and underwear. He never asks for clothes and certainly not anything as boring as socks and underwear so I picked them up when I also made a quick produce run. I later mentioned we needed to remove long pants and long sleeved shirts from his dresser. It was during that chore I realized the boy did not need socks and underwear. The dresser was empty. What he needed was to do his laundry. Well played, Ty. Well played.
I asked him what else he might want to do if the whole famous youtube gig doesn't work out. First, he accused me of not supporting his dreams and second, shrugged that he isn't tall enough to play basketball. The idea he may work hard like his dad at something that makes a difference in the world doesn't yet appeal to him. Expressing my concern to Erin, she quipped, "mom, when I was his age I wanted to be a pastor's wife and have a lot of kids. That would have been a disaster." She is right, there is time for everyone to come to their senses. 
Although not inclined to hold a sign, she aims to be an FBI agent when she grows up. Given the nature of her vastly swinging moods of late, sister would be quite dangerous armed so we appreciate the time that dream will take to achieve.

Ty wrapped up the fourth grade last week and Kate finished her middle school career this week. Thanks to the decision to move him last fall, he has one more year of elementary school but Kate will be a freshman in high school whenever we get to return to classes.

Kate had her final consultation with the orthodontist early Tuesday morning. She was nervous about starting the process without me in the room with her. Covid protocol prevents support people in all instances. The closer we get to surgery and braces, the more she is dreading it all. She will be getting her braces shortly after oral surgery next week. The impending changes to her smile break my heart a little. I happen to love her little gap. But an impacted tooth and emerging wisdom teeth trump my sentimental desire to leave her beautiful smile alone.

Tuesday evening the boys sweet talked themselves into the pool for the first time. His lips were literally blue but he swore he wasn't cold. Air temperature was 66 and water temp was 72.

Wednesday a daughter scheduled another biopsy; on-going invasive treatment becoming far too routine. This time, she faces the pain without my hand to squeeze per latest regulations. My eyes keep leaking frustration and fear.

Thursday I forced Kate to attend her middle school farewell parade. She had no interest as she never really loved school but I felt some form of closure would be beneficial. As it turns out, we were in a traffic jam for forty-five minutes to spend thirty seconds waving to an enthusiastic staff. She was getting grumpier the longer we waited so I teased her about the parents who decorated their cars and recorded the entire event (traffic jam, not just 30 second parade). When she still failed to appreciate me, I acted like the car broke down so we would have to direct traffic around us. She nearly fainted. Middle schoolers are easily mortified and I am a good time.

Early this week a friend text inviting me to join her and another friend for a walk Thursday evening. I quickly agreed. Seeing work friends and getting some exercise sounded perfect. After I agreed, she informed me she usually walks ten miles. I assumed she was messing with me and laughed. Thursday night, I walked ten miles with friends.

Today Ty had his first playdate at a friend's house since February. He was pumped! The mom said I could leave him there as long as I wanted. She was warned about the dangers of such an offer. But Kate and I took advantage of the free afternoon by enjoying salad together on Panera's patio and then selecting some soft food at the grocery. The food has been hidden from the family with a crazy snack food Spidey sense so there will still be options available after Kate's oral surgery next week. Sister is worried about what's to come and her mom wishes there was a way to avoid it.