Friday, May 20, 2022

Celebrating, Camp and Endings

Kate celebrated her golden birthday this week, turning seventeen on the seventeenth. We celebrated with a lovely dinner out with a sweet friend. 

G was attending her brother's college graduation when we went to dinner so we picked her up for an ice cream treat afterward.

Ty spent the first three days of the week at sixth grade camp with his classmates. Highlights include zip line, an obstacle course, dissecting owl poop, awesome food, silly skits, canoeing, fishing and campfires.

Ty is fourth from the left

I'm so glad my co-worker was a chaperone. I love the shots she captured for me. Her daughter is next to Ty and they have become friends this year. 

We no sooner got him home from camp before we were supposed to return to school for his end of the year archery banquet. He emerged from his shower and declared,, "this hot shower hit different and I'm too tired for a banquet." So we skipped it and had a quiet dinner at home instead. We have no regrets.

A student asked me if the substitute teacher I was speaking to was my daughter. The woman was 39 years old. I am not okay.

Kate sent me this photo and I laughed. That one perfect day I posted on Monday? Well it had me scrambling to prepare brunch during a three hour power outage. Between the grill, Greg's help and a borrowed oven two miles away, we had a feast despite the setback. Thank goodness I had prepped so well or the coveted brunch could have turned into pizza delivery. 

The final Thursday of his sixth grade year required not one but two Dr. Peppers. I promised one for the morning drive and another after school if he would "just get into the car!" Good news. As of today, we are done. This year was rough and we tripped across the finish line but we finished the year.  (Kate, God bless her, still has two remaining weeks.) This was a tough year and my normal nostalgia over the closure was missing. I, like my son, am glad it's over. There is no love loss and that's kind of sad.

Monday, May 16, 2022

One Perfect Day


He invited me on a walk, just the two of us. We looked for tigers who may have escaped the forest and were hunting birds in my neighborhood. 

We didn't find the elusive tigers but did find a flower.

How the walk ended because little legs get tired. Mimis do too. 

What remains.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Mother's Day(ish)

The ancient art form of kintsugi has always fascinated me. It's the ability to convert something broken and recreate it beautifully. The correlation to life can't be missed. For those who love deeply, the brokenness is unavoidable. As a culture, we tend to hide the ugly and flawed but kintsugi highlights those areas with pure gold, celebrating the journey and recognizing the growth. Looking at shattered lives, dreams and love will never be the same. God is the gold making something of beauty out of our splintered hearts. So for Mother's day this year, I ordered myself a piece to display for remembrance. Whereas I would never elect to be hurt, I am stronger for it.

Erin and I hiked on Mother's Day after Kate and I traveled to Dayton together on Saturday. It was a full weekend of love and laughter. I was able to see friends and I always love quality time with one of my kiddos. It was a good weekend. 

Kate and I stopped along a rural area and I snapped a photo of the field behind the gas station. She attempted to make fun of me for it but did not realize someone had pulled up to the pump behind her with windows down. As Kate pointed across the street and exclaimed how beautiful she believed the Wendy's was, the lady in the car looked bewildered and nudged her passenger to look at the weird teenager admiring Wendy's. I somehow managed to keep a straight face until we were back on the road. I then roared with laughter and thanked Kate for making that lady's day. Maybe she will be kinder to her mother the next time she admires something unusual? This is highly doubtful. 

Based exclusively upon his failure to punctuate correctly and misusing the word their, his request was denied. 

She too, despite her creative plea, remained at school all week.

Lauren, Taylor and Austin are in town for a wedding. Our house is their final destination tomorrow and we can't wait for day together. It is then that we are celebrating both Mother's and Father's Day. We decided to toss in Kate's birthday too, for good measure.