Friday, January 21, 2022

Covid, Asthma and E-learning

It was a week. It was a week of chaos involving doctors and decisions, mostly out of our hands. I had an abnormal mammogram Monday and I knew as I walked out despite not getting the call until Tuesday evening. Sometimes you just know. Wednesdays diagnostic mammogram lead to an ultrasound and I will be having a needle biopsy next week. I am not freaked out, just annoyed. This seems completely unnecessary. I think I need a tee shirt with my new motto "this seems unnecessary." But I told Greg we took advantage of the buy eleven months of healthcare, get one free plan in 2021. We are reversing that for 2022. Go team.

Kate had to leave church Sunday morning with an asthma attack that required breathing treatments every four hours throughout Sunday and Monday. By Tuesday it was clear she was not going to improve on her own so we saw the pediatrician for the dreaded oral steroids. I did not cry in front of the doctor. Those things make our sweet Kate not so sweet. This afternoon we returned to make sure she had not once again developed pneumonia. Whereas she dodged that particular bullet this round, she does have a virus in her lungs that is equally as painful as the pneumonia was just a few months ago. 

Erin spent several days mad at the world. She contracted covid at work because the newest guidelines had an employee back in the office while feeling unwell and still testing positive. I was able to deliver food and pick up her laundry to support her but she otherwise had her ornery cat for company while she slept off the heavy hitting virus. She has recovered well but still fighting fatigue and brain fog. 

While we were out, Greg and I used a Christmas gift card for lunch. The two hour wait provided a stroll through the mall where we learned we needed absolutely nothing offered there. But as usual, Greg was entertaining as he discovered new styles. However, we cannot recall ever being so disappointed in the Cheesecake Factory. They reduced their seating and their menu to twenty-five percent. The food was no where near normal standards and the place was crawling with staff losing income due to self sabotaging "safety" measures. The world has lost it's mind.

Anna and Ava hung out with us for a few hours so their parents could enjoy an afternoon date this week. The sunset was stunning so I snapped a couple of quick photos in the gorgeous light. The girls are better sports about this than our son but I snagged a quick one of him too anyway.

We spent the week e-learning and Ty loved it. He swears this is his preference but I cannot make that decision for him despite his anxiety toward school. He is the fifth kid and I swear I still lose sleep over so many tough decisions. I sometimes wish my kids understood how much we agonize over getting it right. Lauren assures me she sees it now. Perspective is amazing and hers comes from the role of mom. But we are returning to the classroom next week so his game nights are wrapping up soon.

Makenna's diplomas finally arrived and they quickly came with a job lead that may involve emergency licensing. We are hopeful our girl will be teaching while completing her bachelors degree online. She is pretty excited by the prospect. It's not every day someone comes to you and asks to support getting you into a high quality position right away. This may be the deciding factor she needed about her future.

Kate started her new job as a gymnastics coach Saturday morning. Her new little friends are adorable. Her work schedule is overlapping Ty's archery tournaments so Greg and I are dividing and conquering. Ty once again raised his score by a few points. The fifteen meter is continuing to be a sticking point for him. Unfortunately weather and covid have reduced practice opportunities the last few weeks so he has been unable to get support for it yet. 
My grandson is in Georgia. I miss him and the weather there too. 

Erin scored another promotion through her internship with CCAP Across The Map 

Friday, January 14, 2022


A few years ago, a married daughter asked a very specific sexual health question and I answered it honestly. In a recent visit, our son-in-law, one who is, by the way, trusted with matters of national security, revealed said information in front of our other children. They were, of course, mortified. One child chose to share her discomfort about this situation with her therapist but failed to mention how she came to gain the specific information. Long story short. The "teach your kids to talk" thing is highly overrated. And also, I don't ever want to see that therapist again.

Ty had another archery tournament last weekend and once again raised his personal score. The first half of the shoot was shot at ten meters and his groupings were fantastic. They then backed up to fifteen meters and he froze. He has a specific goal he is working toward this weekend as result. It was pretty sweet watching him so focused and determined. 

She sent this stating we needed a "glow up".

Erin was interviewed for a podcast that highlights cancer survivor stories. We are biased, but think she did a great job. The link is posted here, if interested. 

Ty started discussing his faith journey several weeks ago after he blew me away with his retelling of a conversation he had with a peer. That student expressed displeasure with God and all His rules. Ty thoughtfully suggested he may want to consider that God only wants a relationship with him. Needless to say, I was pretty stunned and it launched deeper discussions which lead to his private baptism this past weekend. Despite his discernment, he is still very much our "under radar" kid and this was something he wanted done quietly. 

Makenna finished her first degree with cum laude status. She starts her next program in a few weeks where she remains a bit on the fence about her specialty. Whereas she loves special education, she does not love the direction education is headed. Long term, teaching may not be the best fit. She is seriously considering speech pathology so she can still work with her favorite little people but maybe not be responsible for the insanity that comes with the teacher title. 

In what felt like a terrible step backward, the district Ty and I attend made the decision to temporarily shut down due to covid spread and the resulting staffing issues. It felt heavy and disappointing. Ty, on the other hand, is planning to live his best Fortnite life for the next week. We all process this our own way, I suppose. 

Friday, January 7, 2022

Snow Days!

Lauren and Taylor spent the week staying in our guest room but primarily visited with Taylor's family around his Grandma's funeral. We were honestly thrilled when the weather changed their travel plans and they got to spend Austin's first ever snow day with us. There was sledding behind the Jeep, snowballs tossed at Mimi, silly dog shenanigans and hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows. It was perfect. 

Here are the photos in no particular order because Blogger is glitching and I don't actually think anyone cares that it appears our grandson had multiple cups of hot cocoa. He didn't. His parents were there. 😏

This is where I wondered if I should be intervening. Lauren grinned a little too much when she got into the driver seat to pull Taylor around the neighborhood. The result is further down the thread.

Lauren laughed and laughed as she spun tires, kicking snow into Taylor's face. She is sweet. 

Ty and I ran out "before it got bad" to pick up his new glasses. We regretted our decision when the people ahead of us slid down the hill backwards on our way home. We made it but local roads were treacherous. 

We spent some time together last weekend before kicking off what ended up being a short week. It was just enough time to hug some school kiddos before we were home again. We have no complaints.

Kate pulled out a cookie kit we were gifted late in the season. 

Incohearent has quickly become a family favorite game. The kids are constantly grabbing a few cards to play with each other. (Fair warning: the red cards are not family friendly if interested)

Hot cocoa options expanded. 

These two have reminded us so much of someone we miss very much around here. 

Taylor's stepmom thinks she knows me. 

This morning my grandson and I had breakfast while his exhausted parents slept in, waiting on roads to clear for the trek home later in the day. We then played with play dough and he made me a special tea. 

And then the house got quiet again. Too quiet. But I cleaned and washed bedding and towels for a guest coming next week. Makenna showed up with lunch and plans to catch an episode of a show we used to watch together. Quiet is okay too, I suppose.