Saturday, August 6, 2022

Corralling Cats

I spent the week corralling Cats; also known as, returning to elementary school. Holy chaos, Batman, it was wild. I haven't yet started the role I signed up for, but I am busy and for the most part, having a great time getting to know our youngest students. Observing the new superintendent assisting with kindergarten lunch may remain in my top ten favorite memories of the year. 

Ty reluctantly returned to middle school to start his seventh grade year Wednesday. So far he likes all his teachers and hasn't had homework. We are calling it a win.

Kate started her final year of high school on Monday. She too, likes all her teachers and is for the most part, enjoying herself. Having English 12 followed by English 11 in back-to-back classes is not her favorite but the teachers are friends who collaborate on assignments so she may come out ahead in the long run. 

Her best friend had a reaction to the covid vaccine one year ago that landed her in a wheelchair, unable to walk or feed herself for months. Countless hours of therapy and treatment had her on the football field this week in the annual girl's turkey bowl, looking like an athlete again. We literally thank God for turning this around for her.  I mean, look at her!

Our grandson started preschool Thursday and loved it. He gave his mom nothing but shrugs and simple answers to all her questions about his day. I laughed, "you are a boy mom. Get used to it!" These guys cannot care less we miss them like crazy while they are in the care of others.

Saturday afternoon I took a nap. Both Greg and Ty took photos to show me what I slept through. I guess I needed the sleep, but this puppy has absolutely decided I am his person. I am as surprised as anyone else. 
Mom left without him and he was not happy.

On our first day of kindergarten, we had a situation where a child assumed the identity of another student. When the attendance office called home, the school went into lock down to find our missing student. She was there the entire time. She had decided she liked another child's name better and stuck to her story beyond reason. The child whose name she stole was not at school and no one had called her in so we were none the wiser. Once the parents and police entered our classroom to identify the ornery little girl and enough time had passed to see humor in the experience, I decided I'd also like at times to assume a new identity. Friday, I became the Sherri who takes a mandatory furlough day and created a lovely long, relaxing weekend for herself and her hubby. 

Friday, July 29, 2022


I have control issues. I always have. I plan, l prepare and pave ways for everything to run as smoothly as possible. But as my faith grew, my children did too, right alongside me, each of them coming into their own crisis of faith. They have floundered and soared respectively. Their stories aren't exactly as I would have written them and they are all better for it. I think we live in a world where we fail to be authentically challenged in our beliefs. Too many have been born and raised, surrounded by sounding boards that look and feel exactly like them. They fear what else is out there and keep things tightly wrapped. This is how we see so much outrage over the inconsequential and fail to see the same fury over issues that matter. The world is a mess. I see the future and pray over my grandson but time and experience are fully on my side here. He too, will soar because his future is beyond me and his parents. By faith, this child will also he released into the world. He too, has the potential to be a light in darkness. 

In my early parenting years, out of insecurity, I tried desperately to keep control, keep them close and protect each of them. Then the loss of a child, the accident that changed our family's trajectory and a move showed me how very much I had to release. My girls tease I am not the same parent to Kate and Ty I was to them. They aren't wrong. You see, I grew up. This is good news. 

All of this to say my beautiful children are all soaring, in their own unique way. Erin is in service to people most would look down upon. Lauren and Taylor are moving across the ocean this fall and as much as my heart breaks, they are strong and will make a new beautiful home in paradise. Away from me. I am not okay. But seriously, how amazing is this journey? Makenna is growing stronger daily through an extremely painful experience. Whereas we are close for support, she has created a beautiful tribe that has stepped in to hold her up. No matter the outcome in her personal life, our girl will love her new students well. It's simply who she is. Kate has nine more months in our nest. She plans a life of travel after her early graduation. As she narrows her options, it is clear she has no intention of staying physically close despite our tight bond. And then there is Ty who would move out today if he could find someone willing to let him skip his final six years of public school. We certainly haven't gotten it all right in this parenting and life journey, but we are pretty darn impressed with people our children have become.

Since adding Diesel to our family almost two months ago, we have sacrificed lamps, fragile decor and coasters. Things are fairly stripped down around here. Both of my pretty blue lamps have been shattered and because his sudden-onset cases of the zoomies are so unpredictable, the gorgeous, not broken lamps at Home Goods are still at Home Goods for their own safety. I guess he is the only pretty allowed in these parts. Sigh.

Life is full of hard and beautiful moments, often at the same time. So I'm wrapping the week with Austin, my favorite beautiful. He has decided his daddy's gaming microphone is perfect for rehearsing all his favorite songs. I cannot love this more. 

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Heat Wave

Mail from my favorite little man and a typical summer day lunch.

We spent the week mostly indoors; the heat stifling. Makenna finally got access to her new classroom and walked into a construction zone. Duct work was on the floor, ceiling tiles were stacked on broken down furniture and unfinished walls fill the corner she needs for stations. In addition to the dusty mess, it appears most believed the room would be used for storage so we spent days clearing it out before starting to arrange and decorate it for her open house this coming Thursday. We have quite a bit left to do so her Monday birthday will be spent cleaning and organizing. Adult birthdays are that grand. 

We achieved little else. Naps were taken and the mundane tasks achieved. 

Sunday was Greg's Superman Day so we slipped away to use an anniversary gift card for lunch, two rounds of bowling and ice cream for dessert. We love celebrating the life we've continued to built together despite the catastrophic accident twenty-two years ago. 

Friday, July 15, 2022

Celebrate Good Times

Greg and I celebrated our twenty-eighth wedding anniversary Saturday with a fancy date at Costco. Just kidding. We did go to Costco but we have a cabin rented for an upcoming weekend. Our family photos were taken in honor of this crazy life we've built together. It's loud and hard and beautiful and challenging. It's full of laughter and sometimes tears. We're grateful for the mess of it all. Kate's friend, Grace has been breaking into photography and was happy to recreate my favorite session from four years ago. Having all my kids around my table is my happy place.

On Wednesday, Ty celebrated his golden birthday. He turned thirteen on the thirteenth. He is a teenager now and rumor has it, you would believe it if you lived with him. He stands almost as tall as me and has surpassed his father's shoe size. Growth is happening quickly, with four inches and fourteen pounds added in the last year. He is, of course, delighted with his first cell phone. We are amused by all the phone calls and texts we are receiving from upstairs. On his actual birthday, he wanted only to go to the candy shop with his best friend, so we honored the simple request. I added lunch and the trampoline park because it's not every day you become a teenager. 

I gave up on the furniture rule. Diesel is turning into a well behaved family member and the only contention between us has been the furniture. He is offended by dog beds and blankets intended to protect my couch from his intense shedding, so I surrendered. He sleeps in until almost 8 while I read in bed because he is cozy and once he decides to relax, the couch seems to prevent mischief making when I'm otherwise occupied. He broke us.

However, not all ornery behavior has disappeared. I had the nerve to sit on my swing without his direct supervision and he had a fit. We no longer have blinds or a basket in the guest room as result. This does not make me happy. He lacks concern for my sentiments.

Being naughty is exhausting. 
Makenna and I slipped away for dinner and classroom shopping this evening. We found some sweet books and an adorable dress for her first day. Is it appropriate for the teacher's mom to attend open house? Asking for a friend. 
Makenna knows how to order dinner. This was as delicious as it was beautiful. 


Friday, July 8, 2022

Feels Like Summer


For Mother's and Father's Day this year,  I gave my parents tickets to the Van Gogh Experience and then invited myself along. Erin jumped in and met us downtown for the event. Dinner at Doc Crow's followed and the entire evening was beautiful. 

The Edwards, Hills and Baughmans were together again; always a sweet time.