Friday, June 29, 2012

A hot picking day

I love visits from long time friends. It feels like home. Jill and Aaron came down to relax and enjoy a balmy 100+ degrees. Only the best for my friends.

I suddenly decided my mother in law's black raspberry pie would be the perfect dessert for this weekend. Out black raspberry picking we went. It was toasty to say the least so we celebrated our successful picking with hand made ice cream from Huber's. Mine was fresh peach and about the best darn thing I've eaten in ages. Oh my.
Colby has said "cookie" no less than 100 times today. We did not get any. He was not pleased. No one was. Those cookies were the size of their heads.
After beating the bushes to see if he could speed this process along, said stick was removed and Ty needed a Kenna hug. Mommy's mean.
This shot is for Jill who spent our time together reminiscing Aaron being Colby's age. They share a lot of similar features. Sweet boys.
 Kate was super excited to be picking because she's been in school for our previous excursions. We will make a trip back on a cooler day for more peaches.

 Makenna quickly regretted her seat next to this little guy.
A happy ending. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wild Things

After being out of town for three days, my house needed serious attention and the grocery shopping was necessary but I took Kate, Ty and Colby to the zoo instead. Robyn had two free passes that expire at the end of the week and the boys were free. Today was beautiful and the rest of the week is under heat advisories. We made the perfect choice.
We stumbled upon an elephant show. Ty squealed with delight, clapping his hands excitedly with each elephant trick. I enjoyed watching Ty take in the show as much as the show itself. Total cuteness.
Robyn was able to slip away from work to join us for a picnic lunch. Colby was so happy to see his Mommy. She purchased cotton candy as a was a new experience for all of the kids. When Robyn asked Ty what he thought about it, he cautiously replied, "well, it's blue"!
Speaking of blue.....Ty requested we go see the "big blue vacuum" most every time we're in the van. This has gone on for weeks and we've had no idea what he wanted to see. Tonight I ran through the car wash to knock a few bug skeletons off. On our way out of the bay, Ty asked if we could do it again and called it the "big blue vacuum". One mystery solved.

One more "wild" comment.....Lauren called just hours after arriving at church camp last night to tell me two "hot boys" asked for her number. That was the extent of the information she had to share. We sent her to church camp! Have mercy.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Old Stomping Ground

Greg's family reunion was on Saturday. We hog tied the teenagers and forced them to attend only to discover they were the only teenagers present. Rumor has it this was their final family reunion.
 The dessert table was easily accessible by two year old boys......
 Texting while driving.....this is the kid who desperately wants her learners permit.
 I have no explanation. I just know I had approximately ten similar shots on my camera.

Greg and the teens returned home afterward to send Lauren to church camp and Erin to work. I took the other kids to stay at my Mom's so I could visit with a friend who was coming in from San Antonio on Sunday. We spent two days checking out favorite locations, drove by the old house, spent a lot of time in the pool and relaxing. Makenna brought Audrey along and they ran into a neighbor on a walk. Makenna didn't remember the neighbor but she immediately knew Makenna was my daughter. Even though we kept our trip pretty quiet, it was amazing how many people we ran into while touring the area and how familiar we still are after being away for six years. There is no place like home.

The girls declare victory when Grandpa surrendered. At one point he brought the garden hose into this water gun fight! 
 Hmm.....wonder what's about to happen here.
 Handsome boy
Game on.....Ty was once again not thrilled with the idea of being in the water but loved using the water guns on the sidelines. Grandma retaliated.
 Coaxing Avry to let go of Mommy.....
 Wild man
This girl was thrilled to lose the swim vest this year. She wore herself out playing in the pool for hours, loving every minute of it.
 Teamwork again.
Today, I took the kids to the airport to see where Daddy used to work and watch airplanes on the runway.
Afterward we hiked the reserve near our old house. The kids loved it; however, Kate begged to walk again when we got back to Grandma's because she couldn't wait to walk on sidewalks. We don't have them in our neighborhood and they were all too tempting for Kate. Ty, on the other hand, kept asking, "where are we going?"
Our weekend wrapped up a bit too quickly and I always wish I had more time to see more people every time I am there. Coming back to face a very full week will snap me out of my homesick thoughts. There is no place like home. Louisville still doesn't feel like home.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Erin had a quick session today for her Senior yearbook photo and decided she was "too cleaned up" to "just go home" so I was able to take a few shots. I simply cannot believe this day has arrived. Expect several posts in the next year questioning "how are we here already". Time has passed much too quickly.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This Weekend

Kate and I joined Jennifer and Shelby on an excursion to Holiday World yesterday. They had free tickets (which just happens to be my favorite price point....I think I've mentioned that before). Free is about the only way I would attempt an amusement park. That and only one kid to keep safe. I don't like rides. I don't really care much for water. Crowds are not appreciated and neither is the heat. So, it's safe to say I don't typically go to amusement parks. The company made our day relaxing and fun. I suspect Kate will be joining her older sisters' day trips to Kings Island in a few years for the roller coasters because the kiddie rides were "boring" but our little Katebug is not yet tall enough for many larger rides.

She loved the mini roller coaster but the wave pool in the water park was her favorite experience of the day.

We got adventurous and gave the park maps to the girls. They lead the way. Since we remained within the parameters of the park, we weren't actually lost.

People watching is something I do enjoy. I find people fascinating and could honestly watch them for hours. I try to figure out their stories, find something I can relate to. Holiday World did not disappoint! Terrify, yes but disappoint, no. I would like to know who is selling confidence building mirrors with their bathing suits. Super models would not look good in the strings some folks were comfortable parading about wearing. These folks were not built like supermodels. Enough said. Aside from the amount of skin showing, some interactions were difficult to watch. Think Wal-Mart on steroids. I can't shop Wal-Mart because I always want to bring home someone's children. It happens every time. Yesterday, I would have needed a bus to get home.  I am incredibly blessed to be in my family. We have our issues but we love and respect each other.

 Today was recovery day and Father's Day. We enjoyed dinner and dessert early in the afternoon together. Greg took a Nascar Nap and I joined him. I developed a little summer cold yesterday and decided the nap was needed. I called my dad this morning and Greg talked with his this afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing our fathers next weekend. Mothers too. We are pretty blessed to each have one set of parents who are still together and with us. I know holidays like this are tough on a lot of our friends.

*Ty's shirt says, "I get my good looks from my Dad". Yes he does.