Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Road Trip with Ty

At the last minute, Kate bailed on our day to Columbus, Indiana. We got up and joined Greg's commute at five in the morning and spent the day enjoying all this awesome city has to offer while he worked.  Ty and I had a very Ty-focused day and we loved it.

We had a great time together hitting all of Ty's favorite locations including the indoor playground, the children's museum, the bookstore and of course, the old fashioned ice cream parlor. We then discovered a pet store where Ty began dreaming of the days Erin will no longer live here with her cat so he can get a hamster. Oh boy.

Oh, and Kate? She spent the day in a salon chair with her youth group leader and new favorite hair stylist.
The results are amazing. She is delighted.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Celebration Weekend and Spring Break Week #2 Kick-off

I am writing from the observation deck of our local trampoline park. Greg and I are here because Kate and Ty made a hefty deal. They would cease bickering for the remainder of spring break if we brought them for an hour of jumping. At this point I would pay good money for peace so we obliged. If they fail to hold up their end of the bargain? They will spend the remainder of their spring break grounded to their rooms. Momma is all done now.

This weekend we celebrated Erin's 24th birthday and Greg's 49th. An upcoming birth and adoption for a friend was also acknowledged with a beautiful shower. We noted Makenna and Noah's six month dating anniversary and Greg and I slipped away for a night in honor of us still liking each other despite spending the last 24 years raising some ornery kids together. We also celebrated my nephew's birthday in London and topped that visit off with Donatos Pizza in Lexington on the way home. It's been six years since I last had any and the indulgence was so worth the fat and calories. Thank God we don't have a franchise closer as I lack willpower.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Missing Them

It must be privilege to love someone so much it literally hurts when he leaves. Austin is a light, a bubbling joyful baby full of personality and the best belly laughs. He has left serious marks on all our hearts and letting him leave again was anything but easy. We kinda like his mom too.

We had a great visit. Austin started walking in my living room and it was a delight to watch him achieve what he clearly set out to accomplish that afternoon even if we felt pretty badly for his daddy who was missing that giant milestone. This baby is determined, smart and genuinely happy. Lauren and Taylor are doing such a great job with him. This Mimi and Pops gig is incredible. Rumor has it the Aunt and Uncle role is fairly sweet too.

Saturday was the only day of their visit we were all able to be together so after our traditional large breakfast, we did a quick photo session before Pops took Uncle Ty and Austin to Bass Pro and the girls went shopping. I had an actual photo session for a young couple before meeting the girls in a tattoo parlor where the oldest three got sister tattoos on their ribs. Now they are literally numbered I, II, and III. Kate watched and is undecided about following their trend in a few years. Afterward, they chose hibachi for dinner and then we had an early birthday cake for Erin. It was a great day and the only break Lauren has taken from motherhood for more than an hour in a year. It was good for her.

I am glad we had the time together. It doesn't happen frequently enough.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lauren and Austin Visit

We flew Lauren and Austin home to spend some time with us while Taylor is in the field in Texas, unable to see his family anyway. They were supposed to be here by noon Saturday but in true American Airline fashion, they arrived twelve hours later. My friend, Erin Jackson picked them up from the airport in Dallas and entertained them with a soccer game, playtime at their house and a lot of conversation about life to help pass the time and help them feel a little less stranded. We are grateful for their hospitality.

Austin quickly warmed up to us and often reaches for me from his momma's arms which is a surprise because he and his parents are quite close. Given his age and how little we see him in person, we were prepared for separation anxiety and are delighted he isn't experiencing any.

Austin is pure joy. He had a very rocky travel day Saturday after getting five vaccines Friday but you wouldn't know it based on his smiling disposition. We are having a ball.

My parents arrived after lunch today to spend time with Austin. But first Ty got to show off his nephew at school, so proud to be an uncle and of this funny little guy who delights us.