Sunday, August 28, 2016

This is what I know

Sleepovers haven't changed much since the 80's. Friendship bracelets, music, cute pajamas, promises to be in bed early and lots of giggling. The best things in life are timeless.

I took the kids to pick peaches this week and then failed to keep tabs on the volume. Twenty pounds of peaches make a lot of peach crisp. Thank God for deep freezers and a family who inhales peach crisp.

Taylor spent his first weekend of training in the hospital treating an infection. Lauren held herself together despite infrequent and incomplete updates but this separation is wearing on her. I am praying over future separations preemptively. He is missed.

I bought tickets for a mother/son school dance and was then surprised Ty really didn't want to go. Rejection hurts as much now as it did in school. Apparently "a date with mom is embarrassing". The boy is in first grade and in the end, chose to spend time with a friend. We did not attend the dance.

Impromptu dinner plans are my latest favorite thing (right after 8pm Friday bedtime). Friends who open their pools and welcome whatever we all clean out of our fridge on their table are the best. There was a cook off of sorts this evening and we all won. Each of our husbands smoked ribs and no one left hungry. Every weekend should wrap this way.

If you tell a hyper dog to sit, sometimes she will. If there happens to be someone sitting on the floor in that general vicinity, she will assume she is welcome to sit on that person's lap. If that person is holding a cup of coffee, you will get a head start on your fall cleaning and get to wash curtains. Because after all, why wash one coffee drenched set when you can wash them all?

Erin has been dating someone she met online. Heaven help me. There were several weeks of phone calls prior to a couple of coffee shop dates where they talked for hours. Eventually, the relationship expanded to include dinner and ultimately a movie. Prior to meeting anyone in our family, Lauren insisted Erin put him on speaker phone to insure he doesn't have a serial killer accent. We believe in being dramatic on occasion around here. At this point, Lauren and Makenna have met him and approve. The rest of the family will be introduced next weekend. Pray for him. He is an only child and we are a lot.
We have once again installed a redneck repair on the fridge water line. If this doesn't hold, we will be turning off the water and the children will experience the horror of "sink water". They honestly believe this is tragic.

In other news, candy corn has been sighted in Walgreens. You are welcome.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Send Off

Taylor and Lauren have made the rounds this past week so Taylor could say goodbye to as many people as possible. Taylor rarely requests anything but when he does, it involves food. He asked me to make him breakfast and nothing pulls our group together faster than announcing a big breakfast is being served. So we were all gathered to celebrate Taylor's enlistment and his final hours of freedom.
He requested a very large meal. Everyone ate well.....too well.

Comparing food babies.

The road ahead will be long and hard for these two. We are proud of Taylor for choosing to serve our country despite chaos and uncertainty. I am on notice he wants chili when he returns. You've got it buddy. I am happy to feed you if it means you know we love you.
I asked Maeknna to write something encouraging for him......

Friday, August 12, 2016

This Week

Two peas in a pod. Anna made Makenna an original work of art. They adore each other.
They want to be middle school cheer leaders together. Hold me Jesus. I am not cheer mom material.

This one returned after a five week break. Boot camp for babies started on Tuesday. It's been a long week. God makes them pretty for a reason.

One day the living room was chaotic so Levi and I got comfortable on the kitchen floor with some books. He invites me to join him there every day now.

August heat is producing happy tomatoes. The rest of us could use a break.

He has started calling Taylor his brother-in-law rather than simply his brother. He is also very proud to share he is an "army man" and hopes to be one when he grows up too. Lauren isn't the only one who will miss this guy during boot camp and training.

Some days the prospect of boarding the middle school bus is more than she can bear. But after a little pep talk, she transitions from "I can't" to "I've got this".
With my first cup of tea consumed and my eyes almost fully open, I noted God was showing off at sunrise. He's got this, whatever this happens to be in the moment. Sometimes I need reminded.
Erin started a new job working for the University of Louisville, supporting oral surgeons. The best part? Free continuing education! She loves her new job, co-workers and the endless possibilities for her future.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Road Trip

I have found myself dangling precariously between seasons in life. I suppose having a large age gap between my oldest and youngest children will do that. Two new babies we know were welcomed into the world this week. One a third child for a friend and the other is a first grand baby. Life has a way of catching up in moments like this.

Two of my life long friends have sons entering high school this month. I remember seeing them mere hours after their births like it was yesterday. The details still vivid, yet because we moved away a decade ago, the day-to-day life has fallen through the cracks. And then without warning, I see a recent photo of them and am left shocked. They are young men passing their mothers in height. Time flies and I can appreciate that in some moments, but others? No thank you. Just slow down please.
Makenna and I took a road trip together shortly after getting her home from a thespian retreat. I like hanging out with her any opportunity I can because as I just noted, time slips through my fingers whether I  like it or not. She and I haven't taken a trip alone together since she was eight so it was well overdue. She fell in love with Bloomington and the beautiful campus of Indiana University. I found myself pointing out the benefits of living at home while attending the University of Louisville repeatedly. My fingers are crossed she isn't so enamored by the theater to lose sight of the education program she previously selected. My heart can't take another kiddo moving out just yet.  And as stunning as the buildings and surrounding area are, rumors of IU being a party school have not gone unnoticed.

But Makenna? She is a pretty cool teen with very high standards for herself. Time spent with her is relaxing, entertaining and a beautiful reminder this parenting gig is beyond worthwhile.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sick Day

School day number four held a surprise for me. The health office called because Kate was running a fever. Initially she was pretty miserable but today we had some sweet moments as the symptoms eased. I can't ever recall a time I was home with just one sick kid and frankly, it was a quiet reprieve from a typical day. Of course if any kid is going to go with the flow around here even while ill, it's going to be Kate.

This morning Ty realized he was attending school but his sister was not. He mentioned having "the kind of sore throat you stay home with." Despite his claims, he went to school anyway. And then I prayed he didn't also spike a fever after arriving. Being mother of the year in one building is enough for this week. It is important we pace ourselves.  After all, there are three public schools to impress.