Thursday, April 29, 2010

Few photo updates

Ty's feeding himself mashed potatoes. The dining room will never be the same!
We continue to have decorating and organizational conflicts. Ty really prefers we spread out all of our things, especially if they make a lot of noise as they hit the floor. 

Ty's big boy car is rough. All the work he makes for Mommy wears him out!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letter to clothing designers

I need to vent....I am a 30 something year old woman who would like to dress age appropriately and conservatively. This is apparently too much to ask as I have spent countless hours in search of basic wardrobe pieces and come away empty handed. It is discouraging at best. I don't think it is appropriate for me to look like my teenage daughters nor do I want to dress like my mother or grandmother; however, there doesn't appear to be any middle ground out there. I finally discovered jeans that actually fit my body with minimal alterations required but they are in a store full of other merchandise that makes me blush! So, praise God I can be caught up with jeans for a few years at a time. My basic wardrobe is made up of jeans, capris and tee shirts. Some changes have been made in the tee shirt department to dress them up a bit, but why on earth do we have to wear layers in order to have enough fabric to avoid being see through? I don't want to wear two tee shirts at a time, I have enough laundry thank you very much. Shorts, don't even get me started on shorts. Good heavens, there isn't enough material there to cover an anorexic barbie! And they want how much for them???? I'd just like to bend over to pick up my son without exposing myself. This is where my darling husband points out the proper lifting procedures and I ever so sweetly express how much I love being married to a safety supervisor! But I digress, I really do want to update my wardrobe to  look like a put together momma, not my baby's grandma or a teenager. And I'd like to accomplish that without breaking the bank. Any suggestions would be appreciated or if you happen to know any clothing designers, please pass this along!

This is where I could start in on sizing and the unlimited hours we could spend in dressing rooms with multiple pieces of the same item and have multiple fits.....but  I'll let that go for now.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Steps

Ty started walking using his walking toy tonight. He is so excited to be moving and upright. He also decided that the church nursery wasn't too bad tonight. He actually played and smiled once he got settled. That is a big relief!
We had a double rainbow tonight after a storm rolled through. The rain made for an interesting drive home as several roads were covered in water. We literally prayed out loud for a safe trip.....the rainbows were present immediately after we arrived home.

Big Sister/Little Brother

It was a fluke that we ended up with coordinating tee shirts but it made for a fun, although challenging photo shoot. Ty is too busy to sit still for photos.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Small project for Makenna

Makenna was ready for a little more grown up look in her room. We relocated the dollhouse bookcase my dad made her a few years ago to Kate's room for easier access to toys. In it's place we refinished a desk donated by our friend, Candy. Makenna is thrilled with the results. We are still searching for a small stool or chair to work with the very narrow 17 inch opening. We will also be replacing the upper level hardware. Three of the four knobs came with the desk but Makenna thinks something a little more colorful would be perfect. Being that Makenna is one of our more colorful children, that only seems appropriate.

9 months and so much fun

Ty turned 9 months last week. His personality just beams. He was able to sit quietly through a wedding on Saturday but chose a funeral on Monday to practice spitting, raspberries, using his loud voice and bodily function noises. You just never know what's coming next. He is cruising while holding onto furniture and people. Climbing is still his favorite skill to practice and the one that has rooms and stairs barricaded with baby gates which is not exactly the look I was going for. He tumbled down the stairs a few weeks ago. Erin was at the top with him and I was at the bottom. Neither of us caught him until after the horrifying thud we heard after his head hit the ceramic tile at the bottom of his fall. Erin and I cried longer and harder than he did! He had no bumps, bruises or even a red mark to show for his little adventure. As soon I had the nerve to set him back down, he made a bee line for the stairs again! He and I are having some minor conflicts over the organization of our home as well. Ty considers games and books under the high chair in the kitchen a better place than stacked on the bookcase where they've been since before his new found mobility. Contents of cupboards look much better spread all over the kitchen floor than stacked away neatly, according to Ty. He is generally smiling and knows the word "cute". He responds to it even if it isn't directed at him.....He has boycotted anything pureed. If it is on my plate or has real texture, he loves it. Yogurt is the only soft food he's eating! He appears to be a real carnivore, as he says "mmmmm" after each and every bite of meat!

Speaking of cute and a difference of opinion in decorating, Greg put his foot through the ceiling in our living room last week when his foot slipped off the rafters in the attic. I asked him to check the attic for wasps after one found its way into the upstairs bedroom and scared Kate into my bed for the night. No wasps were found but a mess was made! There was insulation all over the living room and a large gaping hole to show for my request. Good times.....Greg used a few screws to put the pieces back until we can get a repair man here. It's been fun to see reactions. No one wants to ask! I am just grateful Greg wasn't hurt!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Since the camera was out.....

I grabbed a few shots of the little ones when we got home.....

Spring Chicks and Good Friends

We enjoyed visiting Candy's farm today and seeing the new chicks. Ty was not gentle with the chicks so we had to keep them at a safe distance! Kate was rather distraught by the dirt on her new flip flops and is very clearly a "city girl" at heart! The baby goats were frisky today and playing in the trails so we didn't get any photo opportunities but they were fun to watch. As always, visiting with Candy's family was a treat.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our poor starving baby!

Just minutes after dinner tonight, Ty went in search of a snack!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Miss Billee

Our sweet friend from church, Miss Billee was diagnosed with progressed cancer last week. As of today, she is under hospice care and not expected to live beyond three weeks. I was able to visit her this afternoon with Kirbie and Ty. Her family knew who Ty was because she prayed for him when he was sick. She visited me several times in the hospital and even came with Kirbie and sat with us during his first transfusion. Her son lovingly told Ty to watch out because those that Miss Billee prays for have no idea what the Lord has in store for them! She was peacefully resting and seemingly unaware of how much we are all hurting. I cannot imagine our early childhood department without her. No one can. She's been the pillar of that department for over 20 years. She was the first friend I made at Northside. I am so sad for me but trying to focus on the happy ending for her. Tonight at bedtime, Kate said she would pray for Miss Billee to get better and I explained to her that Miss Billee isn't getting better but going to heaven. She then prayed, "Jesus, please make sure Miss Billee loves heaven becuase I love her".

UPDATE: Miss Billee passed away just before 10pm, Thursday, April 15, 2010. Heaven gained a precious soul and I know she is in the arms of the Lord she served well for almost 68 years. We will miss you more than you know Miss Billee.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am not cut out to be the mother of twins!

As much fun as I had playing with Ty and Avry, I was torn too many times about whose needs to meet in one particular moment. Avry missed his mommy and Ty was unsure of the little appendage I grew suddenly that was his size and occupying his mommy's hip. Makenna was a HUGE help. I don't know what I would have done without her. It took 4 days but on the last day of our little adventure, both babies napped at the same time! Kate and I got some reading and snuggle time during that nap. Ty watched Avry very closely as he is up and walking everywhere. Ty just took two steps to his Daddy....I knew it was only a matter of time before he tried it now that he's seen it is possible!
We visited several friends and family members throughout the week. My parents over indulged the kids with treats, of course. Dad's fish was requested and enjoyed. Mom was able to take a day off and took Lauren shopping which was a big blessing for me because shopping with teenagers is not one of my favorite past times. Honestly, shopping at all anymore is not something I enjoy. They got to spend one evening with the Baughmans while I relaxed and had dinner with two of my favorite people, Jill and Cherie. I cannot tell you how refreshed I felt after that meal! When I returned to pick up the kids, they were wound up. I was really surprised by their energy levels and need to fuss at one another. It wasn't until the next day I heard about the candy pizza with ice cream and suddenly understood! Grandma will get to keep them for the entire night next time if she wants to over do the treats! We had lunch with Pam and Kenny one day. They allowed the big girls to stay with them and see our old neighborhood. Seeing how much their friends have changed in 4 years was a surprise. Everyone said Makenna has changed the most since we moved away. Kate was just a baby when we left so the sight of her was a real shock. On our last day, we headed to Jill's to have lunch and see Aaron and their new puppy, Peyton. She is a sweetie! The girls were in love at first sight. We also squeezed in a short lunch with the Hummel family.....boy have they all grown up in the last few years! Their new addition is as sweet as they come! As usual, there were so many others we would have liked to have seen, but time is always an issue.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Friday

Kate was counting down the "sleepovers" until she was able to have a play date with Shelby. They picked her up this morning for a bike ride to the park, picnic, egg coloring and McDonald's playland. We honestly cannot remember ever taking Kate to a McDonalds and she was impressed with the toy and the slide there. When I asked her if she liked the food she said, "I think so" with the funniest look on her face.

Just as she was getting home this evening, seven of the other kids' friends were arriving to hang out with us. Only one is staying the night and the perfect weather had everyone outside most of the time.