Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Ty wrapped his first grade year Friday. As prepared as he is for second grade, he is apprehensive about the change. He had a good year; however, as he watched an old Spiderman movie this weekend, we noted the teachers let the kids run the chaotic high school depicted in that movie and Ty longingly said, "I wish I went to that school." Greg and I did not contain our laughter. We both know all too well how little tolerance our son has for chaos but a world run by kids sounds like heaven on the surface when you are seven.

Makenna completed her junior year and is also expressing some reservations about entering her final year of high school. She says adulting is gaining on her and she isn't quite ready. We are confident she is more prepared than she realizes. She had a great year both socially and academically. She had fantastic teachers and is pictured here with her all time favorite on her last day. She hopes to work a teaching assistant position into her schedule next year to spend time with Miss Smith again.

Kate finished fifth grade and is on a waiting list at a local smaller school for sixth grade in July. School days have been very relaxed these last few weeks as she was able to complete so much more than we anticipated when we set out on this journey in October.

Friday night we celebrated with a candle lit sleepover watching a movie and snacking on popcorn. It was the calm needed to decompress from a long week of final school activities because at one point Ty was running away from home because we insisted he eat dinner. He put himself to bed and slept 12 solid hours. Did I mention how much he needs order in his world?

Two neighbors shared Ty stories with me this weekend. My son has been running around telling friends his secret. This always makes me nervous because the boy has a very active imagination. Apparently he is really a superhero but lives his life as a normal kid so no one knows. As I shared this information on Facebook, I discovered there are a few classmates of his who firmly believe my son. And then another neighbor fed my son dinner and he thanked her but followed up by requesting she order pizza next time. I was mortified. She was amused. Thank God.

Makenna started a new job Saturday with Subway. Her first day was chaotic, unorganized and left her feeling very unsettled about her future there so she is still keeping her ears open to other possibilities. She knows she will need funds for both a car (car shopping is daunting by the way) and the Thespian festival if Newsies gets accepted onto the main stage this year. Given the Disney endorsement and pilot program being generated out of this endeavor, it is a safe assumption they will be invited to perform. As Makenna mentioned Friday, "adulting is hard".

Monday Makenna lounged at a friend's pool and Kate was invited to another friend's for a day of swimming followed by a sleepover. So I took Ty to the zoo, just the two of us. He loves the zoo so a day centered around what he wanted to see was perfect despite being there on a holiday weekend with half the free world. He scored a five dollar monkey he has longed for the last few trips to the zoo and in the end, we shared a frosty. It was a good way to spend some quality time together. His stories are endless, his imagination is second to none and his memory of every encounter he has ever experienced at the zoo was recalled.
We wrapped the weekend with a bike ride by a local creek where a neighbor boy taught Ty how to skip rocks. Weekends just simply don't get better than this.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A New Adventure for Lauren and Taylor

Taylor completed his Advanced Intelligence Training at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas and graduated May 24. They are currently living in temporary housing and waiting on the 30th when they can leave and head toward their next adventure on Ft. Gordon in Augusta, Georgia. The road leading to this point has been bumpy but there is no doubt how he feels about her when you see the way he looks at her. They are more than ready to leave Texas in the dust and start this next chapter of their lives together. We are incredibly proud of Taylor and all they have accomplished together.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Day Out With Kate

Kate came home for school in October. Since that time, I haven't had a day off that didn't include at least one of her siblings. So Tuesday was very special. Kate had birthday money and plans for us. She wanted lunch, chocolate, outlet shopping and thrifting on her to do list. Sister is mine.

She bought an old desk and refinished it herself. She found a chair and mirror at Walmart today to complete the look. She is quite pleased with her purchases. Her birthday money was well spent. And the day together? Perfect.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Bon Anniversaire Kate

Kate planned her own French CafĂ© themed birthday party. Her guest list was full of sweet friends who enjoyed makeovers provided by her big sisters. They dined on croissant sandwiches, mini cupcakes and fruit after a silly photo shoot.

Homemade slime anyone? The mom behind this gift calls herself my friend. Hmmm.

Almost everyone had a blast. Brutus cannot believe he didn't get to go to Bass Pro with Daddy, Grandpa and Ty. No boys were allowed to stay for makeovers.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Celebrating Kate

Caught a bit between an emerging teen and a sweet little girl, Kate has turned twelve. Missing teeth highlight her smile. Hair and clothing are important some days but more often she still chooses the comfort of messy buns and yoga pants. She remains kind but all too often now, we see a side of sass like her sisters before her. I will it to slow down all the while, she cannot wait to grow up.

She can still be found flipping in parking lots and grocery aisles just as easily as sitting quietly with her iPod in her room alone. Her baking skills have already surpassed everyone else in the family and she has sweet talked friends into letting her redecorate their rooms. I don't recall another where the pull was as strong to cuddle with mom and still love her blanket at this age but I also don't know that the others were as poised as Kate either.

I love the complexity almost as I dread the coming days. This is my last baby girl. I have loved mothering as much as I have wrestled with each child in that bittersweet way they grow away from me but still need me near; just not too close.

She is a preteen; little still but also big.


Happy twelfth birthday to you, Kate Ryan. You are beautiful inside and out. I love you.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Makenna's Junior Prom

Makenna attended her junior prom tonight with two dates. They are calling themselves her security team. One is a close friend and her original date and the other is the boyfriend who entered the scene after plans were set. The boys had a ball planning coordinating suspenders and bow ties.