Friday, July 2, 2021

Summer Break Week Five

Our freshly picked berries produced an amazing black raspberry crisp because I am not skilled enough to attempt my mother-in-law's pie crust. I needed to find a way to share the fruit, lest I consume all two pounds of berries myself. It could happen. I've seen me do it.

Weekend vibe. Praying for more of the same this weekend.

When we learned Makenna was going to be our third daughter during an ultrasound, Greg declared they would all get married on the same day and share one dress. He was delusional then and somewhat delirious now. 

Ty requested pulled pork last weekend so our grill master obliged. God bless him. And then friends had food they needed to use due to an open freezer door on Monday so we saw some of our favorite little people just a day after their return from vacation. I adore this ornery face,  goggles and all.

Tuesday, we needed a day of rest. We located a cute series on Disney Plus and we all enjoyed the first two episodes curled up on my bed together. Even Oliver appreciated the snuggle time.

Our grandson took a bag of salad to school Tuesday to share with his "kids". He has started calling his classmates his kids and apparently thinks they need some nutrition added to their lunch. He melts my heart.

Wednesday we joined friends at Strike and Spare for more bowling, skating and lazer tag. The kids love this bucket item so much, we've visited twice so far. It's an affordable way to spend a rainy day. And then we hosted a friend sleep-over and indulged in smores as a family (plus one).

Makenna was showing Austin the hedgehog over video chat. He loves Pip and often asks to see him when we talk.


Kate calls him, "Bestie" but at dinner Wednesday evening, she commented he was short for a man. He quietly nudged Makenna and informed her he was accepting applications for a new bestie. Mere moments later, I captured her facial as I photographed him. He is considering his options but the people we raised are no longer in the running for the bestie title. 

Kate assembled the new sofa table I needed once she innocently acquired the original for her bedroom refresh. To her credit, I prefer the new one.

Thursday we battled torrential down pours and headed to the indoor trampoline park for another bucket list activity with friends. We were detoured due to an accident and an hour later, arrived only to be informed they were temporarily closed due to a power outage. Between Makenna and I, we had six very disappointed kids on our hands so we improvised. Plan B involved sweet treats and a promise to reschedule jump time soon.

Then my friend asked me to be spontaneous with her and run away from home for a few hours. She wanted to experience Trader Joe's for the first time. We laughed our way through the store like kids getting away with something because it was dinner time and we left our families to fend for themselves. Plot twist. Everyone survived. But she was hoping to get carded and I roared. First, Erin doesn't get carded and second, we sort of dated ourselves when we decided a wild night out was to the grocery store. She pouted, "but it was a fancy grocery store." And I couldn't contain my facial expression. Neither could the cashiers. 
Mom's gone wild.

Generally, both Greg and I go to bed before Kate and Ty but Thursday night, I was able to witness a bit of their mom-free bedtime routine. I was a bit surprised to learn Kate requires a bowl of dry Cheerios and an episode of Imagination Movers before she can sleep. As far as sixteen year old bedtime requirements go, this is pretty hilarious. I will take it. Ty, on the other hand was busy building a world for a friend with his usual trusty side-kick.

Today we tackled Rose Island without first informing Ty and Kendra where we were headed. They both would have made the drive impossible. In the end, they were bribed with a coke if they pulled it together and finished the climb out of the park. That hike is no joke but her mom and I both love it. 

And tonight, steak dinner on the patio with this guy and the kids. It was a perfect ending to a pretty sweet week. 

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