Friday, October 30, 2015

Fun With Kids

Fifteen minutes after arriving at my house, little Anna let out the most dramatic, deep sigh and announced it had been a very long day. It was 7:30 am and I felt warned as much as amused.

Ty wore the tread off his sketchers in two months. Two months! So we went shoe shopping Wednesday night for shoes with a lot of tread. They happen to be Buckeye colors so he is quite happy with his new shoes. These will require he learn to tie his shoes and he is excited about the prospect. But more importantly, these shoes have such great tread, Ty is convinced he can climb buildings in them. I may set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for impending ER visits.
The elementary school hosted an indoor trick or treat tonight and Erin surprised us by showing up as the tooth fairy. A precocious little girl whispered into Erin's ear the tooth fairy isn't real because her mom said so. Erin replied her mother was mistaken because she takes teeth and people pay her to do it!

Due to unfortunate circumstances with one of my families, I only had one kiddo today so I emailed Kate's teacher at the last minute asking if I could help with her fall party. Rumor had it her class didn't have a room mom to help and no one wants to face 25 sugared-up kids with craft supplies alone. She and I surprised Kate with my arrival and it was priceless to see her face when I walked through the door. She may be getting big but I still got a warm hug in front of her friends.
The kids sleep with me on Friday nights. They look forward to it all week. Greg is off the next two Friday nights. Little people will not be happy with this schedule change.

Devyn got to have two sleep-overs with me this week and on the second night we went out for frozen yogurt. I have shared sweet treats with Devyn in the past but for some reason the birthday cake flavored yogurt went straight to her head. She was a giggling mess of laughter that ended with a belch that would make a grown man proud. She cracked up, "I just burped birthday cake!" We are obviously very prim and proper around here.
Lauren went to Florida with Taylor's family the first week of October. She finally sent me a copy of a photo they had taken while on the beach.  I happen to think they are pretty cute.

In other news, we are entering into what is known as Tech Week in Makenna's world. This means we will be driving to and from the school every day and night before adding six showings of 42 Street over the following two weekends. The good news/bad news is that Greg will be on vacation for those two weeks. Whereas I love having an extra driver and his support, he isn't big on following routine. We will all be a hot mess by November 15th. 

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