Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day

A road trip with teens equals the need for hearing protection. Makenna had control of the radio with Lauren and Kate making requests. It was a long three hour drive. Both ways. We thought they were loud when they were little.

Aunt Theresa doesn't set time limits on video games. Ty was ready to trade me in for a cooler model. The "Aunt Theresa" model, to be exact.

Oliver's sister, Cotton

We celebrated Ty's upcoming sixth birthday while we were with family this weekend. He was pretty stoked and seems a lot like a big kid lately. Two sleepovers with Aunt Theresa was not enough and he had to be carried out of her house Monday afternoon. Aunt Theresa has big kid toys and lots of boys to rough house with. Ty was never planning to go home.
The boys! Brennen, Mason and Ty. These guys are Ty's best buddies.

Taylor came along. We like this kid.

The funniest conversation was about crazy neighbors. As it turns out, both my mom and my sister has one in the same neighborhood. The teens thought about it for a minute and declared we didn't have any crazy neighbors. I had to break it to them, WE are the crazy neighbors. By day #2 of our visit, Theresa concurred.
It was a great weekend full of family, fun and relaxation. We can't wait to go back.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I took six of my favorite little people to a local farm to pick blueberries today. Thank God we weren't weighed on the way in and out or I would have paid for more than five pounds we brought home. Let me assure you the berries were well sampled in the field.

Cute field workers

We had a sweet time.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Random Updates

God showed off a lot this week. The only photos I took all week were incredible sky-scapes and did not edit them at all.

I text Greg, "I have good news and bad news. Good news: our son is not gay. Bad news: we already need to start 'the talk'. He is five!" I discovered our son climbing to stand on top of our deck railing to look at the young adults swimming in the pool next door. I instructed him to get down and stop spying on the neighbors. He responded he wasn't spying, he was looking at the girl. The eighteen year old young lady in question was wearing a bikini. She is quite pretty and apparently Ty noticed. He was removed from the deck and the next thing I knew, he and his little buddy were trying to lift one another up on the trampoline for further investigation. Lord help me. 

Erin called to invite Kate and Ty over to celebrate 6/26 as Lilo and Stitch Day. She took snack requests (Pringles) and hosted a sleep over. It was a fun surprise.

Lauren made some changes to her college career path. Instead of moving onto campus and pursuing substance abuse counseling alongside criminal justice, she is now attending a local campus for criminal justice only. We support her decision and are proud of her for looking at the student debt projections while making her final choice. She earned a $10,000 scholarship paid out over four years that will cover most of her local college experience and will pay the rest as she goes, most likely working for UPS who pays all hourly employees $5000 per year toward higher education. Some details remain to be settled but we'll tackle those when she returns from her final church camp experience on the fourth of July. We are just happy to not be moving another kid out of the house this summer.

"Mom! Look at this! Dinosaurs have been here recently! Like since Wednesday!" Ty swears he found dinosaur tracks in the road near our house. And they have arrived since Wednesday.

Apparently I am too old for technology changes. AT&T sent me a letter explaining they would no longer be able to service my old Blackberry phone because it only has 2G technology (whatever that means). They offered me one of three phone models for free with no service charge since I have stubbornly used my old refurbished phone for approximately five years now. I visited AT&T twice before making the decision to go without data I never use and chose the "simple model". I am 48 hours into the consequences of that decision and regret it immensely. I am avoiding the phone. It is just so awkward. There is a strong chance I will be re-visiting AT&T on Monday to insist they reestablish service on my Blackberry. I will acquire Greg's newer Blackberry in the future and he can upgrade into something post 2010. He is obviously more hip than me.

In other news, school starts back one month from tomorrow. No one in the Baughman household is impressed by this.  

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

We quietly celebrated Greg this weekend because that's our style. We took a walk over the river, enjoyed ice cream treats and a steak dinner at home surrounded by our family followed by sprinkler fun. Well, quiet may not be the correct adverb to describe us after all but it was simple and fun.

I took a quick survey of the kids' favorite things about their daddy.
Kate: shooting bows and arrows with him
Ty: when he lets me sit on his lap and watch the race with him
Erin: the way he takes care of things, like my oil changes
Lauren: his gay voice and awesome dance moves
Makenna:his humor

Happy father's day to a pretty amazing dad.

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Glimpse

For a brief moment this week I was left speechless as Kate rambled on in great detail about something she read in a magazine that morning. Kate never lacks details in her verbal retelling; written word is another story. But there she stood with messy hair and a simple tank top and I suddenly saw her as a teen. It took my breath. Hold on baby, I am not ready.

I have two elementary aged kiddos this summer on a part-time basis. We are revisiting an activity from last summer working together to write and illustrate a story. We made a bucket list from which to choose daily activities to keep the drama to a minimum as toddlers and preschoolers are really much more my forte. We made snicker-doodles one hot afternoon this week and they caught onto my futile attempts to get them to help with housework by offering to let them play maid wearing aprons. It was worth a shot.

After a busy week with five extra children, I took advantage of having only two extras and ran around downtown New Albany today. We shared appetizers at Habana Blues, stopped by the library and shopped our favorite consignment store for fun. New Albany may never be the same but these guys were pretty cute.

Pig tails and pink rain boots? Darling.
Layla is settling into our routine. She has a lot of energy and wakes us every morning with enthusiastic kisses. Oliver and Brutus are not fans of these wake up calls but it beats the alarm clock any day. However, she swiped a kiss during naptime today and Devyn woke up saying, "disgusting". The nap was cut short. We're working on Layla's manners.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Awesome Weekend!

On Friday Lauren purchased her first car. We can't decide who is more excited because Greg and I are pretty thrilled to have our keys back after all this time.

And then my friends arrived for a weekend full of laughter, awesome food and excellent conversation. Kristil flew in from San Antonio and Kristin arrived from Dayton. Collectively we hid away from nine children, three husbands and three homes in need of constant care. It was perfect.

As I wrapped up my girlfriend weekend I discovered Erin here doing laundry while the rest of the family gathered. I decided things were too quiet and pulled out water guns and soaker balls. It was a loud and wet blast. 
When Daddy picks up the water bucket.....

everyone takes cover


I picked up a bedtime bath bomb at Lush for the kids while shopping with my friends yesterday. Whereas I am not sure it relaxed the children, it sure was fun.