Friday, September 19, 2014

This Week

We celebrated Brutus' birthday on Tuesday. Our big guy is now ten years old. The kids insisted we have a steak dinner in honor of his day so he could get the meaty steak bone as a treat. I seriously doubt as much consideration will be shown on my birthday but they could always surprise me. Anyway, Lauren then went and got him a small order of fries and a package of dog treats. Brutus was as spoiled as he should be.
Hope For Harper

Our entire town went gold for Harper today. Harper is the little girl I referenced in this post. We all wore our Hope For Harper tee shirts and either gold or pink accessories because Gold represents childhood cancer and pink is Harper's favorite color. Please keep this sweet family in your prayers.

Fourteen is hard. Each and every time. I should be an expert on these hormonal moments by now but they simply don't get any easier and each daughter tackles fourteen their own unique way. Mom could use a break.

And while we're on the subject, three is also full of challenges. This time around, I get to send said three year old home at the end of the day but long days are certain when the three year old is determined to rule the world.
This is trouble.

We have lived two miles from the drive-in movie theater for the last 8 years and I am taking the kids for the first time tonight. It is the drive-in's 63rd birthday so admission will be 63 cents per person. That price point is right up my ally, even if it is for a movie we already own and lose brain cells watching.

Five year olds are very literal people. I teased Lauren at the doctor today about being a good girl and not crying should she need an antibiotic shot. I laughed and said she'd get ice cream if she was a good girl. Ty over heard me and on our way out of the office excitedly informed two year old Anna we'd be getting ice cream next. It was ten o'clock in the morning. Of course we ran into people we knew as I ordered ice cream for small children at 10 am.

As we pulled in to pick up Lauren's prescription after getting ice cream, she pointed out a new truck she'd like to have. Once again, my sarcastic approach to this motherhood gig got the best of me and I casually mentioned letting her take my debit card to buy a new truck this afternoon.  While waiting on the medicine, Ty told a stranger in line we were buying a new truck today. I cracked up. Clearly, I am a slow learner.

Kate attended a "bring your friend for free" dance class with Gleason Wednesday. Kate appreciated the opportunity to wear her ballet clothes and see Glea who is often only here the hours Kate attends school.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Counting Blessings

Saturday Kate, Ty and I went "shopping outside". In other words, we walked around our neighborhood yard sale. Ty is now the proud owner of a pogo stick, Lord help me. Kate scored two new dresses for next spring and I enjoyed chatting with neighbors and friends. Afterward, Makenna and I hit my favorite consignment shop and we each came home with two new sweaters. We were living the bargain hunting dream. That evening, our sweet Colby stopped by with his family for dinner. We haven't seen them in six months and it was six months too long. We miss them immensely. The teens spent Saturday evening at a local festival and all returned with stories of good food and lots of laughter.

Rumor has it, chocolate brownies were served.

This morning Lauren was in a minor accident while driving Greg's truck. She hit a man on a motorcycle. Praise God there were no injuries. It was tough to come upon that scene and know all too well how vastly different the ending could have been. In the end, even the responding officer was joking around with all of us and the owner of the Harley gave Lauren a bracelet and a Christian tract about salvation since everyone involved was on their way to church. Lauren is wearing the bracelet proudly stating she is now in a motorcycle gang. I am just relieved that not only was no one hurt but that it was a Christian biker she hit! He looked rough to say the least but was beyond friendly about the incident.

This afternoon, Greg's parents joined us for a few hours and also stayed for dinner. Greg scored points across the board this weekend for incredible grilling skills. Our visit was pleasant as was the weather.

We ended the day at the park. It was the perfect way to release another perfect weekend.

This is Erin's "I skipped a rock" celebratory face. She's cute.

Ty giving the big kids a ride on the merry-go-round. Joy.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Autumn Arrival

The day was overcast, damp and cool. We didn't see temperatures above 60 degrees and a sweater was needed as I watched Kate board the school bus this morning. Chili and beer bread were served for dinner. Endless cups of hot tea and comfy jeans were appreciated. Our first fall like day has made it's appearance and I couldn't be more pleased.

Kate had a long, weepy week and needed a little note of encouragement by Wednesday to get over the mid-week hump. I slipped her an invitation to do something fun, just the three of us Friday after school since I wouldn't have extra little ones. She was delighted and frankly, I was too. We visited our favorite orchard to pick apples. Sadly it was our only visit this year as we missed strawberries and peaches due to the unusually busy summer. We had the place to ourselves and relished the experience.

A benefit to being the only customers on the "traptor ride" is the driver's insistence we stop for a photo in the pumpkin patch along the way to the apple orchard. Ty loves "traptors" so for him, it was the highlight of our afternoon.

Ty thought to bring bread for the geese and thoroughly enjoyed feeding them until they charged at him. Screaming ensued and we made a very noisy exit. Despite my best efforts to stay composed, I cracked up as I carried him to the parked van.

But they're pretty.

Kate and Ty were playing a board game in the living room. Their laughter was contagious. It had been a rough evening, full of less than well feelings and strong emotions. My kids are the best medicine. Of course, at times, they are also the reason I should consider medicine too. Perspective is everything. 

Ty is always wearing a much so that I am either washing costumes or character pajamas exclusively for him. Putting something into the shirt drawer is rare. Today though, Spidey stole Ironman's mask and created a bed for himself. I guess even superheros need a change every once in a while too.
Spidey holding Spidey

I sent this shot to my sister. She was surprised. Her little girl hasn't ventured out of the living room yet and she doesn't get into trouble. Wait! What? I have been duped.

Oliver will conquer one Spidey or another but seriously, do kittens wear eyeliner?

Last night the kittens decided to make themselves at home on my bed. I put them on the floor countless times but they relentlessly returned time and time again. I gave up and went to sleep. I woke this morning to kittens on my pillows. As I stated earlier, I have been duped.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend Tidbits

Lauren walked into the house Saturday afternoon, "Um Mom, are you aware there is a pizza box with a skeleton in the driveway?" Ty found a skeleton of a small animal in our landscape. It has clearly been there awhile. The kids were fascinated. Ty wanted to keep it in his dresser. We compromised. They are on a mission to identify it.

Last weekend we once again searched for a new sofa and chair. Our current red set is beyond repair. We've been disappointed in the quality of that set since we bought it eight years ago. So like all intelligent people everywhere, we ordered a new set the day after we brought home kittens. Ahem. However, as we asked the salesman a few questions, Ty curled up on the floor model and fell asleep. It was adorable and clearly a selling feature.

Saturday afternoon we attended a football game our sixth grade neighbor played and while we were there my phone rang. Justin was calling to inform me I raised two very wimpy girls and he was embarrassed for me. As it turns out, they were threatening to burn the house down if he didn't get there immediately to exterminate a giant spider in Lauren's room. I am not kidding. Later reflections reported screaming, peeing of pants and a room being destroyed in order to locate said spider once it disappeared from sight.  I have no words but often wonder where I went wrong. Erin later lamented that none of our neighbors came to investigate the screaming. I have to assume they weren't heard over closed windows and air conditioning; however, discovering the neighbors are used to our level of chaos would not surprise me either.

Greg and I woke this morning to Kate sleeping on the floor on his side of the bed and Ty asleep on mine. Within minutes, Ty needed my attention four times regarding his Ironman costume because there was a missing mask crisis. The kittens were released and promptly climbed onto our bed. The dog was barking and whining. It was our usual Sunday morning wake up call.

Today held backyard archery, time alone with a good book, touch up painting and a tea party. It was gorgeous and perfect. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Operation "let's be a family" is going well. Brutus has been identified as the overly excited step dad while the kittens are the uninterested kids. He is eager to play and be protective. They are not impressed with him unless he is lying down and doesn't move while they climb over his paws.

Justin often visits "his" homework helpers, even when Erin isn't home

Our introductions have been intentional and brief with total control because we are aware of Brutus's size despite his gentle spirit. Obviously the hissing miniatures could be hurt should he decide to play with them. But they've made their way into all our hearts.
This would be the pillow I move because I don't want the kittens to destroy it.

Last night I pulled Oliver out of the fireplace, off Ty's sleeping head before cleaning the litter box, freshening the water and wondered for a brief moment where the teen who swore she needed these cats was. Alas, we fell for it once again. "I will take care of them Mom, I promise."

Monday, September 1, 2014

Lost our Minds

So I mentioned a while back I had laughed at my sister when her cat delivered kittens under my nephew's bed. We now love two of the litter.....Oliver and Spidey. They are the newest members of the family even though they are less than impressed with Brutus. We discovered six week old kittens are capable of spitting, hissing and fighting when terrified of a dog or a balloon or a sudden movement from a child. Spidey is the tough guy while Oliver prefers to hide and allow Spidey to take on whatever has frightened them. Oliver is our hope when it comes to introducing them again sans the baby-gate divider. Brutus, the ever gentle spirit simply needs to kiss the babies but the babies are fairly certain they will be swallowed whole. It's been interesting.
Sweet Oliver


Oliver is one pound five ounces at six weeks

I think Oliver will be a gorgeous cat

Both are playful but Spidey will choose playtime over cuddle time

Spidey has quite the personality

Spidey at one pound seven ounces

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Celebrating Brennen

We spent the weekend celebrating Brennen's tenth birthday with food, family and fun. We not only enjoyed our immediate family but also Theresa's in-laws who always guarantee a blast. Ten kids spent the night at my sister's after a glo stick pool party! Greg and I went down the road to my parent's house and slept in peace and quiet while our children partied until 2 am! Ty says Aunt Theresa is awesome and we have to agree.

Today I asked the birthday boy if I could take his photo.....
this was his smile

he says he is king of the world

I suggested he be serious

maybe try relaxing

At this point I asked him if he had to go to the bathroom

he said he'd look more like this if he did

He is a nut.
Happy birthday Brennen Riley! We love you and all your silly faces.