Thursday, May 25, 2017

A New Adventure for Lauren and Taylor

Taylor completed his Advanced Intelligence Training at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas and graduated May 24. They are currently living in temporary housing and waiting on the 30th when they can leave and head toward their next adventure on Ft. Gordon in Augusta, Georgia. The road leading to this point has been bumpy but there is no doubt how he feels about her when you see the way he looks at her. They are more than ready to leave Texas in the dust and start this next chapter of their lives together. We are incredibly proud of Taylor and all they have accomplished together.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Day Out With Kate

Kate came home for school in October. Since that time, I haven't had a day off that didn't include at least one of her siblings. So Tuesday was very special. Kate had birthday money and plans for us. She wanted lunch, chocolate, outlet shopping and thrifting on her to do list. Sister is mine.

She bought an old desk and refinished it herself. She found a chair and mirror at Walmart today to complete the look. She is quite pleased with her purchases. Her birthday money was well spent. And the day together? Perfect.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Bon Anniversaire Kate

Kate planned her own French CafĂ© themed birthday party. Her guest list was full of sweet friends who enjoyed makeovers provided by her big sisters. They dined on croissant sandwiches, mini cupcakes and fruit after a silly photo shoot.

Homemade slime anyone? The mom behind this gift calls herself my friend. Hmmm.

Almost everyone had a blast. Brutus cannot believe he didn't get to go to Bass Pro with Daddy, Grandpa and Ty. No boys were allowed to stay for makeovers.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Celebrating Kate

Caught a bit between an emerging teen and a sweet little girl, Kate has turned twelve. Missing teeth highlight her smile. Hair and clothing are important some days but more often she still chooses the comfort of messy buns and yoga pants. She remains kind but all too often now, we see a side of sass like her sisters before her. I will it to slow down all the while, she cannot wait to grow up.

She can still be found flipping in parking lots and grocery aisles just as easily as sitting quietly with her iPod in her room alone. Her baking skills have already surpassed everyone else in the family and she has sweet talked friends into letting her redecorate their rooms. I don't recall another where the pull was as strong to cuddle with mom and still love her blanket at this age but I also don't know that the others were as poised as Kate either.

I love the complexity almost as I dread the coming days. This is my last baby girl. I have loved mothering as much as I have wrestled with each child in that bittersweet way they grow away from me but still need me near; just not too close.

She is a preteen; little still but also big.


Happy twelfth birthday to you, Kate Ryan. You are beautiful inside and out. I love you.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Makenna's Junior Prom

Makenna attended her junior prom tonight with two dates. They are calling themselves her security team. One is a close friend and her original date and the other is the boyfriend who entered the scene after plans were set. The boys had a ball planning coordinating suspenders and bow ties.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Busy Baughmans

Makenna passed her driving exam today. It was her only attempt and she did really well. She wanted to drive 40 minutes to see her boyfriend when we got home. I failed to contain my laughter. However, this evening she did get to go support her sister for a bit. It was in the moment she left the driveway, I noted we should have purchased a tank rather than a mini van.

She and her good friend Mitchell are running for president and vice president of the Thespian Board together. I love their campaign photo, "We can do it!" They make a great team. And speaking of the theatre, Floyd Central High School Theatre has been selected by Disney to make a pilot of the process involved in producing Newsies next fall. The kids are beyond excited. Disney apparently investigated the students involved in 42nd Street after it kicked off the Thespian Festival last summer to make sure it was in fact a student production because they felt it was too good to be true. As far as compliments go, this is pretty sweet. 

Taylor is wrapping up AIT training this month with third shift in the wilderness wearing 80 pounds of gear. Lauren tried it on for size and looks so tiny! They are finalizing their moving plans at the end of the month and are looking forward to seeing what Ft. Gordon in Georgia has in store for them. We are excited they will be closer.

Erin and Jake have had a rough couple of weeks. Jake's Nana whom Jake lived with until he went away to college passed away after Hospice was called in a week ago. They took shifts spending the night with her and comforting her through the painful process. Not only did Nana leave behind a family not ready to lose her, but she also left behind a little doll named Pup-pup. He is an 8 year old Pomeranian. So whereas Jake and Erin planned to get a large dog together sometime in the near future, Pup-pup is now their sweet addition.

Last week I saw what I believed at the time to be Brutus having a seizure. It didn't last very long but it made me start some research into possible causes. I stumbled upon a list of dementia symptoms and was devastated to learn he met all but one criteria. Our awesome vet has walked me through a few conversations about options and has given us some hope we can keep him happier a bit longer with medication. It has only been a week but things are not yet improving. We are torn up. We are afraid we are not too far away from making quality of life decisions. Our old boy has been with us over 12 1/2 years and always been such a great dog. You don't think about old dogs when your family selects a tiny, sweet breath puppy. This is proving to be really hard for all of us.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Balance in May

We have turned the calendar to the final month of the school year. Amen. I would say we are going to make it but it really is too soon to call. I no longer care to sign behavior charts for my first grader because he has had good marks all year and the slippery slope from good impression full signatures in August has slipped to an almost complete "SB" each day. I contemplated sending a note to his teacher explaining my lack of desire to sign anything for the remainder of the year but elected instead to send a card letting her know how much we appreciate her. Chances are strong I won't have it together in three weeks to tell her then. And let's be real, I am grateful Makenna isn't bringing home behavior charts. I will count my blessings and scribble something on Ty's chart 15 more times and pretend I don't know what high school educators are dealing with at this point in the year.  In other words, we are once again barely limping across the finish line.
Makenna returned to assist the theater director at the local middle school manage their spring musical. She enjoyed the process and was repeatedly praised for her leadership and organization skills. Not only did she get to demonstrate what she is capable of doing but she felt appreciated in the process. But that meant a seventh show for the year as a technical theater student. It has been another busy year.

Kate has completed two math books, read 13 novels and worked through several writing pieces. We are calling it a year with daily reading and journaling at this point. I simply cannot find it in me to proceed with the same ambition I had when we embarked upon our homeschool journey in October. Or 100 years ago as it sometimes feels. This mom is tired and ready for less routine; knowing full and well she will be ready for routine again as the summer wraps.

Greg's parents handed this dresser down to Greg years before we married. We have used it in one form or another for almost 23 years and finally made the decision to replace it when the drawers kept falling out into Ty. The original wooden tracks had literally disintegrated after near 50 years of wear and tear. It served us well and I was a little sad to be letting it go, deciding to purchase a larger dresser in its place so Ty could grow with it and ultimately take it with him some day. He is excited about it because the drawers won't fall on him anymore and the babies can't reach his secret toys in the top drawer.
Greg smokes something delicious on the smoker most every weekend now. His willingness to spend entire days producing incredible food makes me want to kiss the cook. The fact he is rather handsome doesn't hurt either.

"I can't make my belly make that sound." I have always been known for my large and obnoxiously loud laugh. I suppose there are far worse things to be known for but when Anna made that declaration, I cracked up. Loudly.