Sunday, November 12, 2017

Baby Baird's Shower

This weekend we celebrated the upcoming arrival of our sweet grandson. Friends and family gathered for an open house style event. His sweet nursery is grey and navy with shark accents. It's adorable. We all had fun finding little things to welcome him in March.

 Taylor carved this shark the morning of the shower. He did such a great job! And the shark fins in the cupcakes? Once again Taylor cut Oreos in half and topped 120 cupcakes! Both were so cute! They labeled all the drinks with salt water (blue Hawaiin punch), pond water (Sweet tea), lake water (regular tea) and fresh water (well, water!)
 Best friends for years, Paige was first to arrive and more than excited to see Lauren's sweet little baby bump.
 Makenna has served over 250 hours at the theatre this last month working on Newsies so no one has seen much of her. We were grateful she was able to make a celebrity appearance at her sister's shower. Oh and Newsies? It was fantastic. Disney asked the school to produce it as a pilot program before offering it to other high schools. It was the most challenging show Makenna has been a part of and was quite pleased to wrap it today. It was adjudicated last night and they hope to know soon if they will be taking the show to festival in June.

So, Taylor has newborn twin sisters. It's hilarious to think these precious babies will be Aunts in March! 
 As for these guys, I have no words. They are hilarious.

Lauren and her two dads. Lauren and Taylor bought a jeep last November while Taylor was in AIT so his dad, Keith went to help. Greg joined and as they sat for hours together in the dealership, Lauren realized it looked like she had two dads. Neither of the dads put it together until later but have gotten a lot of mileage out of it since.

 Lauren has claimed Ava as her future daughter in law. Ava's mom is in full agreement. Arranged marriages are still a thing, right?
I was so busy catching up with friends and family, I failed to capture a lot of images I wish I had. As in, one of us with Lauren or Lauren and Taylor alone together...... I suppose being too busy enjoying the people around me is a good problem to have.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Halloween Week

Trick-or-treat was a success. We hosted our traditional chili and hot dogs for friends and family and then tackled the neighborhood, one door at a time. It was a brisk evening but based on the amount of candy I am trying to avoid in the house, it was worthwhile.

Two of my favorite families requested photos this week. I enjoy the practice and appreciate their faith in my ability as I learn how to use the camera. It is the creative outlet I crave as I navigate the mundane.

Our week was full of little people, cheer practice, homework packets, tech week for Newsies which now has had three successful performances and plans for an upcoming baby shower under way. I slipped away with a friend to two local craft fairs and finally kicked off some Christmas shopping as result. The weekend was gorgeous and warm, something we are desperately grasping every ounce of beauty from because this too will pass. Quickly. Ready or not, November has arrived.

Greg got some big news. He is leaving UPS after 22 years on the 17th. He will be the new Senior Safety Engineer for Cummings in Columbus, Indiana. It will be a pretty hefty commute but he is happy to finally be back in his field of specialty, keeping people safe at work. The last three years at UPS haven't been fulfilling so it was time to move on. We realized he has never resigned a job before this one. All of his positions have been temporary jobs around college or high school until the billboard company he couldn't return to after his accident. To say he is a loyal employee, would be an understatement. I am ready to see my husband happy and valued at work again. Having him home for Christmas for the first time in eleven years is a serious bonus too.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


We quickly transitioned from barefoot kiddos in a creek last Sunday to a rain/snow mix Friday. October is moody, but still my favorite month. We spent our weekend with a pot of beef veggie soup on the stove, much to my son's dismay. Coloring books have resurfaced on the dining table and Christmas lists are being created, later than I appreciate. Thank God for Amazon Prime because Holiday shoppers are not my favorite people

I took my smallest two to hang out with the oldest in her apartment; however I won't be calling Kate one of the smallest much longer. At 5 feet 1 inch, she is quickly catching up to Makenna's 5 feet 2 inches. We try not to point it out often, as it is a bit of a sore subject to the seventeen year old. Kate on the other hand, is thrilled with this development.

Makenna has been at the theatre past my bedtime every night for the last two weeks in anticipation of opening night this next weekend. She is more than ready to wrap Newsies. But we saw her briefly last Sunday before she headed out to complete her Senior photos.

Lauren is requesting a full Thanksgiving menu plan ASAP. Sister is hungry and dreaming of the feast already! But before we can finalize those plans, another festivity awaits us this week. My little ninja cannot believe he has to go to school Tuesday. His teacher can't believe she has to go on Wednesday.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Apple Picking

Greg joined us for a quick trip to the local apple orchard last Friday evening. He usually misses out on these little excursions so we were happy to have him along. Any excuse to be outside and together is good enough for us on these beautiful October days. We are storing up sunshine and sweet memories for winter.

Gorgeous Weekend

If only all the weekends could be this amazing.

Cheer Mom

One thing I have learned in the last couple of years is that God is patient. Very patient. When I was in high school a few hundred years ago, I had no tolerance for cheerleaders. The ones I encountered wore a giant hair bow that perfectly coordinated with their outfit each day. When they were called on in class, they pretended to not know answers they clearly knew and it irritated me. Seeing girls play dumb still annoys me to this day. But in my typical teenage superiority phase, I called them "Bow Heads". Obviously I was creative as well as condescending. Sigh.

And now this has happened. I redirected her attention several times the last few years from cheer to gymnastics but much to my dismay, she is officially a cheerleader for the elementary basketball team. I honestly didn't think she would enjoy it once she started. I was wrong. She loves it.

I am a cheer mom. And God is laughing.