Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lazy Summer Days

The evolution of a nap Ty swears he didn't need.
From infancy he has hidden his face when he's about to fall asleep.

So for five years now, I have uncovered his face once he is asleep

But for the record, he was not tired.
Ty has been frustrated with Kate and I for indulging in whimsical chapter books each night at bedtime. So we went to the library in search of Ty's idea of a good bedtime story.

 I kid you not. The boy lacks imagination sometimes.

I was able to capture a few shots this week between navigating a houseful of extra little ones, registering for school, cleaning out closets and mentally preparing myself for school to start again next week. Summer is flying by and I am not quite ready to accept it.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A day with Kate

Kate and Shelby have missed each other quite a bit lately so Jenn and I took them to lunch and then to a park this afternoon. They've been buddies for 7 years now. As it turns out, the moms have been too! Or as Jenn says, we're family.
From the sweetness of ballet in the living room to this face at the playground. The sass is real. 

And while I sat chatting with Jennifer at the park, I made a new friend. He was curious about me until he noted I had not packed a picnic. I am not going to lie. He was a little too close for comfort so I warned Jenn that should he suddenly move, I would be screaming like a banshee and running for my life.

Friday, July 18, 2014

New Camera!

UPS delivered my new camera today! This is very exciting news. First, Kate gets to claim ownership of my ten year old Olympus and second, she also gets to be the center of attention while I play with the Cannon! It's a win-win for Kate!

I am still working with the auto point and shoot mode. I can't wait to experiment more. Brutus; however, would prefer I seek another subject. He was busy exploring the newly plowed field behind our house so my constant calling irritated him immensely. The teens will share his sentiment I am certain.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Devyn often says, "I love my Kate". Today I told her that I also love her Kate; however, I tend to think of her as my Kate. Devyn quickly countered, "nope, she is my Kate".
After the untimely death of Princess Peach I noted Emmit chasing Zoomer on a regular basis. It appeared to be an endless game of tag. I also realized both Mr. Incredible and Superman were never out from behind the filter. I had originally questioned their overall health. I am a little slow on these matters but it finally occurred to me to watch closely and then I realized Emmit wasn't playing with Zoomer. He was attacking him which allowed me to draw a further conclusion that Princess Peach quite possibly did not die of natural causes. On a whim, I removed Emmit to a fishy time out and stood back to see what would happen. Not only did Zoomer relax but both of the others came out of hiding for the first time since being given their new home last Monday.

Emmit the murderer has been sentenced to solitary confinement for life. Wiser council suggested we send him to the ocean by means of the porcelain throne; however, my conscience has prevented me from carrying out the execution. I now have two separate fish vessels in which to provide on-going care. Awesome.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ahoy Matey! Ty got his 5!

Shiver me timbers! We've been invaded by a band of pirates! They pillaged our loot and hoisted our booty.

Scallywag=small child prone to mischief.

Our plank required a water feature today. It was hot! The kids loved the sprinkler supplying "hurricane conditions"


 Blimey! Me had a good time!

Ty's buddy brought his 3 week old baby brother with him. We were all quite smitten.
Ty chose to have his cousins and three special friends celebrate his birthday. He still won't allow anyone to sing to him and really doesn't appreciate being the center of attention but had a blast. He is now officially a complete handful!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Vacation Week

We spent Greg's vacation week being intentional about family time. There were large family meals for lunch, little projects completed and evenings around the bonfire where Kate and Ty collected lightening bugs for the first time. I realized I am the bedtime police and need to back off a can Kate be nine and catching lightening bugs for the FIRST time? Ty's face was full of joy and surprise each and every bug. The teens were lounging in the yard with us and every one of them commented later about his sweet face full of amazement.
Grandma Carol and Grandpa Dale gave Ty  a glo fish tank for his upcoming birthday. He's pretty pleased.

There were rainbows, a new aquarium, an anniversary date and the kids went fishing with Lauren's friends. Togetherness was the theme and we feel charged and ready for the next season in our lives called, "Back to School" even though I am still shaking my head at it's rude interruption of summer.

Under the heading of back to school, we have a big announcement. After a few conversations and a meeting with our local elementary school principal, we've enrolled Kate as a third grader. She is excited and ready to make more friends. Miss Social has lacked the daily interaction with peers she craves. After discussing her academics, petite size and social challenges with the principal, we agreed not only on a third grade placement over fourth, but on a very kind and happy teacher named Mrs. Cox. After meeting Mrs. Cox and the principal, I have wondered to an extend why I have been so opposed to public school for my little ones. This is a much happier building than the one we dealt with in Ohio. The people who work here clearly like their jobs and love the kids. I still don't appreciate testing or common core but have set aside my reservations about those issues for now. Each child is an individual and overall, I think this is the best choice for Kate.
White and dark chocolate with fruit and gluten free brownies? Yes please!

Greg and I indulged in dessert at the Melting Pot for our anniversary. It was beyond pleasant and Greg was surprised he enjoyed the experience. It was nice to linger over coffee and tea to chat about some of our big life decisions. We settled the schooling debate, made a church commitment and agreed to update my camera in one conversation. It's amazing what can be accomplished with uninterrupted conversation! At the end of our date, we were called home to perform our first fish funeral. Thankfully our son doesn't appear to be too sentimental about fish yet and eagerly flushed Princess Peach once she was scooped out of the tank.

We've had several doctor appointments and a trip to the ER without answers to Lauren's stomach issues. It's frustrating to see a teen in so much pain she can't move but not have a clue what to do about it. The medical opinions are vastly different and work in contrast of one another.

This week, Erin had to get all the vaccines I have avoided over the years because she is enrolled in a medical program. I am more than relieved I bowed out of that appointment and Justin had to be there to listen to her cry and complain about shots. He is a good guy but has had a blast laughing at her reaction to the vaccines. She is a little dramatic, to say the least. I am fairly certain I need to find a new doctor to avoid making eye contact with the staff who had to deal with that one!

Look closely and you will see a second rainbow. It was a gorgeous evening.
I renewed my commitment to eliminate sugar from my diet for a season after our anniversary date. It's been 48 long hours. That stuff is so addicting! My inflammation has been increasing despite being off grains for a full year now so I knew what I had to do. Knowing and doing are vastly different. I really want some chocolate. Really. Want. Chocolate. 

Our weekend promises to hold more of the same. We have two birthday parties, school clothes shopping, church and lunch at my favorite Cuban restaurant on the agenda. It should prove to be the perfect ending to a great week.