Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Results Are In

Rosie the Riveter wandered down to a neighbor's party for a few hours while the little ones trick-or-treated. She has a ridiculous amount of responsibility on her shoulders with high school commitments these days so she called it a night before 8pm despite the low-key gathering of friends around a bonfire. Her schedule makes the rest of us look lazy.

And looking at this counter of loot I am once again reminded how generous our neighborhood remains. I am also relieved only two of mine still trick-or-treat! We didn't tackle the entire neighborhood because we had friends over before and after for chili and hot dogs but the evening was perfect and I was able to connect with people in our community I haven't seen since last Halloween. A major highlight was running into a family with a grandchild who was so sick as a newborn we prayed she'd pull through only to see her wearing a super hero costume running up to doors for treats. It reminded me once again why I stepped away from my non-trick-or-treat stance of years ago. I still understand why some families choose to eliminate Halloween from their lives but also see the value in connecting with my neighbors and enjoying friendship, fellowship and celebrating cute little ones in all their excitement.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I am happy you had a great Halloween. It was fun seeing you and that cute little Batman of yours :)