Friday, November 13, 2015

Vacation Week

Greg spent his second consecutive week off working on a giant side of bacon. We ordered half a pig a few weeks back and got the hams and bacon fresh so Greg could experiment with curing and smoking the meat himself. Speaking strictly as a consumer, it was well worth his efforts. The bacon is incredible. Seriously, you should visit us for breakfast soon.

We celebrated Veteran's Day with our favorite Veteran this week. My dad was honored at the kids' school during their annual ceremony. The fourth grade classes create the presentation each year as the big kids on campus and both Mom and Dad were impressed with their efforts. Kate was proud of the ceremony and of course, her grandpa.

While they were here, a very persistent Lauren finagled her way into getting her birthday gifts early. She insisted it was all for Grandma and Grandpa who would clearly want to be a part of the festivities. She may be turning nineteen but she is every bit as stubborn as she was when she was three! When she was three, she got irritated with my dad for guessing all kinds of crazy things for his birthday gift that year. Lauren got tired of the game and yelled, "guess a TV Grandpa!". She knew what was in the box and had no intention of humoring him any longer. Since that year, someone has always yelled, "Guess a TV" when we are opening gifts for any occasion. This year it happened for real! At nineteen, Lauren now has a TV in her room. As she tore back the wrapping, Greg and I yelled, "Guess a TV Lauren" and she rolled laughing.She is starting to gather things to eventually take with her when she moves out and a TV seemed like a lot more fun to buy her than dishes for her birthday.

We've had house guests, extra kiddos, gymnastics, a marriage class, theater commitments, dental appointments, sick kids, a doctor appointment with an EKG on one kid, a conference with one teacher, a phone call with another and a meeting with a school counselor. And tonight, UNO and a movie with Kate and Ty while Lauren babysits and Makenna works another show. Thank God it's Friday. 

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