Sunday, November 8, 2015

This Week

Ever look at the calendar as you prepare for the week ahead and think, "how on earth is all this possible?" We are entering the third week in a row of days packed so solidly there is little hope we'll manage it all. And frankly, it is so overwhelming, I am not sure I care what falls off the agenda at this point. We are running on reduced sleep, high stress and over-packed commitments. It's the prequel to the "most wonderful time of the year" and I'd prefer to rest than forge ahead.
Construction invading our current view is not welcomed unless you happen to be a six year old ninja.

That being said, I tend to hit a manic mode when faced with high stress and find myself far more productive than usual so quite a bit has already been accomplished for upcoming holiday season. I attempted to take Greg Christmas shopping on Friday. But he chose to compare The World Market to the gift shop at Cracker Barrel so I was clearly not shopping with the right company. He redeemed himself when he agreed to lunch at my favorite Cuban restaurant but he will no longer be invited to peruse my favorite stores. It's good to know where to draw lines in marriage. I am kidding! Sort of.

Greg and I started a Great Date challenge class at church this week. We loved it. I am glad that commitment wasn't eliminated from our chaotic week. We found the discussion so rich, we grabbed a sandwich rather than go home afterward. An impromptu date full of meaningful conversation? Yes please!

I mentioned Greg wasn't the most helpful shopping partner on Friday so I took Kate out for some much needed retail therapy after a particularly stressful experience in her world on Saturday. We had a blast and accomplished a lot. She talked me into a new Christmas tree! I am still surprised by my spontaneity on this subject. After going without a tree last year and deciding I was okay with the simplicity of leaving it out of our celebrations, we ended up with a four foot tree we will put on top of our sofa table with simple wooden ornaments. We wandered craft stores for hours and worked our way through some tough subject matter. She is pretty special.

42nd Street opened Friday night so the next week should have Makenna home before 10:30 each night. Praise the Lord. Kate and I attended this afternoon's performance and I was once again blown away by the talent. I have sat through countless hours of dance recitals and competitions throughout my life but have never before seen the skills presented on this high school stage. If you are local, you must catch at least one of next weekend's shows.

Last night I locked myself in my room to avoid Greg yelling at his Buckeyes and wrapped Christmas gifts. I also wrapped Lauren's birthday gift in anticipation of her 19th birthday next weekend. I placed a photo of Jesus on the shelf in my closet next to her package and let her know Jesus was watching only to catch her shaking the box anyway.


Kristin said...

What fun pictures! You will miss these crazy days... someday. Of course you might be senile then. Knowing you, your senile brain will be reliving it all. But you will be happy. :)

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I love the picture of you and Kate!!!