Thursday, October 1, 2015

Super Mom

 "Ladies and gentlemen! My head is about to spin off my shoulders. This will be ugly and uncomfortable. I would prefer to avoid this dramatic response to the endless bickering. So if we could all extend some basic courtesy, I would appreciate it!"

"If Jesus loves me, Ty will sleep the entire drive to Dayton" is what I proclaimed to Greg as I got the mail on Saturday. I think it's fitting I opened a package from Jenn containing a "Super Mom" cape moments after declaring the only thing I want from my children is silence. And then Kate chose to count semi trucks out loud to pass the car ride. My tolerance for this particular activity lasted approximately two minutes of the thirty she elected to participate. Heaven help me.

I was in a funk all day Saturday. I had a to do list a mile long as I prepared to take the kids on vacation. I am feeling overwhelmed but excited about showing the kids the ocean. Having a twenty four hour trip to Dayton planned so Greg could see buddies from high school wasn't really what I wanted to do my final weekend in town before taking off for nine days. Ty had been sick and remained that way throughout the weekend. The only thing worse than a sick kid, is a sick kid in someone else's house.

But we survived. We attended our old church and heard the new preacher Greg's parents are excited about. I appreciated his message about gratitude and perspective. I needed it. It's amazing how easily I can slip into negative thoughts and allow those feelings to fester. I am still a work in progress. Obviously.

And this weekend? I am driving into a hurricane. I am  not sure my new cape will help but my parents are riding along. I have a deep desire to ride in the back seat with the kids and coloring books. I would very much like to avoid being an adult for a few days. How's that for a super way to celebrate turning 42?

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Kristin said...

Coloring in the back seats sounds like the perfect birthday. Have an amazing and relaxing time. Bring wine just in case the relaxing part proves challenging. Happy Birthday! Much love to you!
Love, Kristin