Sunday, October 11, 2015


My parents and I headed into a hurricane, ready to endure whatever Mother Nature doled out. It started off as cool sweatshirt weather but quickly turned over into more typical days of sunny skies and warm sand. It was perfect. We had the beach mostly to ourselves and shared the indoor pool with friendly elderly residents who enjoyed children. Makenna relaxed and the kids played. Mom and Dad took shifts giving me a break now and then too. Did I mention it was perfect?

We brought home more sea shells and rocks than I will ever know what to do with but each one was a treasure as it was located.

Makenna buried Kate with flair.

This was the first time Ty saw the ocean. Kate was a toddler the last time she saw one and didn't remember it.

I wish I had the camera ready when Ty first encountered the ocean. His dance looked like something a chimpanzee would do in nervous excitement. It was hilarious. He never did venture far into the water but loved running up and down the shore, chasing birds and finding treasures.

"Grandpa, remember when I was little and believed everything you told me?" Poor Grandpa, the gig is up when the youngest grandchild realizes your stories are a bit exaggerated.


Early mornings and evenings were quite relaxed on the shore.

Sunsets were stunning.

Makenna used my dad's old 35 mm camera and loved it. We now need to locate someone to develop a roll of film for us.
Someone was smack talking during Racko

Game time is exhausting

The "Shark Store" where we found warm hoodies to survive the first two days of our week

Ty read a book to Grandpa. This was the first time he'd ever initiated reading on his own.

We went crabbing one night. There was a lot of squealing and five crabs captured. The kids loved it.

I woke most mornings to watch the sun rise. It was peaceful and beautiful each time. I suppose it would be too much to ask for every morning to start with tea on a balcony with this view....

Kate loved everything about vacation. She spent hours jumping waves with Grandma's supportive arm holding onto her as the tide remained strong after the storms surged. She wanted to be on the beach at all times.


Jamie Gambrell said...

Amazing! Love it. Thanks for sharing!!!

TeamWilmore said...

It sounds heavenly!!!! You so deserved that!!! Love the pictures and am giggling imagining Ty's dance! Love you!!!

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Sounds like it was an awesome get away! I love all the pictures...memories to last a lifetime