Thursday, October 29, 2015

Layla's World

I have become a member of the family and am still getting used to my people because this house has a lot of rules. Don't jump on people. Keep your nose off the table. Sit. Stay in the yard. Don't bark. Calm down. Get off the bed. Leave Brutus alone. Stop chasing Oliver. Don't back talk. (I am so good at this one that Mom says I sound like the teenagers.) Not every guest is an enemy so don't bark at them. (How do they know? I think it's best to be safe and not sorry.)

I don't actually care to remember all these rules much less follow them so everyone says my name a lot. It's okay though. I kinda like the attention even if everyone says, "Layla, you are too much!" But, one can never have too much fun and I like to have a lot fun. With enough effort on my part, I am convinced my family will learn to love playing as much as I do too.  After all, my people are worth the trouble.

Speaking of names, Mom says I should have been named Pipi Longstocking or Ramona Quimby after characters in books who were awkward, mischievous and would rather not follow rules. Erin calls me Sis and Dad calls me Knucklehead. He loves me.

I share my food and water with Oliver and sometimes he shares his food with me too. I like to kiss Brutus but he is grumpy about affection and barks at me until my people make me move away from him. Oliver loves to play tag. He runs really fast when it is my turn to tag him. And again the people make me stop which is very disappointing but I never let their scolding bother me. I can always find more exciting things to get in to.

Sometimes getting into trouble means I hurt myself. Again. Mom is always grumpy about taking me to the vet but I don't understand why because those ladies are so nice. They give me lots of treats and don't mind my kisses. I like visiting them even if Mom doesn't.

Well if you will excuse me, I think the construction workers have pulled out more trees I can haul into the yard.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

That poor dog has way to many unrealistic rules ;)
I love her and find her personality very amusing...she fits right into the family.