Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Super Heroes Need Moms

"Superheroes don't have to listen to their mom."

"Policemen get to do whatever they want."

"Spider-man doesn't eat vegetables."

"Ninjas don't wash their ears."

My favorite five year old thinks he is immune to the authority of Mom. Obviously he finds out rather quickly he is in fact a boy with a mom rather than the superhero he happens to be imitating. But I recently started explaining why our rules would be good for Spider-man, ninjas and policemen too.

Dirty ears make it difficult for Ninjas to hear people yell for help. Spider-man has to eat his veggies if he wants to be able to climb buildings when he is an old man. And all the good guys follow the rules, especially their mom's.

It's not easy being five. Mom insists on safety and good choices when there's a big world out there just begging for adventure. Last night Ty informed us his new craft rocket looks like it's really flying when he jumps off the dresser with it. I immediately stressed the dangers of jumping off dressers. Ty assured me he was dressed as Spider-man so nothing bad could happen. Spider-man can't get hurt. Heaven help me.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Probably one of my favorite post ever!! However my heart stopped when I read that he was jumping off his dresser...may want to set aside a fund for ER visits....