Friday, April 24, 2015

Fun Friday

I took the kids to the zoo today and was immediately overwhelmed. Apparently it was on today's agenda for several thousand other families along with multiple school groups too. Thank God the kids were awesome and listened beautifully or I may have lost my mind.
Ty loved the Lego turtle and asked for a picture to send to Lauren

The bald eagle was one of Ty's highlights

Each time the sea lion raised out of the water, Anna squealed with delight. It was awesome.

Devyn practiced swinging on every railing. She walked almost the entire zoo which was a big change from a year ago. She is growing up!

As soon as Anna spotted the elephant, she started making trunk noises! So fun.

The Lego sculptures were awesome.

One of my favorites
And as soon as we returned home to meet Kate's bus, we ran outside to play some more.....apparently the thirty minute nap in the car was enough to refuel the little people.

homework on the swing is pleasant enough

Greg would prefer I not allow this. Please, I encourage it! Look at those sweet cheeks!

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