Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lauren's Senior Prom

Because we needed two major life events in one day........

Since Lauren's school is so small, their Prom event is too. Next month she gets to do this again for her boyfriend's junior prom at the local public high school.

True to themselves, Sam is barefoot, Lauren is wearing Vans with athletic socks and Sydney sparkles.

Makenna gets credit for Sydney and Lauren's hair. Greg offered Sam all of his styling expertise. He thinks he's hilarious.

All the moms were discussing how quickly time is flying during our little photo session this evening. These three spend a lot of time together but are all headed separate ways in a few short months. For this reason we all agreed it was fitting they went to prom without dates and prepared for a fun girls' night.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

She is stunning and the photos are beautiful! I hope she has an amazing night!!

Jessica Valentine said...

Nope. Not her senior prom. I refuse to believe it!

(She looks stunning!)

TeamWilmore said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Those 3 girls are just stunning! The picture of their shoes and explanation is so awesome!!!

Baughman Family said...

Jessica, I wish you could be at her graduation! She loves you.