Thursday, April 23, 2015

Makenna's Room

Not everyone was torn up when Erin moved out. As in we spent the day moving Erin out and helping Lauren prepare for her senior prom but on the way home from prom photos that night, Makenna requested we run into Home Depot for her paint. There is no rest for the weary.

For the first time ever, Makenna has her own room. We started painting that Sunday and finally added the decorative touches last night. She and I finished the base boards and the walls together. She and I also painted one of the dressers while Greg did the other dresser and the cabinet she is using as a nightstand. Tech has taught Makenna her way around tools and it was evident throughout the makeover. She did all the sanding and a lot of painting.

I love this lamp! It was a Gordman's find this weekend. The poster frame above the desk has the glass left in place so Makenna can interchange photos, vintage post cards, notes or whatever else she desires without damaging walls with tape or tacks.
We still need to finish the stairwell but there is light at the end of this painting tunnel.
Makenna chose the posters, paint colors, curtains, bedding and dresser knobs. I love the light neutral tone of the space. All together we have $150 in the makeover and getting rid of the cold gray walls only Erin loved makes us all happy.

Now if I could just convince her to keep her room this clean......I kid myself.