Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Move

Kate and Ty were Erin's sidekick packers. They gleaned many prizes for their efforts. The mother in this house would have preferred to see most of it thrown away but one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Kate and Ty have also been the first to be invited to have a sleep over in Erin's new house. They have their sleeping bags ready. Ty also packed a bag for the occasion so he's ready when Erin is. The bag has a nerf gun and two masks in it. This concerns me a bit.
Ty in what he has claimed as his own room at Erin's house

The upstairs bathroom has just started receiving the "Erin touch"

Love the deck and the's a pretty sweet new place

I want to make her a sign that says, "4 Privet Drive" in honor of what Erin is calling her Harry Potter 1/2 bathroom

While helping her pack, Kate was sent to retrieve trash bags. She questioned how many and Erin suggested she just bring the entire roll since she hasn't purchased any for her place yet. We will likely be restocking our supplies once we discover just how much we supported Erin. I suspect she won't need paper products for awhile but we will be running to the store tomorrow.

She's hosting a "bring your own couch" party because she still needs one. She has also lamented the price of throw pillows. And picture frames. And towels. And microwaves. And vacuum cleaners........being a grown up is expensive.

So I asked my mom if she cried when I moved out. "Yes. The river rose three inches that day." It runs in the family.


Pattie Waugh said...

River is rising again at Grandma's house as I look at these pictures. Proud of her but she was supposed to stay my little sidekick. Tell those others I said they need to stop growing now!

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Her first place looks wonderful! So excited for her and proud of her as she takes on this new adventure in life. You have done a beautiful job raising her and she is ready to spread her wings momma - be proud of yourself.
The first picture of your youngest standing by your oldest brought tears to my eyes....

TeamWilmore said...

I'm so glad this post was at the top of my Facebook feed (those are almost the only ones I see anymore). I'm crying with you, my dear friend. We can look on the bright side though .... she has a shower curtain!!!

Seriously thought, it's a lovely house and she's a gorgeous, smart young lady. This momma's heart just feels the bittersweetness of the milestone. Love you, my friend!

Baughman Family said...

Kristil, I was actually thinking of you as I hung it for her. She ordered it a few weeks ago which simply illustrates differences between boys and girls. Love you my friend!