Monday, April 20, 2015

Last Week

Kate and Ty had their first sleep over at Erin's house Friday night. Ty packed a pair of swim trunks because there is a pool by Erin's house. He packed nothing else. The pool opens in seven weeks. There was a small battle. Of course.

When we arrived, we took a tour to see the decorating Erin's done since we left a week prior. Ty walked into "his room" and declared the floor is a little hard so Erin needs to be getting him a bed.
Rock concert to last year's VBS songs. Serious rock stars.

Don't worry about Erin being too lonely or it being too quiet. There are some little girls in the neighborhood who have taken a liking to her. Her doorbell rings often, as in every 10 minutes at first, and she is gifted with "flowers". I mentioned she may need to set a vase outside her door so they have a place to put those flowers when she's not up for company. She says they'll be tired of it about the time she is but that for now, it feels like home. Frequent visits from little people are common in our world.

Ty: Do you know what ceremony is?
Me: Yes, do you?
Ty: Yep. Cake.

Two year old Anna begged Ty for his pennies and said, "please, it's for true love". Ty grabbed the pennies and walked away saying, "true love is only on Frozen and it's boring".

Makenna decided to attend a middle school play she helped build the set for. Her teammates helpfully suggested she "look like a girl" for this show since she wasn't back stage. Apparently dedicating precisely ten minutes to her morning routine has been noted by the people who spend the most time with her.

It was too dark to photograph the final product Saturday night so here's a shot of God watering it for us Sunday morning.

Gardening by sunset? Why not? When the weekend holds one day of sunshine, you squeeze in as many chores as possible. This year promises corn and watermelon for Ty, cucumbers for Kate, kale, peppers and tomatoes for me. Until the garden produces pizza rolls, Lauren and Makenna won't be interested. Teenagers are delightful.
Some of us worked really hard.

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TeamWilmore said...

Awww - so cute! I'm with Kate on the cucumbers! Please let me know when you figure out how to harvest pizza rolls! :)