Sunday, April 5, 2015

Celebrating Easter

While contemplating this season, I was reminded of how Good Friday has to occur in order for Easter to be celebrated. Pain and suffering are part of most every story on some level but there is always Easter in the end; whether it takes place on earth or in heaven. Praise God for his grace and redemption. I need it every day.

So in response to all I have read and prayed over this week, we celebrated Easter. I hope we found balance as we navigated the whimsy of the Easter bunny with biblical truth. Ty's favorite bedtime activity for the last couple of weeks has been working through the Resurrection Eggs. He knows the story by heart.

We brought out our Sunday best for church......

I wish I was kidding. His favorite rain coat and boots were worn so according to Ty, he wore his best outfit. Clothing falls under the "choose your battle" category, doesn't it?
And then this happened as Erin was heading out to celebrate Easter with Justin's family this afternoon.
It runs in the family. Happy Easter ya'll.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I love Ty's sunday best :) That boy has a style of his own.

Jill May said...

Ty cracks me up. And your cat is so cute!