Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Review

I am exhausted every Friday night. I never have the energy to put kids to bed properly  after a week full of pouring into other people's children and running my home so this is a typical Friday night sighting. The kids crash in front of a bedtime movie. We call it a treat. It simply means mommy gets to go to bed without any drama. The end.
We let Lauren go to Indiana University for the weekend with friends for a bike race. Of course we were concerned about safety but we are allowing her to move to a college campus in a few months so a weekend away seemed reasonable. We needed not worry though, Lauren was sending me pictures of puppies Saturday afternoon. Count on my daughter to find the animal shelter in another town to play with puppies when there's a college campus to explore. In the end, she connected with our next door neighbor and they spent Saturday evening together. They've lived next door to one another for four years and never exchanged more than a hello in passing. They now plan to hang out this summer. I have no words for this. Just why? I have mentioned Jillian frequently to Lauren and always wondered why they were so awkward about getting to know each other. Teens are weird.

We had a really cool experience on Saturday. Kate, Ty and I went with Anna's mom to her preschool to check on the baby chicks they anticipated hatching over the weekend. Not only were three already hatched and dry when we arrived but we got to see two hatch while we observed. It was awesome. Kate was the only one interested in loving on a baby chick and the chick appeared to love the snuggles too.

Happy birthday little buddy.

Last night Greg and I had another couple over for dinner and it was so relaxing we wondered later why we don't do it more often. I think we need to make it a priority in our crazy schedules. It's good to set aside to do lists and just enjoy fellowship among friends. Life is too short to be too busy to relax together.

Dinner for seven again this Sunday was as entertaining as usual. I love the noisy, boisterous chatter of my family gathered around the table. Erin had some laundry to do so we were able to spend a few hours talking and hanging out. It was the perfect ending to a great weekend. 
These were a manager's special at Kroger this weekend and for $3, they made me very happy. I am pretty easy to please.

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House of Purpose said...

Love your Friday treat! A "treat yo self" night may have to happen here from time to time.