Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zoo Pals!

We joined our playgroup at the zoo yesterday. Kate's special friend, Joshua was able to go with us while his mommy was at home with his new baby sister. Both Kate and Joshua asked permission before we went to hold hands at the zoo. They are so cute together. During our picnic lunch, they shared Joshua's apple slices and he put his hat on her head. She proudly wore it. He calls her "Katers" and she doesn't mind a bit!

Ty seemed to really enjoy the zoo as well. He was content in his stroller the entire 3 and a half hours! The only animal he appeared to notice was the hippo. It stopped right in front of him and Ty just looked from it to me as if to ask, "are you seeing what I'm seeing?"!

When we were in the gorilla viewing area, the zookeeper handed the kids a bag of laminated photos to hold up to the window. As soon as the photos came out of the bag, the largest male gorilla ran up to the glass and sat there watching intently. It was really cool until I overheard the zookeeper explain to someone else that the photos were female gorillas....I'm just not sure how I feel about my kids contributing to whatever one would call that!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! I like Katers. :) K