Monday, May 3, 2010

Kate's Opinion

Me to Kate after endless complaints and whining, "Kate, did you know the bible tells us that God wants us to be kind, loving and not to complain?". Kate responds, "my bible doesn't say that." I assured her that it does and will be happy to show it to her when we get home. She says, "well, you don't obey the bible". I am a little dumbfounded and asked her why she thinks that. She said, "God says in the bible that we feed people then they are hungry and you don't feed hungry people". "I don't? Why on earth am I in the kitchen for hours everyday?" She said, "you don't feed people again right after you feed them the first time"! So, she equates my rule about snacking after dinner to me disobeying God. And, if I don't obey God, then why should she? After a brief discussion about respect, she got a time out. We're in trouble.

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Jill said...

Oh my goodness, Miss Kate!!! I think this sweet little girl is going to give you a serious run for your money!!!!!! :)