Friday, May 7, 2010

Ty's first haircut

After talking to Kristin and finding out Avry's already had two haircuts, I started looking at Ty's and wondered if I should be cutting his. He had some hairs sticking out over his ears and the top was taking on a "comb over" look. The back was getting a bit coarse with waves. So, Greg and I went to work with the clippers tonight while all the big kids were out. They all want him to have long hair.....not happening! Anyway, he was quite content playing with a rubber duck on the bathroom vanity while Greg ran the clippers over his head. I told Greg I am glad we did this now rather than wait on more of those sweet baby curls to arrive because I likely would have cried as those were removed. He was, at that moment also glad we did it tonight. I want to look into getting a longer guard for the clippers so it doesn't have to be quite so short the next time. It was pretty surprising to see how much hair we cut.

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Anonymous said...

Cute! He has ears. :)Kristin