Sunday, May 23, 2010

Princess Party Highlights

Kate's finally wrapped up her birthday celebrations! She had two special friends and our family attend her special day. When Joshua's mom asked if he needed to be dressed up like a princess she told Natalie that a prince would be okay. Joshua replied, "no way Jose"! My sister's family was unable to attend because Mason is quite sick with hand, foot and mouth which has to be one of the nastiest viruses out there. We hope he feels better soon and can come to the zoo with us too. After the crowd departed, Kate said opening presents was her favorite part and that she could do that for "like a year"! We're glad everyone appeared to have had a good time. Grandma allowed the little princess to wear  makeup for her special day and when the big shot had it applied, she informed Erin she should also put some on so Erin could look as pretty as she did! Erin asked if she looks bad and Kate said "kind of".


Jill May said...

She looks adorable in her princess dress!!!! I sure do miss you, so glad we got a chance to talk today!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute as Snow White! :)Kristin