Monday, May 17, 2010

She's 5!

It is so hard to believe our little Kate Bug is already 5. She is our quick witted, spunky, petite spit fire. All 32 pounds of her are in charge (in her mind anyway)! She has some strong ideas about what it means to be big kid number 5. She thinks she will stop whining (Oh please Lord!), give up her blankie and thumb and learn to read. She decided she was ready to get her ears pierced because she wouldn't cry when it hurt. There were a few tears but no crying. Let's be honest, it hurts! She's prepared for her vaccines in July when we have her check up. We have a milkshake deal at our house. Anyone who has to get shots, gets a milkshake afterward for being a big girl. We played with the camera this morning, because the little diva loves having her photo taken.


Anonymous said...

I love that print! She looks like a little diva. Happy Birthday, Kate! love, Kristin

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kate!! We hope you had a wonderful day! We miss you!
Love, Cherie, Brendan, Eli & Jack