Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too tired....

Kate has been in quite a mood lately.....she was sent to her room to get dressed. Several complaints about her wardrobe and "needing help" later, I turned on the vacuum to better ignore the poor behavior and get something done while I waited on her to comply. 45 minutes later, she came down stairs wearing a dress up costume that didn't fit. I had a decision to make, another battle (which is what she was looking for) or let her go out in public like that. I told her to get in the van because we needed to go to the library. A look of pure shock came across her face. She very quietly got into the van. Lauren and Makenna were rather stunned too. We went to the library and nothing was said. When I later recounted the story to my sister, she said she was proud of me for being a cool mom because she is too uptight to let her kids wear things that don't match when they leave the house. I assured her that I am not cool, I'm exhausted! I want my sweet Kate back! This little stinker isn't much fun right now!

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