Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have a few confessions to make today....

1. I am beyond thrilled to see the end of this school year. I typically love being home with the kids and enjoy seeing the light come on as they "get it" after finding new and creative ways to teach them, but this has been a long year....a long and stressful year. We started with Greg's surgery last spring that rounded into another surgery at the start of our summer. I spent time in the hospital before Ty was born and then when he was, life was chaotic for months. His health kept me hopping while I started our school year. I never got a needed break.
2. I haven't spring cleaned. I don't think I will! I spot things here and there that need attention and I address them, but in all honesty, if you want my furniture moved so it is cleaned under or behind, do it yourself. I'm tired.
3. I don't relax. I don't know how. It is ridiculous. 
4. Someday I want to be casted as Cruella DeVille or Miss Hannigan in a play. Those evil women amuse me. I love to sing "Little Girls" in a crazy voice like Carol Burnett in Annie. Please know that I have one of those voices that pleases only the it seems rather unlikely that I would ever try this one, but it would be fun.
5. I love seeing my kids growing up.
6. I don't want to see my kids grow up.
7. I no longer feel compelled to please people or invest in relationships that drain me. I am so glad to have been freed from my "people pleasing" role.
8. I love my husband. He's the best.
9. I don't often take communion because I can't handle the grape juice. It's just yucky. I pray and spend time with the Lord but I just can't bring myself to choke that stuff down anymore.
10. I throw away everything non essential. My poor kids will have absolutely nothing to show for their preschool days. I can't keep papers for sentimental purposes. In fact, the kids get nervous when they hear that I've cleaned their rooms. They are pack rats and I am not. When the clutter bothers me, it all goes.
11. I am thrilled Lauren's bird finally flew away. That thing was nasty.
12. I probably shouldn't blog late at could lead to posts like this!

Our computer was pronounced "DEAD" today by our favorite computer guy.  We've had it crash so many times, it was only a matter of time before Chris was unable to resuscitate it. We had a good run but we are now reduced to using Lauren's 10 inch lap top. You should see the line for access. 

I took the kids to the art museum for our last school day today. The little ones loved the hands on area. Lauren is convinced she was tortured. You can't win them all!


Anonymous said...

laf, you need a vacation. Where can we go? :) Kristin

Jill May said...

Yup, Kristin and I are going to take you on a crash course on relaxation. That is one subject I got an A in!!!!! :) Put in Bay, anyone??? And oh, how I don't want to see my baby grow up, too much for this mama's heart to handle. But I am ready for the school year to end next week, woo hoo!