Friday, May 7, 2010

Lauren's Turn!

Hey I`m Lauren! I`m 13 years old, the 2nd child in the family. I love animals. I would like to have a farm when I`m older. I`m going to start weight lifting. I go to bible study every Tuesday night, and I go to church every Saturday night! I love hanging out with my friends, they're the best! We just walk around the neighborhood, hang out down by the creek. We kinda just do whatever. I`m in the 7th grade and I would have to say my favorite subject would be math. I`m just a wild, loud, go with the flow kind of person. I`m always outside. Summer is the best! This year I`m going to Dustin, Florida with me friend Kelsey and her grandparents. I am also going to Gulf Shores with Kelsey, her mom and her step dad. I can`t wait for a tan!  

This is me and my best friend Paige in the picture getting ready for the purity ball! 

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