Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week in Review

Makenna declared she needed a nap and fell asleep at four on Friday afternoon. She slept for fifteen hours. I kept waking in the night to check on her as if she was a newborn. Apparently school wears a girl out.

Erin suffered a mild concussion at work on Friday. A pumas stone rotating on a wheel grabbed her pony tail and ripped her hair so hard, the impact of her head bent the metal frame supporting the stone. Given the circumstances, we are glad it was the only consequence. Again, I was up quite a bit checking in on Erin throughout the night because allowing someone to sleep through a concussion is dangerous. She was improved but still feeling rough on Saturday. Whereas we hate she was injured, any excuse to have her spend a weekend with us is welcomed

Ty loved school and was eager to go each day but he was tired and grumpy getting off the bus Thursday and Friday afternoons. He almost fell asleep on Thursday but Kate kept him awake until they arrived home. School wears boys out too. The bus is still his favorite part and navigating how to handle boys who push in line on the playground is a skill he has yet to acquire. Kindergarten will be good for him.

I realized I haven't washed costumes in quite some time and noted Ty's clothing choices for school looked like real outfits. It's bittersweet.

I took Kate for support identifying Ty's Lego requests as some of the sets are being clearanced and I am always seeking ways to wrap all things Christmas long before the season actually arrives. Somehow we came home with a generic brand loft bed for her American Girl dolls. It was a great price but also a great Christmas idea. See how that worked out for her? In the end, I saved nothing but we enjoyed both the outing and the assembly process.

Saturday afternoon we stopped by the funeral home to love on our friends. The journey leading them to this point has been long and hard. As difficult as saying good-bye is proving to be for them, seeing Joe suffer for weeks on end was challenging too. Either way, there are kids in pain and a strong woman in need of a break. It's tough to know what to do for hurting people in times like this. 

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