Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Weekend

Last night I pulled the kids out of bed to see the Super Moon. They were blown away by the glow. It was gorgeous. I wish we'd planned a night hike to wrap up our Saturday. I had allowed the kids each a coke at an outdoor concert so they weren't sleeping anyway. But a quiet(ish) night at home fit the bill too.

Today I kidnapped Erin who was recovering from wisdom teeth surgery and took her to an art festival with Kate and Ty. We enjoyed some soft foods and the playground together before bringing her home to nap. She is recovering well but the pain meds hit her hard. Her social media posts yesterday were entertaining to say the least. I suspect she will be a bit embarrassed by Monday when she realizes what she chose to share publicly.  I called her twice and asked her to stay off her phone. When Makenna called to inquire, Erin begged her to pick her up and take her out because Justin was being bossy and making her eat jello and rest. Poor Justin had his hands full. Makenna did too as she repeatedly explained she was only fifteen and unable to drive. I was a bit relieved she was no longer living in my house as the reports of the stubborn patient rolled in.

This playground equipment was the highlight of the art festival for the kids, especially Ty. He complained the festival was just for girls and both Erin and I experienced sticker shock while browsing. It was a beautiful day and fun experience anyway.

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