Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Littles

My days are shaped a little differently now that all of my own children are in school during the day. Last Friday I spent the day with one child. Alone. All day. She is four and not mine. We had a grand adventure running errands and having lunch at Longhorn because the way to Devyn's heart is through a steak. Not kidding. Anyway, Devyn has been talking a lot about her house lately and wanted me to see it. I kept putting her off because it's weird to invite yourself into someone's home. But Devyn is persistent and I was at a loss as to how to entertain this particular child all day.
Whenever we take either of the exits one can take to get to Devyn's town, she reads the sign aloud and then tells me she lives there. As we run errands, she points out streets I could take to get to her house. So, long story short, I allowed her to lead me to her house on Friday even though I continued to insist we couldn't play there because her mommy and daddy were at work. Now before one thinks I have lost my ever loving mind allowing a four year old to provide directions from the back seat, please know this is no typical four year old. She knows exactly what she is talking about and you don't change the order of anything with her around without it being noted. I was headed down the main road when she told me to turn right onto another. As I turned onto that road, she told me to pull into McDonald's because she was hungry. I asked if this was the road to her house and she admitted it wasn't but she would like McDonald's before showing me the rest of the way. Well played, Devyn. Well played. We waited on the steak lunch and she was quite pleased in the long run. 

honest to goodness, she was looking for ripe tomatoes with the telescope (through the wrong end)

Guess who won this game.

She takes her lessons literally. I had apples bouncing all over the kitchen because the word problem said something about six apples.

She is quite the little teacher
I love my families. They text asking how the day was going and I answered with this photo containing a caption about it being under control. They laughed. I work with friends.

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