Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kid News

Several changes to my calendar today allowed me the opportunity to visit my favorite elementary students for lunch. Kate was sweet and her teacher beamed when she saw me because Kate had been watching the clock in anticipation of our time together. She elected to not invite a friend to join us and treasured our half hour of uninterrupted bonding. I was then met by the biggest bear hug from my little guy. I love how much he still does that despite being a big kid in school. He chose a buddy to sit on stage with us and that little friend talked as much as Ty which not only amused me but also kept me on my toes. It was non-stop chatter and the content of their conversations was hysterical. After discussing who had crushes on whom, Ty told me about his new library book. Ethan confirmed in the most serious tone it was probably a college level book because it has some pretty big words in it. All the other classmates were trying to get my attention by waving and smiling. It was seriously a cuteness overload. On my way out, I hugged Anne's daughter so other little girls also snagged hugs. I do not happen to know these particular little girls but they didn't seem to mind one way or another. I hope I get to visit again. It was a real treat.

In other news, two of my regular families have special deliveries coming just after Christmas. Both Anna and Devyn will be big sisters. Anna saw her baby sister in an ultra sound last Tuesday and has declared her to be an alligator named Hackey. Much to my dismay, her parents are not letting Anna decide the name.

And Devyn saw her baby brother in an ultra sound today. She initially only accepted a sister as a possibility and wanted to name her Minnie. Once he was determined to be a boy, she first told her mom to have two babies but then decided Mickey would work well. Despite Devyn's helpful suggestions, her parents have named him and she will tell you his full name if you ask. (Hint: Disney is not involved)

Levi still hangs out with me pretty regularly too. He is at such a fun age now that he's mobile and expressive. I am not going to lie though, the prospect of late winter has me a little panicked. Two newborns on top of all these sweet faces could be challenging.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

So fun! I am loving these kindergarten stories :) And I love Kate's heart and desire to spend some one on one time with her Mom.