Friday, August 28, 2015


I told the kids we will be going to an outdoor concert Saturday night to see a friend of Makenna's perform. I thought it would be a fun way to pass some time this weekend since Greg now has to work both days. At 6:30 this morning my son responded as only he could. "What if there's a possum dressed like a good guy there?" Um....well, since I have never encountered that in the past, I think we'll be okay. Lana and I will be there to help if something goes wrong. He barely blinked before deciding, "Well, I could always dress like Spiderman and take care of it myself". Welcome to my world. Also, he's been in school for 22 days. I know this because he informed me he is now 22 days smarter.
Fun Friday around here equals a movie and popcorn for the kids while I read and then an early bedtime sleepover in my bed. I am living the Mommy is worn out dream.

Our weekend holds the promise of crossed-off items on the fall cleaning list. I will most likely break my September first commitment to decorate as well. Sunday seems more reasonable since I won't have babies under foot like I will on Tuesday. Anne was holding me accountable, making sure nothing pumpkin hit the porch or mantel before September but then she confessed to not only purchasing but also consuming candy corn this week. She has lost credibility and is obviously as crazy as me. This is just one reason why we are friends.

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Jill May said...

Greg once had a citizen of Oakwood inform him that he saw a gigantic rat in someone's yard while he was out walking his dog. Greg quizzed the guy and asked him if it was light gray with sharp teeth and a long tail. The guy seemed astounded that Greg knew the same giant rat, and Greg informed him it was a possum. The guy said no way, it was a giant rat. I am not sure if it was a possum dressed like a good guy or not, but it was impersonating a rat. Greg could have used a Spiderman costume that day! :)